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Jakob Moriarty

Fitness Guru

A passionate modern-day American strongman.


Olivia Crawford

Interior Decorator

An enthusiastic architect, a passionate decorator and an artist with a flair.

Interior Decoration
Home Design

Fabian Hensher

Thrill Seeker

“I’m not living until I’m living at the edge.”

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Jeff Moore


Addicted to the silicon valley and all its bits and bytes.

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We are four close school buddies teaming up together to bring you a wonderful reading experience. We are bringing you the latest and best reviews on different products that we specialize in as well as provide expert opinions on important topics.

Feel free to head over to our Blog Section for our professional advice and information. And if you’re looking to buy something and confused, like the most of us, check out our top 10 reviews for different products to help you make your buying decisions.

But, if you’re wondering who we are and what makes us so qualified , here’s a brief summary of how we spent our life and what motivated us to create this website:

Jakob Moriarty

Growing up as the skinniest in the class, I always wished that it wasn’t so. Once I reached adulthood, there was now something that I could actually do about it. And that was my motivation when I first started working out.

And so it started. For me it was a very difficult journey at first that changed into a pleasure trip with time. My desire to be stronger and more buff was replaced with a genuine bliss. I got addicted to the workout burn and it brought me to the cloud nine.

So, I ended up doing Crossfit to get my fix for the burn, and it didn’t disappoint. Eventually, life brought me my passion on a platter in the form of career and now I’m working as a fitness trainer. And I aim to bring my experience to the table so that you can feast upon it and learn from a passionate fitness nut.

Olivia Crawford

I’ve been doodling ever since I could hold a pencil. With age, my doodling kept on becoming more and more sophisticated and turned into an artform. Once I stepped into the world of artists, I grew a renewed admiration for the masters of the art. In doing so, I became a fan of Leonardo Da Vinci and adopted one of his policies: I just didn’t want my art to be just a decorative masterpiece, I wanted to change and shape things with my art.

That’s exactly what I did when I studied Architecture and took it a step further with another degree on Interior Decoration. After doing my Masters in Interior Architecture, I felt confident about taking on the challenges of the real world.

Now, with 7 years’ of experience under my belt and constant research on the web during my free time, I feel ready to share my skills and experiences with you. On this website, you’re getting my expert opinion on Interior Design, Architecture and Household Appliances.

Fabian Hensher

I still remember the days I went hiking with my father and brother – Strolling through the forest, foraging for firewood and roasting marshmallows by the campfire. Eventually, my brother started shying away from these activities, focusing more on his studies; but my interests in these outdoor activities kept growing.

My father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away when I was 11. After his passing, I joined the Scout Troop of the Boy Scouts of America in order to keep his memories alive. I went on several backpacking, camping and canoeing trips with my fellow scouts. Soon, I moved on from river canoeing to whitewater kayaking, and it’s all downhill from there (pun intended).

My love for extreme sports kept growing and by the age of 16, I had become an avid Traceur, Mountain Biker and Waterfall Kayaker. However, I was only at the beginning of my journey in Rock Climbing, Base Jumping and Skydiving. I still had many years of hard practice before me before I could consider myself as an expert.

Nowadays, I spend my time looking for more excitement and newer activities to get used to. And when I’m not Spelunking or Bungee Jumping, I’m writing reviews for different products, so that others could benefit from my experience and research.

Jeff Moore

I grew up with computers, literally obsessed with these magical devices. Once I came to age, I began to grasp the nature of its “magic” and learned how to call it “technology” instead. Then came the age of smartphones, opening up even a larger field for me to explore.

Right now, we live in an era that has seen and is seeing the fastest technological advancements than any. I have never been more proud of being a millenial as I am now, because for me, it’s a paradise. I can shine in this field with my vast knowledge and burning passion.

With all my time and energy spent behind researching different gadgets and gizmos, I’m here to indulge my readers with all of my findings and help them get into the game as well. Whether you’re just looking to learn a little about technology or trying to be a full-on geek like me, you’d find my articles to be very invigorating.

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