Top 10 Dutch Ovens (Nov. 2022): Reviews & Buyers Guide

Top 10 Dutch Ovens (Nov. 2022): Reviews & Buyers Guide

Nearly fifteen years ago, I was sitting in my boring kitchen, trying to make a delicious soup with a steam oven, it was simply not working. I tried everything that I could but it simply didn’t make a tasty soup, even the family wasn’t satisfied! The cooker heated up the soup incredibly slowly and it didn’t even allow me to make a proper soup due to the size of the oven.

I looked endlessly all over the internet, Amazon, eBay were all in consideration to find a better cooker. What I found was the best cooker ever, a Dutch oven. The Dutch oven made the whole of my family satisfied with their soups every time, and it took less time for it to make! The soup was tastier and way more satisfying than my family previously thought.

Why Should You Trust Us?

After 4 years of our team working extremely hard, updating this site day after day, we’ve looked over the internet, picking out the 20 of the best Dutch ovens in consideration for our top 10. We made sure we can help customers pick a quality product by unveiling our top 10 best Dutch ovens to you. To better understand the top 10 Dutch oven cleaners, we spent over 55 hours of our time researching, testing the products and a week using the community’s testing reviews. The purpose of this is not to promote any brand mentioned but, rather, to help you find the best Dutch ovens, that cannot be found even in many best Dutch oven reviews.

Using all important features in consideration, we picked out the best Dutch oven on the market to share with you. We even created a spreadsheet, comparing all 20 products, which you will be able to see later, to give us the best idea of the best Dutch oven.

What Is a Dutch Oven?

Dutch ovens are a type of oven that includes thick walls and a tight lid, fitting on the oven perfectly. Generally, this type of oven uses seasoned cast iron, although, many popular models on our list include materials such as cast aluminum and ceramic. Another type of Dutch oven is an enameled iron, which we will talk about a little bit further on.

Usually, Dutch ovens are a fair bit heavier than their close counterparts, making them great for braising. Along with braising, Dutch ovens are known very well for their excellent ability to make great soups and stews.

Dutch Oven Types

Bare cast iron

Bare cast iron can conduct more heat than practically any other material used for ovens. It is usually chosen by chefs as their primary source of cooking because of its large range of applications, due to its high degradation point.

Special cleaning must be put in place, as well as care of the cast iron to keep the integrity of the iron high. If care is kept high and the quality of the oven is kept the same then a bare cast iron Dutch ovens can last centuries. This is the reason they are commonly used in camping as they can be placed on top of large open fires.


Enameled Dutch ovens are also very good at conducting heat due to its ceramic or metalcore. However, unlike bare cast iron Dutch ovens, enameled Dutch oven’s require no special care or cleaning, which makes them convenient for quick use. Most enamel models are extremely durable, but they can be less reliable than their respective cast iron models, so it is always best to ask or research the manufacturer.

Who Would Need This Product?

For those who are in love with tender braising, you will adore the cooking ability of enameled Dutch ovens. Enamelled Dutch oven pots are shaped in a way that makes them viable for slow-cooking, as they can be used to perfectly sear meat and trap moisture in the oven because of the tight-fitting lid. Dutch ovens are tremendous at anything from baking bread to pasta bakes to pretty much any food you can think of.

For those cookers who use a bare-cast iron, you should consider looking into an enameled Dutch oven. There are plenty of benefits, they are simpler to clean and keep in good shape. If you cook chips in an enameled Dutch oven, and the interior enamel has spots of raw iron, you should buy a new Dutch oven.

What Should You Look for in a Good Dutch Oven?

Finding the perfect Dutch oven for you really depends on your preference towards the main features. One feature is obviously the appearance. The appearance of your product is very unlikely to change the taste of the food, but it can definitely brighten up your kitchen. If you’re into dull Dutch ovens then there are some on the market for you, but if you like bright and vibrant ovens then you can easily find these on the internet.

Now, of course, if the size of the oven is too large it could be quite hard to move around and use to the best of its ability. Of course, if you are cooking for the whole family you would need a larger Dutch oven than you would if you were cooking for one person. For example, if you were cooking up a pasta sauce for 8 people, you would need a larger Dutch oven than if you were making a pasta sauce for your husband.

Weight kind of syncs in with the size of the Dutch oven and even some of the best Dutch ovens are very heavy. Of course, this means it is very hard to move them around, for example, heavier Dutch ovens would not be useful for camping. But, if you are planning to keep the oven in one specific place, you should have no problem with the weight.

The manufacturer can also impact your choice if it is a more trusted Dutch oven company; you should probably want to buy it more than a manufacturer that is lest trustworthy. Some of the least known manufacturers are likely to make products that will break easily, so even if a more known company costs more money, it will definitely be worth it.

Lid handles and the material of the product are also things to look out for in a product because if the material is poor, then it will not last for an extended period of time. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the handle as you do not want to be annoyed or get blisters from cooking.

Finding the right size of the Dutch oven is also very important. Looking into both 4quart and 6quart is recommended as they are the 2 most popular choices.

Cooking Methods Suitable for Dutch Ovens

Braising involves lightly frying food, usually meat, and then stewing it afterwards. Dutch ovens are easily capable of braising and to a fantastic standard. This means that you can make stews simplistically with a Dutch oven, which is a tradition for some families.

Roasting is very popular all over the world, whether it is roasting a chicken or a potato, nothing can really go wrong, it is loved so much! Dutch ovens are fantastic at roasting foods, so you can enjoy that perfect Sunday roast! Usually, this can be done in a medium-high heat.

Lastly, baking can be easily done in a Dutch cooker using the right settings. Dutch cookers have the ability to bake cakes, for example, which are always a necessity at places like parties and other celebrations.

How We Picked and Tested?

In our elimination process, we took into account reviews, customer testing and our own tests. After the last 4 years, endlessly updating this site, we have been considering 20 Dutch ovens, which are the best we can find.

We have spent the last two months testing and using community-based usage to look at how well each product performs with the operation guides turned both on and off. We have compared every product after measuring the depth of their performance. To compare the products we took into account features such as maintenance, versatility, cooking performance, usability, depth and even capacity. After comparing all of these with the 20 products we decided on our top 10 best Dutch ovens list.

After hard research, testing and consultation of many users we have come to the conclusion that the products below are definitely the top-rated Dutch oven on the market.

Our Top 10 Product List

After the careful and well thought out analyzation of the 32 most important features in Dutch Ovens we have accurately picked out the top 10 best Dutch Ovens on the market for you. We used our research report to compare each of the top 10 Dutch Ovens and we have given you the option to also see this to further support your purchase decision. Before you can see that report we request for you to like any of our many social media pages to see our free chart.

Our Pick: Lodge EC6D43 6-Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Why is this product our Pick?

Top pick for cooking

Lodge EC6D43 6-Quart Dutch Oven

The Lodge stands out as it can cook in every way possible, whatever technique you want. This cooking ability and its affordable price make it our number one.

After the analyzations of 32 features we believe are essential in Dutch ovens, we have found that the positives outweigh the negatives far more than any other product. Our research report shows the mass amount of unique and positive features. The capacity of this product is especially good, with a 6quart capacity.

As one of the best Dutch ovens available now, Lodge EC6D43 can do practically anything, from braising to baking to broiling to roasting. All of these can be done in up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The product also includes very comfortable handles that you’ll notice as soon as you unbox it. They are made of cast iron, which make transportation of the Dutch oven safer and easier.

The product is very affordable, in the price range of $60. After using our rating frequency chart we compared the most recent 30 ratings and noticed that ratings for the product are being made at a very fast rate. The frequency was 10 ratings in the first 2 days, the next 10 in 1 day and the last 10 in 3 days.

It also has the rarest combination of both special and important features compared to all the other products in our top 10 list. For example, the product has a clear smooth glass surface so the ingredients cannot react with the product.

Detailed Review

best cast iron dutch ovens

We personally tested this product, after buying it in the sales, and it was far better than we expected it to be. The price was quite low, leading to us thinking the product would be subpar; however, it was the best product on the list due to its advantages.

One feature we were particularly impressed with was the smooth glass feature, making it impossible for the product to react with ingredients. This worked amazingly, nothing reacted and it even helped the ingredients from not sticking to the walls.

Another feature we found astonishing was the fact this Dutch oven could reach temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This level of heat can be achieved when braising, baking or even roasting. Roasting potatoes was especially great, the potatoes were cooked to a crispy standard, although, it did take quite long.

The 6quart also includes a very innovative handle, which is made up of cast iron, creating a comfortable feel and secure grip while maneuvering the best Dutch oven. The handle is also looped, making it even more secure when walking with the Lodge Dutch oven because it was not possible for our hand to slip out of the handle.

The size of the oven was very convenient, not too big, and not too small. This way, large meals could easily be cooked up inside of the Dutch oven, while being convenient to walk around with. Along with this, the product was very easy to move around when cooking, for example, if I wanted to put the product on another hob, it was very easy to do so.

Our research report shows that the product is 4 and a half inches deep, which personally gave us lots of space in the Dutch oven to cook different foods, but at the same time. We also found marinating and refrigerating incredibly easy and useful in making our steaks because the instructions that came with the Dutch oven were useful and correct.


  • Can do any type of cooking technique
  • Affordable price, up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Smooth glass feature
  • Non-stick
  • Innovative handle and lid


  • No camp stove
  • No integral legs


Personally, I believe the price of 60 dollars is respectable for this Dutch oven because of the abundance of features involved. Compared to the other products were contemplated over, this Dutch oven has the highest possible temperature at 500 degrees Fahrenheit, for example.

Budget Pick: Utopia Kitchen Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Why is this product our Budget Pick?

Great value with features

Utopia UK0026 Dutch Oven

At a low low price, the Utopia still packs a punch in the kitchen. Its long, slow cooking technique produces delicious dishes, and you’ll be even more pleased with its very affordable price.

Our budget pick was the Utopia Kitchen Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven because of its low price, but its many important features. All of these figures and features can be seen through our research report. It contains all the features needed for a fantastic Dutch oven, even some that the best Dutch oven reviews don’t pick up on.

While the capacity of the oven is 5quart, it is just like a 4quart or 6quart Dutch oven, so it is great for everybody. The enameled cast iron Dutch oven has side handles as well as a secure lid, so maneuvering the product around is very easy. This feature also stops steam from escaping the Dutch oven, which can’t steam your rooms or hurt your hands from the heat.

The rating frequency is very good, especially for a lower-priced product. The last 30 ratings came 10s. The first 10 ratings were in the first 7 days, the next 10 in 12 days and the last 10 in 11 days, which show an increase, but still a good rate.

Long cooking, such as braising is fantastic at a low temperature with this Dutch oven, this is one of its many features.

Detailed Review

best budget dutch ovens

From the small price of 20 dollars, and no this was not in the sales, this product worked to a fantastic ability compared to some other higher priced products. We liked many features, although, it wasn’t as good as our first pick due to the lesser price.

One feature we particularly liked with this product was its ability to slow cook at a relatively low temperature. This was great for braising, especially with stews, which tasted great after feedback from the testers.

The product has plenty of space to make food to a great standard in. To be exact, the product is 4.7cm deep with a 27cm diameter, which is plenty to cook a meal for at least 5 in, great for a family household.

The product also has walls that can sustain temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great for foods that require high amounts of heat. One food we tested this on was peach cobbler, and the result was fabulous.

The secure lid worked perfectly, it never came off unexpectedly, although, it was very easy to take off when it needed to be taken off. The lid, for example, was tight enough to not come off during high heat cooking, but it was very easy to take off after the food has been cooked.

However, the appearance was all black and quite bland; this didn’t matter to us because features such as looped handles ensured the highest performance out of the product. The looped handles ensured that the product could not slip and fall onto the floor, possibly staining and burning the floor as well as you.

Our research report shows that this product is cast iron. This may seem antique nowadays, but it actually stops chemicals from leaching onto the walls of the Dutch oven, which is why nobody felt ill or sickly after eating food which was cooked in this product.


  • Maneuvering the product is easy
  • Long and slow cooking is excellent
  • Good rate of ratings
  • Small price


  • Bland color scheme


For the incredibly low price of 20 dollars you would expect a terrible, useless and poor quality product, however, this one is different. The Utopia Kitchen product allows users to explore plenty of cooking techniques and features that would be expected in higher priced products.

Advanced Pick: Camp Chef DO-14 Pre-Seasoned Deluxe 12-Quart 14″ Dutch Oven 

Why is this product our Advanced Pick?

It’s definitely worth the money

Camp Chef DO-14 Deluxe Dutch Oven

The Camp Chef is a dutch oven & a skillet! With its incredibly accurate thermometer, this is the perfect piece of equipment when you are out & about camping.

Our research report displays that this product has the most important and positive features in a Dutch oven that is needed for an advanced product. A true seasoned finish is just one of uncountable amounts of positive features, along with the 8quart capacity, just a little bit more than 6quart. This product can also be utilized as a skillet because of the legs attached to the oven. The loop handle on top of the lid is also a respectable feature.

The price is quite high at over 50 dollars, depending on sales, but the features involved are great for a price range that is affordable. However, the last 30 ratings have come in at a respectable rate. The first 10 ratings came in the first 3 months, the next 10 ratings in 4 months and the last 10 ratings in 2 months.

Once incredible feature this product holds is a built-in thermometer, which can be found in no other product on this entire top 10 Dutch oven list. This and many other features is the reason we chose this as our advanced Dutch oven.

Detailed Review

best dutch ovens for camping

This oval shaped Dutch oven was amazing for the price of 52 dollars, not in the sales. One feature we thoroughly tested was the Dutch oven’s ability to change to a skillet. This worked well with eggs, as we fried them. The temperature does not have to be too high for this, but the eggs had great reviews from the testers. A skillet can be made when the lid is taken off, which is incredibly convenient and simple to do.

The handle loops over the top of the lid and is very easy to carry. It is also very safe to carry and there will be no problem keeping the lid on top of the Dutch oven, as well as all the items cooking inside.

The built-in thermometer is one of the most accurate thermometers I have ever used and personally, it was very useful for camping purposes when there would be no thermometers or hobs. Camping made it hard to find the right product, but this advanced product surpassed all of them, even passing all the products in the sales. The oval-shaped product was incredibly accurate, even dealing in measurements less than 1 degree Celsius. The temperature can be checked without having to open the lid, which is important for foods such as dumplings.

The Dutch oven came seasoned and ready to cook, which was great for camping as you do not have to waste time on seasoning. Maintaining the seasoned cast iron is really easy as well, just washing the Dutch oven after meals is good enough.

A deep dish lid implemented in the product ensures air flows into the food and cooking process while the temperature stays constant. Some foods really need this air, but the amount of air that enters is not enough to damage some foods.


  • Deep dish lid
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Handle looped over the lid
  • Cheap
  • Comes with a skillet
  • Excellent for camping


  • Doesn’t really suit the kitchen
  • Not chip resistant


For the small price of 52 dollars, this product is definitely worth the money. The products multiple uses and many interesting and unique features make it stand out from the rest of the field.

A List of 7 Other Products We Reviewed

No 4: Lodge L8DOL3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven Review

A slow cooking superstar

Lodge L8DOL3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

At a superb price you get a quality piece of kit. The Lodge is brilliant at slow cooking food, and comes in at a reasonable price, with good ratings from other users. An excellent choice!

This 5quart Dutch oven has many features for its price of 45 dollars. This product is the perfect Dutch oven for slow cooking. Slow cooking that we tested foods on was meats such as whole chickens, which finished tasty and crispy. Along with this, simple English breakfasts can be made by frying eggs, for example.

The variety of this product is lower than other products, but what it specializes in is very important for some foods. The Lodge oven, shaped in an oval, uses a rugged iron material in order to make slow cooking hot and even all at the same time. This is one of the reasons why this product is perfect for big meals, due to its long cooking time and capacity.

Use of the product can be immediate due to the special walls being coated with vegetable oil, ready for cooking. This is great because long dinners can be quite stressful, but the vegetable oil coating takes away one problem that can cause stress.

The looped handle just above the domed lid ensures safe carrying and no possibility of slipping because of the tight handle. Handles can also be found on the edge of the pan, allowing versatility with the way you carry the product.

At a weight of 13 pounds, there should be absolutely no trouble in carrying the product around. The weight ensures that the product can be stored easily and safely. If the product was around 20 pounds then it is likely the product could fall onto your foot and even break bones in your foot. This is the worst case scenario though.

Along with this, ratings have been coming in at a very respectable rate, which you can see on the research report. One special feature is the product’s ability to trap moisture inside the oven, which is essential for many foods.


  • Vegetable oil seasoned walls
  • Reasonable price
  • Fast ratings


  • Quite small,
  • Mainly slow cooking


The price of 45 dollars is very respectable for this product. The 5quart Dutch oven is great at trapping moisture in the oven, which is great for those foods that need moisture. Many other special and important features allow the product to stand out amongst others.

No 5: Lodge L8DD3 Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven, 5-Quart Review

We love a lodge oven!

Lodge L8DD3 Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven

For its price you’ll be surprised to see seem great features in this Lodge model. With its skillet feature, easy to handle lid and light design, this is a dutch oven you’ll be racing to buy!

Another Lodge product enters our best Dutch ovens list, showing why they are the best manufacturer on the market.

This cast iron Dutch oven is a traditional oven. The oven has plenty of fantastic features that are hard to find elsewhere on the internet. One of these is the innovative lid.

The lid that sits on top of the Dutch oven can be used in many different ways. One way is to use it as a deep fat fryer or a skillet, maybe for frying eggs, for example. The lid only has to be taken off to perform as a skillet, no hassle, no stress.

The lid could also be used as a handle, as the top curved handles connect with the lower handles, which are connected to the actual Dutch oven. This also makes it really simple when you are trying to put the lid in the correct place because you know that the lid handles have to be on top of the lower handles.

The handles also make the product extremely secure when walking around with the Dutch oven and even when maneuvering the product. Although the lid can easily be taken off, when holding the handles, there was no movement or slipping of the lid.

The product also comes pre-seasoned, so there is no need to worry about seasoning your base before cooking. This is one reason why this product is great for the casserole, along with it being incredibly large.

The price is very reasonable, when it is not in the sales, at a price of 64 dollars. However, at the time of writing this, the price has dropped to 45 dollars in the sales. The rating frequency is also very good for this product. The first 10 ratings out of the last 30 ratings came in, in 23 days, the second 20 ratings in 16 days and the last 10 ratings in 20 days. This rate is quite good compared to many other products on this list that take months to achieve 30 ratings.


  • Price
  • Comes with a skillet
  • Easy to put lid on
  • Not heavy


  • The large design might not suit some kitchens
  • Quite a bland design


The original price of 64 dollars is quite good for such a large, oval-shaped product. The Dutch oven has many unique features such as its skillet cover, which can be used for frying and many other occupations.

No 6: Lodge L12DO3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 9-Quart Review

A small family favourite

Lodge L12DO3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This is a trustworthy, multi-use and low weight pick. The Eufy is a perfect size for small families and it can be relied upon to heat up evenly. Overall a great little dutch oven you can trust!

The capacity of this Dutch oven is quite low, at 9quart, much lower than 6quart and 4quart. However, this product is great for those who live in small families, up to 3 or 4 members. Although, the price is higher than most products on this list, at 72 dollars.

The product has one standout feature which is that the product heats up evenly. This is incredibly useful when you are cooking because one part of the food might end up colder than another part if the oven heated up unevenly, so you get perfectly cooked meals every time.

Along with this feature, the product comes readily seasoned, so that you do not have to waste time seasoning yourself, like many other products on the market. Although this is a pretty common feature, this product did the best with the pre-seasoning, in my opinion. This is because it gave the food much more flavor than some respective models.

The cast iron is also self-basting, so there is no need to worry about basting or seasoning, which is unique compared to many of our top 10 picks. It is literally as simple as putting in the food and cooking it at whatever temperature you want, up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The product is also very easy to hold and carry around the kitchen, from the hob to the plate. This is due to the curved and looped gauge line just above the oval shaped lid. This can easily be picked up because of the small weight of 22.9 pounds without any food inside and the small shape, 9quart.

This product can be proved as a fantastic Dutch oven because of the astounding amount of ratings. There are over 280 ratings, and the average rating is 4.8 out of 5. This is astonishing and certainly one of the best on our list.


  • Average rating
  • Multiuse
  • Low weight
  • Pre-seasoned and basted


  • Higher price than other products
  • 9quart


This 9quart Dutch oven is certainly worth the 72 dollar price tag due to many factors. This product has one of the best reputations out of all the products on the list with a 4.8 rating out of 5.

No 7: Lodge L8DO3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 5-Quart Review

Great design for using outdoors

Lodge L8DO3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This is perfect for any keen campers. If you’re looking for the perfect camping oven, then choose this Lodge model. It has a bunch of great features and also comes in at a super affordable price!

This Lodge product, yes it is a Lodge oven again, is a 5quart capacity Dutch oven. The price is very reasonable at 60 dollars when it is not in any of the annual sales. Sales have been known to make this product drop to a very good price of 30 dollars, which is amazing for a product of this exceptional standard.

The product has the expected feature of being pre-seasoned, so you don’t have to waste time seasoning your oven. As soon as you pick up this product it can immediately be used because of this important feature. This is why it is one of the top rated and best Dutch ovens on the market.

One special feature that is rated very highly is the coil feature on the looped handle, just above the oval lid. This is why this product is particularly good for camping, although, the material is not ceramic. Rather, this Lodge Dutch oven is made up of traditional cast iron.

The lid is very tight, not allowing any moisture to escape, which is essential to some cooking methods and set-ups. The tight lid can be taken off with little effort, just some turning and lifting. Although, the lid never came off while holding the coil, even with hot food inside.

At 4 inches deep with a 10 and a half inch diameter, it is easy to understand why this product is great at cooking food for multiple people and even full families. The reason this product is one of the best on the market for camping is because of this, a large pot with all the nutrition and flavor locked into the pot because of the tight lid, trapping the moisture inside.

This product can easily be washed, through scrubbing and cooking oil. The cooking oil cleans and also improves the quality of the seasoning in the pot.


  • Easily maintainable
  • Low price
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Good for camping


  • No additional skillet
  • Not 4quart or 6quart


The price of this product is only worth it to certain demographics. Some people who enjoy camping and decide to camp a lot will love this product because of its tight lid and easy carrying features.

No 8: Calphalon Classic Nonstick Dutch Oven, 7 quart Review

A more unusual pick

Calphalon Classic Nonstick Dutch Oven

This cylindrical shape 7quart oven, looks good and works well. Unlike any other models, it has a non-stick feature! If this is what you’re looking for, then the Calphalon could be for you!

Our number 8 pick is not a Lodge manufactured product for once! This grey Dutch oven has a unique design; it is not 6quart, rather 7quart, with a rather cylindrical shape. A price of 60 dollars is also placed on this product, although, it is known to drop to around 35 dollars in some Amazon sales.

One special feature that practically no other Dutch oven on this list has is the ability of non-stick. This feature makes it really easy to take foods off the surface of the product, with absolutely no worries of any part of the food getting stuck. This special feature also makes it incredibly easy to clean up after cooking a meal for yourself, a family or your friends.

The oven has a temperature limit of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is as much as you would need for pretty much any ordinary food. Some of the most extravagant foods might need up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to be cooked to a good standard, so if you want to cook this regularly then this product may not be for you.

The lid is a feature that is hard to find elsewhere on the internet. The Dutch oven uses a see-through glass lid, which is great to view the progress of your food that you cannot do with a pressure cooker. For example, if you need to see if your chicken has changed color, you can do that and no moisture or nutrients will be lost because you would not have to open the lid on top of the pot.

The aluminum construction and material is one of the most durable on the market. The likelihood of this product braking, cracking or being stained is very low because of this material and its one of the best choices of material because of how different and innovative it is.


  • Price
  • Shape
  • 7quartz
  • Aluminum material


  • Only safe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit,
  • Handles in a weird position


The price of 60 dollars can be respectable for certain people as this product is unusual and innovative compared to the majority of other Dutch ovens. This product has many important and special features including non-stick surfacing and a see-through lid.

No 9: Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven, 8 Quart Review

One for camping pro’s

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven

A huge 8 quart size oven! This model can cook tonnes of food! Its legs and lid design, as well as its numerous extra functions make it brilliant for pro campers out there.

This rather large Lodge product looks gigantic compared to products in the 4quart range. This can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage. Of course, more food can be cooked inside of the pot, but, at the same time, the product is larger, harder to store and move around the kitchen.

This product perfectly suits camping, making it an essential camping gear. From the legs to the lid designs – all suit the art of camping in different ways and perspectives. The 3 legs underneath the pot can be used over the coals or burning campfire, with your raw foods inside of the pot.

The flanged lid can also hold hot coals inside of it, making it great as a griddle, not a skillet. Whatever, you want this product beholds for you, in a camping manner of course.

The reputation of the manufacturer is the best in the business and it can be seen on this top 10 best Dutch ovens list because the majority of good Dutch ovens are made by Lodge. This is why they have made a trusty cookbook for adventurous campers, to enjoy the memories, not just the food.

This product can be used for more functions than a lot of other Dutch ovens. The array of the types of cooking available with this oven include simmering, braising, baking, frying, basting, sautéing and even searing. All of these different techniques should be able to take you through any camping experience.

The expected feature with all Lodge products is pre-seasoning, which is, once again, prevalent in their product. The Lodge Deep Camp model uses pre-seasoning that improves with use, so you shouldn’t have to worry about seasoning your pot again.


  • Respected manufacturer
  • Big space to cook food in
  • Suits camping perfectly


  • Price is over 100 dollars,
  • Not suitable for kitchens


While this product is worth the price of 100 dollars to hardcore campers, it would be pretty useless to those who only cook in the household because no place in the kitchen could suit this object design.

No 10: Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 3.2-quart – by Utopia Kitchen Review

A superb Dutch Oven

Utopia Kitchen Enameled Dutch Oven

A good option if you cook small meals often for a small family. It is a nice design, with rave reviews from other users. Good for what it does, with a light weight & high temperature!

This Dutch oven has a unique design by quite an unknown company. However, this product has received record levels of reviews and high standard reviews.

The red colored pot as well as lid is quite small, less than 4quart at 3.2quart. This means very small meals would have to be cooked inside of this pot. Family meals would be very hard to pull off using this small 3.2quart pot. Although the product is very small compared to every product on this list, it can still reach record temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit before cooking becomes unsafe.

The high heat makes this product the perfect fit for a slow cook through braising and other slow cooking methods. It is also fantastic on the stove and even serving members of the household.

While iron deficiency is a common problem in all countries worldwide, this product aims to eliminate this. The Dutch oven material is cast iron, which increases the amount of iron in the food cooked inside of the pot. The material can increase iron content as much as 20 percent.

Cast iron designs may seem very ancient nowadays but this product offers many benefits from the price of 95 dollars. The most blatant benefit is the product’s ability to not leach chemicals, which is a prevalent problem in many other cast iron Dutch ovens.

The product can be easily cleaned through rubbing and soap. This will not damage the interior of the pot and because there is, unfortunately, no seasoning inside, pre-seasoning cannot be damaged.

The weight is very low, making the product easy to carry compared to other, heavier options out there. The product weighs just over 10 pounds, which is incredibly light compared to other products on the list that can reach weights of 24 pounds.


  • High temperature,
  • Slow cooking,
  • Attractive design,
  • Lots of reviews


  • High priced,
  • Small (3.2 quart),
  • No pre-seasoning


Personally, I believe this product is worth around 70 dollars, not 95 dollars. However, the 4.5 out of 5 rating suggests otherwise. Making your decision can depend on many things, do you slow cook often? Do you cook for lots of people?

Care and Maintenance

Cast iron Dutch ovens have been handed down generation after generation because of their fantastic durability, it can last for centuries! However, enameled cast iron is different to ceramic and pure metal options in the fact that it is more delicate. Although, it is easier to maintain and care for. The only concern most enameled cast iron Dutch oven owners have is the fact that their product might get chipped or cracked on the finishing. An enameled cast iron Dutch oven owner should always avoid using metal tools inside of the pot of an enameled Dutch oven, rather, they should use materials like silicone and wood.

When heating a cast iron Dutch oven little amounts of care should be put into your actions. Low to medium heat is what is suggested highly, but most cast iron products can withstand temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You shouldn’t heat up an empty oven either, even though some popular recipes involve heating the pot up without food, as a vessel. Take good care of your Dutch oven on a regular basis to make the most of it.

Wrapping it up:

If you are a basic microwave cooker or a professional chef, you cannot deny the greatness of owning a Dutch oven in your kitchen. The versatility of these tight-lidded, thick-walled ovens is one of the reasons it is great for the kitchen, along with its never-ending durability. Dutch ovens can cook soups to fruit compotes to roasts and pretty much any food you can think of in your mind. The oven can go anywhere as well, camping on the fire, on the stove at home, anywhere heat thrives is great for Dutch ovens. Dutch ovens can serve, sauté, braise, roast, bake and many other cooking techniques depending on the model. Stuffoholics make sure everything we say is correct through strenuous research and testing. Our main aim at Stuffoholics is to help you find what you want, and we hope that we have done that today.

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