Top 10 Elliptical Trainers for Home Use (Nov. 2022): Reviews & Buyers Guide

Top 10 Elliptical Trainers for Home Use (Nov. 2022): Reviews & Buyers Guide

There aren’t many better ways of staying fit than an elliptical machine. It is all over exercise, moving your arms and legs and really pumping the big muscle groups in your body. An elliptical machine in your home can help you get fit and stay fit, or rehabilitate after an accident or operation in a low impact way. Your joints and tendons are well looked after on an elliptical machine, keeping you flexible and supple.

These machines are a perfect buy for disabled or elderly people who need to keep their muscle and bone mass up but who can’t go running or walking. They’re also great for anyone who is training and building cardiovascular fitness. Elliptical machines are a fantastic addition to a home gym or even your living room.

We like elliptical machines here because they have numerous benefits to offer. So we decided to put together this best 10 elliptical machine reviews list, so you can make an informed choice without the pain of trawling through millions of pages of elliptical machines with so many choices.

It’s what we’re good at: filtering the huge amount of information out there into an easy to read guide that can’t fail to find you what you need to buy. Stick around to read our elliptical machine reviews.

But Why Should You Trust Us?

There’s a lot of information out there, there are a lot of guides and articles clamoring for your attention and clicks, how do you know what to trust?

It’s tough, but you can be sure that the guide you’re reading is the result of many hours of diligent research and debate. We’ve done the work: we went out with our teams of volunteers to find the best elliptical machines on the market.

We’ve looked at dozens of elliptical machine reviews, narrowed it down, then narrowed it again to the top ten that you find below.

Around 55 hours of research in total went into this article, that is a lot more than anybody would give to looking for their own machine. So take it from us: the information you find here is the result of a lot of work. But that work is worth it if you read our guide and make a good choice that helps you keep fit and healthy. That’s what we do it for.

We don’t have any particular affiliation with any elliptical machine manufacturer, the sole purpose of this page is to enable you to buy the best elliptical you can.

So that’s why you should trust us. We’re good guys.

Keep reading for the best elliptical machine reviews.

Types of Elliptical Machine

Elliptical Trainer:

Similar to a road bike or a spin bike, the typical elliptical trainer is a trainer for the lower body only: you stand on the pedals and hold onto a central bar. You push down on the pedals in an elliptical manner (hence the name), giving your lower body a full low impact workout and your cardiovascular system efficient exercise. One of the common types.

Elliptical Cross-Trainer:

An elliptical cross-trainer works out the upper and lower body with the same pedals as a standard elliptical trainer but with a pair of arms attached that you hold onto, allowing your upper body to get a work out at the same time as your lower body. Push on the pedals in an elliptical fashion and push the arms to get a huge cardiovascular workout as well as a muscle train from the cross trainer

Elliptical Glider:

Very similar to an elliptical trainer but instead of the circular motion with the pedals, you push down on them at a slight angle like climbing. The arms don’t move, you hold on to them as you push down. A superb workout for legs, knees, and hips without the jarring motions of a treadmill or jogging.

Who Are these Products For?

The different types of elliptical machines are a fantastic buy for those looking for low-impact exercise. If you suffer from chronic injuries or are undergoing rehabilitation from an accident, exercise like running, fast walking or climbing are off the cards, so a very low-impact form of exercise is the only option.

They also fit very well into a high-impact training regime, providing cardiovascular exercise between sets of weightlifting or rowing with a rowing machine, for example. Many trainers for marathons or iron man competitions will buy elliptical trainers for a form of exercise that builds muscle and cardiovascular fitness while putting a low impact on tired limbs and joints.

Many elderly or disabled people use elliptical machines because of its ease of use and full support of all limbs. You can work as hard or as easily as you like on an elliptical machine, making it a true all-rounder.

Features to Consider in an Elliptical Machine

During our research, we found a number of things that are essential to a top rated ellipticals machine and a few that make a great addition but aren’t necessary.

Any elliptical machine will have adjustable tension. If it doesn’t, don’t buy it. The tension control changes how hard you have to work to move the pedals and arms and therefore how much effort you put in.

The machine should be stable, you should be able to move at some speed on the machine without it wobbling or tipping over. It sounds obvious, but try before you buy, if you can.

You don’t have to spend very much to get a decent computer on your elliptical machine. This should give you stats on length of workout, maybe a calorie counter to tell you how much energy you burn, possibly a heart rate monitor. These aren’t strictly necessary but can really improve your workout plans when using this machine and help you integrate your elliptical workouts into your exercise regime.

More essential is that the machine is adjustable, you should be able to change the incline of the steps and the length of stride, as well as the balance on the flywheel.

Why Use An Elliptical Machine

We use elliptical machines in our workouts to provide a great cardiovascular workout while not destroying our hips, ankles, and knees. Real improvements in aerobic fitness can be made by incorporating an elliptical machine into an exercise regime.

When we’re feeling sore from a high-impact workout, or are suffering from an injury but need to do some exercise, we just limp onto the elliptical machine and keep fit in a low impact way.

The total-body workout from some types of elliptical machine is difficult to beat without a lot of equipment that can be very expensive, recumbent exercise bikes for example; making an elliptical machine a fantastic way of getting all-over fitness for a relatively low cost. They don’t take up a huge amount of space either.

The heart rate monitor featured on many elliptical machine types really helps us keep an eye on our health and fitness, it’s a very useful addition to any fitness regime.

Knowing how many calories you’re burning is essential, we think, to know how much exercise we need and how to manage our time on the elliptical machine.

How We Picked and Tested

We have a very thorough process for choosing our top ten elliptical trainers. First, we send out our friendly volunteers and staff into the wide world and ask them to bring back as many examples of what we’re reviewing, in this case, elliptical machines so we can have a very broad view of what is available.

Then we whittle down the numbers by using a fail-safe method: we test them. Most of them anyway, some are obviously terrible and don’t even get to this stage, or don’t even work when we try them. We didn’t find the perfect elliptical machine, but we weren’t expecting to. We did, however, find some really good elliptical machines. And that is what you’ll find below.

We spent nearly two whole months with our elliptical machines, and our lower body fitness has never been better. Getting paid to get fit and write about it is one of the better jobs we’ve had recently!

We asked our community to give us as much feedback on these machines as possible, and then we assembled a list of features we could compare each machine against the other with fairly. Only then could we get the best elliptical reviews.

Amongst a huge list of comparisons, we looked at capacity, versatility, quality of materials, stability, tension resistance changes, types of resistance and maintenance. Those that came out top ended up on our list. That’s how we did it.

Our list has the best elliptical machine reviews, we are confident of that.

Our Top Ten Product List

After our exhaustively thorough research, and after analyzing the 38 most important features of each product, our research report was born. This is open for you to read, we simply ask that you like any of our social media pages to gain access. It’s as easy as that, we hope you find it useful.

Our Pick: Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Before we get to the review of this (excellent) product, let’s just spend a little time talking about how we got to choose this as Our Pick. First of all, we analyzed a full 38 features for each of the products you find in this list. That’s a lot to look at, but it helped us to make the best evaluation we could.

Why is this product our Pick?

    1. Great Features at Decent Price

      Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

      This elliptical trainer provides great low-impact exercise, with very high quality construction and parts that are made of high tolerance quality materials.

      This product had the highest number of positive features of all the elliptical trainers we put through their paces in our testing phase. Not only that, but we felt that the unique combination of features made the Stamina In-Motion certainly the best choice for the top slot. Take a look at our research and see if you agree. Amongst the many fine features, the Multi-functional Fitness Monitor and adjustable tension control made the difference on this trainer, with the ability to change the intensity of your workout so easily you’ll be fit in no time.

    2. What is more, this product fitted perfectly in the affordable sale price range of elliptical trainers. For under 90 bucks you can pick one up brand new and get training.
      A smart trick we have here at the office is to review the reviews, so we took a look at the internet to see what other people were saying. It was overwhelmingly positive for this trainer, the rate of reviews was particularly impressive.
    3. In the first 5 days, it got 10 positive ratings, another 10 in the following 4 days and 10 more in the next 5 days. This is a rate that indicates to us that it is a very well received product.
    4. This machine is very well designed for low-impact exercise, it will get you fit while protecting your knees, hips, back, and ankles. All these factors add up to an extremely successful elliptical trainer and their unique combination made it Our Pick for the prize.

Detailed Review

Top rated elliptical machine for home

Straight out of the box, we were impressed with the look of this machine. It had a satisfying weight without being too heavy, so we knew it would stick to the floor well and provide good balance and stability when we used it.

Using it, we rated the balance and security as we stood up, the action and resistance from the pedals were even and well configured, we didn’t have to mess with it at all. The pedals were grippy and non-slip and felt like they would be durable.

The electronic monitor worked very well, providing tracking of how many strides you’ve taken, how long you’ve been exercising and the number of calories you have burned during exercise. The display was clear and could be easily read even during intense exercise. A great bundle of features that would convince you to ditch your treadmill for this trainer.

Hefty bolts secure this machine and hold the whole thing together. Overall it had a very high-quality construction with parts clearly made to a high tolerance from high-quality materials.

You could stick one of these under the desk for a little toning and light exercise while at a desk and nobody would guess from a distance. What do you think I’m doing right now? Well, why not?

The machine is small enough that it can be easily packed into a closet or wardrobe when you don’t need it, and getting it working is the simplest thing in the universe: you just start pedaling.

Sitting or standing, this elliptical trainer will provide the low-impact exercise you’ve been looking for. Adjust the tension to your needs and get pedaling. You can pedal in reverse too, great for working out the muscles that don’t usually get attention on a bike or by walking. It’s a good way of cooling down too.

The action is silent, there is no annoying grating noises with this trainer, meaning your workout music still sounds great.

All in all, a very impressive trainer.


  • Affordable sale price, under $90
  • Silent movement
  • Good weight
  • Non-slip pedals
  • Easy setup
  • Small and portable
  • Sit down or stand up
  • Well designed and constructed


  • No upper body workout


A fantastic choice for upright or sat-down exercise that comes at a decent price. Well made and seemingly reliable, this is a very neat and quiet elliptical trainer that will suit many needs.

Budget Pick: Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical

Why is this product our Budget Pick?

Quality Features at Unbeatable Price

Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical

This easy to assemble, compact, affordable, comfortable low-impact trainer is well designed, and provides full body workout with its dual action arms.

In our exhaustive research, we have established what we think of as the 32 features that add up to make the best elliptical trainer. This one had many of the same features as Our Pick, but only lost out because it didn’t have the unique combination of features that made our top pick so impressive. That is not to say this isn’t an impressive Budget Pick, the quality and quantity of features of this elliptical cross trainer are unbeatable for the price. This was one of the best elliptical machines for home use.

When we looked at the rating frequency for the Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical cross trainer we found that in the first 24 days it received 10 positive ratings, 10 more in the next 16 and had 10 more in the following 30 days.

Surprisingly for the cost, around $90, it has dual action workout arms for a full body workout. No other elliptical trainer in this sale price range had this great selection of features and qualities.

Detailed Review

 best elliptical machine for the money

We weren’t expecting much from the Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical trainer, for 90 bucks we didn’t think you would get anything of any quality. How pleased we were then when we found that it was not only full of great features but also well made and stable.

It was compact and easily assembled, going together in about an hour. The construction was good and the materials didn’t feel flimsy. This cross trainer can take a few workouts, that’s for sure.

The arms are fully adjustable and have comfortable handles that don’t get tacky when you’re sweating. The feet are grippy and have ridges to keep you in place during your workout so you needn’t worry you’ll fall out of this.

While the flywheel is a little on the loud side, we were expecting that and just pumped the music louder. Not that we needed the excuse!

Once assembled, we wheeled it into our gym on its very convenient front wheels and it fitted right in amongst the more expensive work out gear we have in there. As an inexpensive choice, it is a very functional piece of kit.

We had a good look at the reviews during our testing process and while they weren’t all positive (some people had issues putting it together, but if you follow the instructions, it shouldn’t be an issue), they were overwhelmingly so. Lots of people were looking for a cheap way to stay fit, tried the Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical and were satisfied.

The large LCD display showed us very clearly the distance we traveled, the speed, number of calories burned and how long we’d been exercising for. Just what we wanted to complement our workout regime.

Overall, for the sale price, there isn’t a better choice out there. Friendly for your back, knees, ankles, and back, as well as your wallet/purse.


  • Very affordable
  • Well designed and made
  • Comfortable
  • Low-impact
  • Clear LCD display
  • Easy and precise tension adjustment
  • Compact
  • Wheels for easy transport


  • Not as well built as some more expensive rivals
  • Only takes up to 220 pounds


For the price, we couldn’t get better. A full cross trainer with a large and clear LCD display that had vital workout statistics. Great for low-impact training on a smaller budget, it is well made and designed.

Advanced Pick: Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Why is this product our Advanced Pick?

Impressive Range of Features

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

This impressive trainer is programmable and comes with 29 programs installed, a heart monitor, two screens, and 25 resistances for a dynamic workout.

This is the elliptical machine that we felt had the most impressive range of features. It would have been the top pick if only for the price, which well reflects the higher quality and wider range of features. We love a good gadget here and this had us competing to have a play on it. We’re very grown up, as you can tell. You can program up to 4 user settings into this machine to make it fully adapted to your fitness, as well as punching in some goals that the machine will track for you, keeping you on target and in the zone.

We had a good look at the reviews online and the rate was very impressive. It received 10 positive ratings in 3 months, then 10 more in only 24 days and ten more in the next month. For a more expensive elliptical trainer, this is very good and more than we expected.

A full 25 levels of resistance are programmable into this trainer, giving you the scope needed to train for any event and to work with your specific fitness needs.

As our Advanced Pick, this is unsurprisingly not the cheapest trainer on the market, but it is the best engineered and made one, with the best features. Were it cheaper, it would be at the top of the list.

Detailed Review

schwinn 470 elliptical machine

This one does it all, and looks super cool. We were fighting each other to use it. The black and red styling makes the Schwinn 470 one impressive machine to look at. You feel like a pro using it, and pros should use it! It has a huge number of really cool features.

Let us start with the computer. Twin screens give a blow-by-blow account of your workout, showing distance, speed, calories burned, resistance level, programmed routes and more. Even at our most out of breath and sweaty, we could still read the display perfectly. A nice design.

We tried most of the 29 programs that came with this trainer and we found them to cover a wide range of abilities and goals. If that wasn’t enough, we programmed it full of our own settings and found it to work really well. The goal tracking feature worked well, giving the user a real boost when motivation might be flagging.

Especially cool was the USB charging port so your exercise can go towards keeping your phone or fitness device working. Even cooler was the fact that you can export your data for analysis and integration into your other fitness data. We loved this feature, it really added an edge to our fitness regime. The charging USB port for your phone, MP3 player or fitness tracking device, which also doubles as a data exchange port, allowing you to export your fitness data for analysis. Seriously 21st-century fitness.

The heart monitor worked very well, which was a pleasant surprise as they often don’t give very good data.

With a full range of resistance in 25 different settings, we found we could get a really dynamic workout. When we’re done, it is very easy to wheel the trainer into a corner for storage.

When we looked at the reviews we were pleased with what we found, lots of people were pleased with the product, mentioning the great construction quality, range of features and cool look. All the things we pointed out, so we’re in good company it seems.


  • 29 programs come installed
  • Two screens
  • USB charging
  • Data export
  • Programmable
  • 25 resistances
  • Heart monitor
  • Wheels for moving
  • 300-pound weight limit
  • Best elliptical for home use


  • Expensive


An extremely impressive elliptical trainer with features such as USB charging, data uploads and a large number of programs made this machine really stand out. Sensitive, versatile, well made and very cool looking.

A List of 7 Other Products We Reviewed

No. 4: Exerpeutic IRONMAN 1000XL Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals Review

Well-designed, Well-built Trainer

Exerpeutic IRONMAN 1000XL Ellipticals

This nicely constructed, mid-range, heavy duty trainer is best for the larger user and features 8 resistance modes for a good, low-impact exercise

For $300, this is what you can expect. A very well made elliptical trainer that is well designed and has a range of excellent features. First of all, the 8 levels of magnetic tension resistance make it a versatile trainer that can provide a setting for any workout.

It can take up to 300 pounds weight on its sturdy steel frame, so larger customers can get the low impact training that an elliptical trainer makes possible. Take good care of your knees, hips, ankles and back with this fantastic form of exercise.

Twin handles give the upper body a great form of exercise and ensure good balance during your training.

Track your heart rate with the built-in sensor, which is shown on the large LCD display that also features calories burned, distance traveled, speed and time. All you need for a low impact workout.

There was no shaking or juddering on this trainer, it had a very smooth action and the resistance level adjusted very accurately. It is a very quiet elliptical trainer so you can have your television or music on undisturbed.

When our workout was done, it wheeled out of the gym room very easily on the pair of wheels at the front. The pedals were larger than usual, appealing to a bigger footed customer.

We had some issues with the instructions and assembly but made sense of it in the end. It’s a well-designed product, I don’t know why they would bother making such rubbish instructions.

Reviews were very positive in general, most coming within the 4* and 5* range. Reviewers enjoyed the steady action and quality build. Like us. There are reductions in sale price, so keep an eye out for a good deal on this excellent elliptical trainer.

Finally, the 3-year limited warranty is a nice reassurance.


  • Well made
  • Fair sale price
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Quiet
  • 8 resistance modes
  • Sturdy
  • 300-pound weight limit


  • Others in the same price range have more features


Suitable for the larger customer, this is a nicely constructed and designed elliptical trainer that gives the mid-range buyer a good, low-impact way of exercising. Did everything we asked of it without complaint.

No. 5: Nautilus E614 Elliptical Review

Best Choice for the Modern User

Nautilus E614 Elliptical

This elliptical trainer boasts of the most advanced and sophisticated features such as an LCD screen with 13 workout details, 22 programs, 2 user profiles, speakers, a USB charging port, and many more.

The Nautilus E614 Elliptical trainer is a very sophisticated choice. And it should be for the price (reduced from $1000). There are a lot of options for all that money though and we’ll start with the display.

The large, very clear LCD display gives a very accurate and intuitive account of your vital statistics: how far you’ve traveled, how many calories you’ve burned, what your speed is, how fast your heart is beating, and where you are on one of the 22 pre-programmed settings. Up to 13 workout details can be displayed at any time. This is essential for someone who takes their fitness really seriously.

And for those people, the ability to plug in your smartphone to upload your workout data is a real asset. Working out a fitness regime is all about data these days, what was reserved for the pros is now available for everyone, so you can get a pro-level of feedback and fine-tuning with this elliptical trainer.

Get your heart rate from the grip sensor as you exercise. This one isn’t affected by sweat as so many of them are, so your data will be accurate.

The stride length is a full 20 inches and adjustable, and with 20 levels of resistance available, you can tune your workout exactly to what you need. If you’re incorporating your cardiovascular workout into a weights regime, or training for a marathon, this highly adaptable trainer can give you what you need.

The speakers built into this elliptical trainer were surprisingly good, they gave a pleasing sound with plenty of bass. Great for a workout motivation tune.

The reviews for the Nautilus E614 were very positive, echoing what we have found. High quality, well made, great design and features, good weight, not too loud. All in all a great machine.


  • Well made
  • 13 workout details on LCD screen
  • 22 programs
  • 2 user profiles
  • USB charger
  • Data export
  • Good speakers


  • Expensive


An elliptical trainer for the modern user, this machine will charge your smartphone using your workout energy and get you exercising efficiently with the wealth of programs and resistances on offer.

No. 6: Sunny Health & Fitness – SF-E905 Elliptical Trainer Review

Best Choice for Small Spaces

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical

This compact & practical elliptical trainer is a lightweight machine that uses magnetic tension system and has built-in heart rate monitors and LCD displays, but at a more affordable price.

On the smaller side of elliptical trainers with handles, this trainer still packs a sizeable punch.

With the full complement of scanning, timer, distance traveled, calories burned and heart monitor, it is a versatile elliptical on the cheaper end of the scale.

We found it assembled fairly easily but the instructions were terrible. Once we got it together it turned out to be a quite sturdy creation that was well made. The small base meant it did wobble a bit when we were really giving it some, but otherwise, it worked fine.

The adjustable leg stabilizers seemed to work and the transportation wheels were well placed and useful for moving it around after a workout. This is an elliptical trainer built for a small place, like a bedroom or small apartment.

The small, 11-inch stride might not be enough for some but the ability to store it in a small place is a definite plus for many who are short of space. At 61 pounds, this was one of the lighter elliptical trainers with arms.

The pedals were pleasantly anti-slip, our feet felt secure during our testing and reviewing. The arms felt good, they were adjustable and had built-in heart rate monitors for the essential data. Unfortunately, there was no upload option, but it was good to see it on the small display.

When changing the resistance, we turned the knob on the chassis, this worked well and gave a wide range of resistances, though it was difficult to get back to a resistance we had found before. The tension system is magnetic, so there’s no loud grinding as the flywheel is dragged on.

Reviews were mostly positive, most of them being 4* or 5* reviews, some people complaining that it was poorly made and fell apart after a short time. There is a 3-year limited warranty, so that could reassure some potential customers.


  • Affordable price
  • Small size fits bedrooms or apartments
  • Lightweight
  • Transportation wheels
  • Magnetic tension system
  • LCD display


  • Some complaints of poor craftsmanship
  • Some wobbling
  • Small LCD display


In the affordable range, this is an un-showoffy and practical elliptical trainer that unfortunately suffers from some issues with craftsmanship and design. Not the best choice, but a good price.

No. 7: Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer Review

Best Choice for Athletes

Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer

This impressive elliptical machine boasts of a myriad of functions & 29 programs, plus 25 resistance stages. The functions will allow even a pro athlete to fine-tune his workout to the tiniest detail.

A most impressive bit of equipment. This thing did it all! And looked super cool.

The blue backlight on the large, clear Dual Track LCD display was a great feature, we could see all our statistics bright and clear. The display will show up to 13 workout details, like distance traveled, speed, calorie count, heart rate and more. Program your own workouts into it and use the USB port to upload your data from the trainer to your phone for analysis.

This is a serious elliptical trainer, you can hook up your chest strap heart and vitals monitor for extra accurate data collection, giving you the edge when it comes to working out efficiently. The hand sensors work very well in any case.

It will also connect wirelessly via Bluetooth LE, letting you upload data live and play your favorite songs over the impressively loud and clear built-in chambered speakers.

The huge 20-inch stride gives a very comfortable stride for your low impact elliptical workouts and the 25 levels of resistance can let you tune your exercise regime perfectly, so whether you are training for a marathon or an iron man/woman, you can get the workout you need from this machine.

The pedals look very cool and are extremely grippy, we felt very safe while testing it. The base is also wide and very secure, giving an overall feeling of stability and ease, letting you get on with your workout.

Alongside your own programs, there are 25 built-in programs that cover almost every exercise need, there being 12 profiles, 4 of your own, a couple of fitness tests, a recovery test, 9 heart rate programs, and a quick start. Versatile equipment indeed.

Use your workout energy to charge your smartphone. I love the modern world. What a great idea.


  • Lots of functions
  • 25 resistance stages
  • 29 programs
  • Great look
  • Grippy pedals
  • Wireless connection to any smart device
  • Data upload
  • USB charging
  • Backlit, very large screen


  • Too expensive for many


A very fine machine, this elliptical trainer has a huge number of functions that will allow even pro athletes to fine tune their workouts to the max. Data uploading, USB charging, programmable, it is a great choice, if expensive.

No. 8: FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical Review

Best Choice for Office Workers

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical

This portable elliptical trainer lets you do a low-impact workout while you work on your desk. It’s quiet, easy to transport, and lets you change resistance without having to bend down to reach it.

As an office worker, this FitDesk has an enormous appeal. Having to sit around all day as I type reviews does not do much for my waistline, so the idea of having a little elliptical training equipment I can stick discreetly under the desk is a very appealing one. This also minimizes the necessity of running or using a treadmill.

So, of course, we tested a couple. You will see Our Pick is one similar, but better than this. But this one is still good.

First of all, it is actually portable. I wouldn’t want to carry it around all day but I could get it to and from work pretty easily, I think. The two wheels are ideally placed for pulling it around behind like a suitcase.

Secondly, it is very quiet. Nobody wants to hear the grinding of a flywheel in the office, and this one is undetectable to anybody more than a few feet away. I can get my daily exercise and do my reviewing at the same time. Excellent.

A very neat trick is that you can change the resistance with your feet, without even having to bend down and do it manually. The range of resistance is good, it could put me into a sweat easily, or give me a smooth ride.

Pop the computer meter off and stick it on your desk and have a live feed of your statistics, like speed, distance traveled, calories and more. Even smarter, I think anyway, is that you can secure the wheel of your desk chair into the front of the trainer for super comfortable exercise.

This will fit under just about any desk, it is very small but well balanced. We weren’t so sure about the foot massager, but you can’t win everything. It didn’t seem to do much.

Looking at other people’s reviews on the internet, they’re a mixed bag, some loving it, some hating it. When it works, it works well, but a lot of people have had problems with the construction or squeaks and things in this equipment.


  • Small and convenient
  • Fits under most desks
  • Easily portable
  • Detachable meter for on desk monitoring
  • Quiet
  • Change resistance with feet
  • Mostly well made


  • Some complaints about product failure


A great creation for those of us who work in offices, and while some users have had issues with the construction and reliability, it’s still worth a look. We enjoyed using it a lot.

No. 9: Exerpeutic 1318 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Review

Well-made with Great Features

Exerpeutic 1318 5000 Magnetic Elliptical

This elliptical trainer is a quiet & adjustable machine with 24 resistance levels, a magnetic tension system, with advanced features like a Bluetooth connection & LCD display.

Exerputic can make some really nice equipment when they put their minds to it. We rated this one quite highly. It had a lot of good features and worked very well during our tests.

It isn’t a small machine, but not the largest either. At 18 inches, the stride length is good enough for most uses and gives a natural loping stride, great for long distance low-impact exercise.

Connect via Bluetooth to the trainer to collect your exercise data for analysis anywhere and any time. This is a fantastic feature that lets an athlete really hone his or her exercise regime and get the most out of their experience.

The display wasn’t as large as some similarly priced alternatives, nor was it very clear. We had some issues seeing the statistics displayed, which is a shame because it offers a wide range of statistics for you to see.

The pedals felt grippy and durable and the whole system had a good feel to it, it held its momentum well and had a smooth action without any squeaking or rattling. It was quiet enough we could watch our favorite sitcoms while having a workout.

The manual was good, it was well designed and clear, though some people had issues with it, I don’t know how. This elliptical machine will accommodate users weighing up to 270 pounds.

A magnetic tension resistance system works well, with 24 levels to help you find the right resistance right when you need it. They offered a range from near-impossible to a light stroll in the park.

As ever, we went and read the reviews. Other people rated the equipment fairly highly. Some people said it just fell apart, but they were in a tiny minority. Most people enjoyed the sophisticated settings and smooth action that feature in the Exerpeutic 5000, making it perfect for your home gym.


  • Quiet
  • 24 resistance levels
  • Magnetic tension system
  • Comfy handles and pedals
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Upload statistics and data
  • 18-inch stride length
  • Mostly well rated


  • Small, hard to read LCD screen
  • Some negative reviews


A quiet and adjustable elliptical machine that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or device to upload your data. Unfortunately, the screen was too small for all the functions, we thought.

No. 10: Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer Review

Elliptical Trainer & Exercise Bike

Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer

Affordable machine that works as an elliptical trainer and exercise bike in one, with manual tension setting, small LCD display, and priced affordably.

The only elliptical trainer to make it onto our list with a seat. We weren’t sure whether a seat was a good thing but actually, the ability to take a couple of minutes for a breather meant that we had more motivation for a longer workout. It worked for us, and if you don’t like it, it is fully adjustable and removable.

When you don’t want to use it as an elliptical trainer, it doubles as an exercise bike. A dedicated central handle works well in bike mode, though the whole effect isn’t a great one. This trainer doesn’t do either elliptical training or biking particularly well, but it is OK at both. For the price, we suppose it could be a good choice for those looking for that option.

This Body Rider is in the affordable range of elliptical trainers with handles, and performs well despite its low price, though not amazingly. The console is small and quite hard to see, though it does give the standard range of data like time, distance, speed, and calories burned.

Tension adjusts easily through the turn of a knob, but as a manual tension setting it is limiting as it can be difficult to get back to a setting you previously had.

It has some conveniences, the transport wheels are tiny but work fairly well for putting it into storage or moving around the house.

We went online to read the reviews and were both pleased and worried. One user said that the metal on the handle actually snapped after only 2 months of usage. Others reported that it worked fine with no problems. Reviews were generally mixed, it seems that a lot of people wish it was either an exercise bike or an elliptical trainer, not both.


  • Affordable price
  • Works as both elliptical trainer and exercise bike
  • LCD display


  • Some users have broken theirs very easily
  • Doesn’t do elliptical or bike training very well
  • Manual tension adjustment
  • Rated average


An affordable and simple elliptical machine that some users said broke very easily. This wasn’t what we found but we weren’t surprised. Dual function doesn’t mean the best of both worlds, we wish it had stuck to one or the other.

Care and Maintenance

A can of WD40 is always worth keeping on hand for any squeaks or corrosion that might be building up. A regular squirt should stop problems building up, if combined with a thorough clean.

Clean the trainer of sweat and other nasties every time you use it or it will be pretty disgusting to get back on to, putting your right off your exercise regime.

Don’t use any powerful cleaning chemicals to clean your trainer as you could end up breathing them in during exercise. A solution of lemon juice or bicarbonate of soda will work very well. Don’t spray directly onto the trainer, spray it into your lint-free cloth and wipe down.

Read the manual for proper safety advice and how to use it properly. Ensure the pedals and foot pads are well secure, as are the handles. Have a look for loose screws, they can be shaken loose by the workout so need regular checking.

If you have any issues with the machine, unplug it and leave a note telling any hopeful exerciser that it is out of order.

Every month, be sure to check the power cord and all the fittings. Also, know how to fix problems related to elliptical trainers so that you can avoid losing your bucks for each issue it faces.

Wrapping it up

We hope you’ve found what you need in our elliptical machine reviews. Remember what to look for: comfort, affordability, safety, low-impact and of course an intense workout. Good luck in your search for the right elliptical training machine, you’ll be fit in no time.

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