9 Types of Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Holiday Travel More Pleasant

9 Types of Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Holiday Travel More Pleasant

Today more and more people are traveling not only for business but pleasure, especially around the holidays. It is stressful enough to pack, especially for a family with children, and then have to wait in line at the airport to check in. To help make your holiday travel more pleasant, here are nine types of useful travel accessories to accomplish this feat.

Don’t Make Your Traveling a Nightmare

useful travel accessories: Don't Make Your Traveling a Nightmare
When traveling, whether you are a newbie or professional, you want it to be a pleasant and enjoyable trip, especially if it is a honeymoon or vacation and to a place you may never have a chance of visiting again. This is why it is very important that you make sure that you have all the travel accessories that you need for your particular vacation. For many taking a safari vacation to Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and you are going to want to take a lot of pictures. Can you imagine the horror if you arrive and forgot to pack extra batteries or battery pack for your camera, a travel tripod, or different lenses? Your camera could die right in the middle of photographing an amazing picture of lion cubs playing, or you do not have the right lens for long distant shots.

Not all people travel aboard or fly to destinations in the United States. Those with families or retired couples are setting out on your trip and you decide to drive some at night and you have a flat. It is in the middle of a back road that is pitch dark and no service center around. You find that you have no emergency flares, a flashlight with batteries that don’t work, or lantern. It would be hard to fix that flat if you cannot see what you are doing. For some college students, a backpacking vacation abroad is a way to see the country on a budget. You are part way into your backpacking trip and stray off the path and find yourself lost. When you look you see that you forgot to pack your compass so you will have to figure out how to get back or hope your companion remember to bring a compass.

Don’t make your travels a nightmare. Instead, make sure that you have packed all the essential travel accessories to make your travels memorable. Reading this article carefully will help you make sure you are packing everything that is essential for your trip.

Make a List First

useful travel accessories: Make a List First
Yes, making a list sounds like a no-brainer but there are many people who plan a vacation without thinking about what they should and should not take. You should make sure that when flying you know what the weight limitations are so you don’t overload your luggage and have to pay extra baggage fees. Lay out what you want to take and then separate what you want to take from what is essential for your travels. Make a list of what you want to take and then if you are not sure if it is essential or not you can check the following information to help you make the right choices. Having a list is one sure-fire way to enjoy stress-free travels.

Here are few accessories that can make your traveling mesmerizing like you never felt before.

1. Basic Accessories for Traveling

useful travel accessories: Travel bag (Basic Accessories for Traveling)When traveling, there are always basic accessories that you will need to have, which can include suitcases, duffle bags, briefcase if the travel is for business, and so much more.

• Travel Bag

useful travel accessories: make the best decision as to what you will need for your travels
When looking at travel bags, it runs the gamut from suitcases to toiletry bags and for a person that is new to traveling the list can be daunting. Take the time to look at the different travel bags, what you are packing to take with you and the description of these various bags to help you make the best decision as to what you will need for your travels.

i. Suitcase

useful travel accessories: Suitcase

Regular suitcase comes in a variety of sizes from small cabin suitcases to extra large suitcases and before you decide which to use, you should check with the airline to see what their size regulation is for checked bags. On average most will all one main bag to be checked in up to fifty pounds but not to exceed seventy pounds.

useful travel accessories: Regular suitcase

The rolling suitcase is basically a suitcase on wheels that offer ease, mobility, and convenience for a traveler. It makes getting around in an airport when changing flights a lot faster when time is of the essence. They can range in size from eighteen to thirty-two inches.

useful travel accessories: Rolling suitcase

This type of luxury luggage is when the traveler wants sassy or chic luggage designed by famous designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, or Calvin Klein. This is the type of luggage that will stand out in a crowd.

iii. Duffle bag

useful travel accessories: Duffle bag

The regular duffle bag is a type of bag can be very useful when traveling as they are usually lightweight, easy to access, and hold a lot of stuff. Some you carry while there are others that you can roll. When choosing a duffle bag the most important aspect is to make sure that you get the right size because if it is too large, your stuff will

useful travel accessories: Regular Duffle

The designer duffle bag is a type of duffle bag that generally is not made of the type of material regular duffle bags is which feel rough. These may be made with leather that is soft and plush or smooth suede. They are the more expensive of duffle bags

iv. Backpack

useful travel accessories: Backpack

The regular backpack is used many times travels for essentials instead of using a suitcase because it makes it less of a hassle when you are moving them from one place to the other and they are more convenient. Backpacks are generally carried on the back and can be used for packing a change of clothes, your laptop, shoes,

b) A rolling backpack is basically a backpack that has wheels and allows you to pull it instead of carrying it on your back or shoulders. It is better than a regular backpack because it gives you more luggage space and it can carry a heavier load.

useful travel accessories: Rolling Backpack

This is a narrow-shaped bag that can be used to carry valuables and is a necessity to a person who lives a professional life, such as a businessman or lawyer. They are made of various materials such as leather, hard plastic, and more. Generally a professional stores their papers

useful travel accessories: Briefcase

This is the type of case that you would use to carry your laptop in and feature a carrying strap or handle. Most of these will have compartments in which to store accessories for your laptop such as the recharging cord, mouse, etc. It helps to protect your computer from theft or being

 useful travel accessories: Travel laptop case

This is a bag that is worn across-the-chest with a strong durable strap so the bag will set in the center of your back. Most will have a large front flap closure so you can easily access what is inside. They can be made of fabric, leather, nylon waterproof materials, or suede. Inside there

useful travel accessories: Messenger Bag

This is the type of bag that you would need to organize and transport your essential hygiene items when you travel. To choose the correct size you need to consider how many items you are taking such as your toothbrush, medicines, razor, shampoos, shaving cream, etc. If you have

• Personalized Luggage Tags with Tracking Device

useful travel accessories: Personalized Luggage Tags with Tracking Device
It is a device that will allow you to be connected to your suitcases and valuables so you never have to worry about stolen luggage again. It will give you worldwide location reporting. It goes into the luggage you checked in so you can track it from check-in to baggage claim. When you land at your destination you will receive an email or text message that will let you know that the luggage you checked in arrived with you. All of the tracking information is done using a smartphone app.

• Passport holder

useful travel accessories: Passport holder
These useful travel accessories are what help to protect your passport against one or more hazards, which can include protection from wear and tear, concealing the passport from a thief, and more. There are many different types to choose from to make sure that you are getting the right one to protect your passport because they are designed to survive just being carried around in your wallet. A passport holder can be made of leather, canvas, or nylon. They look like a regular wallet, can fold close, or have a snap or zipper closing. You can purchase some that come with RFID protection technology. It safeguards any personal data that is stored on RFID microchips in your ID card, credit cards, or passport.

useful travel accessories:

This is a good choice when traveling abroad because it keeps your passport from being folded and damaged. They will also help to keep all your important travel documents together so they are organized and safe. Many have multiple slots inside that can hold other cards such as your medical card or driver’s license.

useful travel accessories: Passport wallet

This is the type that will keep your passport and ticket together so if you are boarding an international flight you will have both together to show the airlines or customs. It makes it easier to travel if you have both of them together.

useful travel accessories: Passport and ticket holder

This passport holder looks like a small purse with a long strap that you put over your head so the passport holder can fit under your clothes. Most weigh around three ounces and are less than ten inches tall. Generally, they are made of soft nylon fabric backing so it does not irritate your skin. You can not only store your passport but traveler’s checks, money, and other

useful travel accessories: Neck passport holder

This type of passport holder is ideal for families as it holds all of the passports so there is very little danger of losing a passport if each were in their own passport holder.

useful travel accessories: Multiple passport holder

This travel wallet is closed with a zipper that goes all around the wallet make it more secure and less likely to have any important papers or cards fall out when you take it out. Some even have a wrist strap.

useful travel accessories: Zip travel wallet

These are made of metal but some are covered with fabric. What makes these so popular is that they are water resistant and sturdier than leather or other materials that passport holders are made of.

• Packing organizer

These should be at the top of your list when you are shopping for useful travel accessories. With these organizers they allow you to make the optimum use of the space in your suitcases. They will help to keep everything in place and organized while you are traveling. They will help to make packing, unpacking, and re-packing stress-free and simple. There are many of these that you can choose from.

useful travel accessories: Packing organizer

These will help the traveler organize the content of your luggage. It helps you organize your makeup, clothes, shoes, medicine, etc. It helps you go through your belongings without making a mess or taking too much time. To stand the wear and tear of travel most are made from high-quality water-resistant nylon material and come in sizes from small to large.

useful travel accessories: Packing cubes

These packing containers look like an envelope and are great for keeping your clothes wrinkle-free. They come in small, medium, and large with the larger ones being able to store up to fifteen items or gear that is bulky. They have Compress Wings™ that will help to secure your folded items while being able to maintain the form of the garments. The clothes are able to

useful travel accessories: Packing folders

These resemble a heavy-duty plastic bag. To squeeze the air out of the bags there is a one-way valve. To make loading and unloading easier it comes with a zipper. Most travelers use compression sacks for bulky items like jackets and sweatshirts. Once the bag has been vacuum sealed the traveler has a smaller flatter pack to put in their suitcase. Some are even

useful travel accessories: Compression sacks

These are ideal for storing individual bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, makeup, etc. This way if something should happen to leak it will not get all over your clothes. You can use the smaller Ziploc bags for these items and then put the smaller bags into one larger one so everything is in one place.

useful travel accessories: Ziploc bags

A shoe bag is great to pack each pair of shoes in so they will not get your clothes dirty in the luggage. They come in various sizes so you are sure to find one that fits your shoes. Some are made of cotton material, satin, or nylon and can be closed with a drawstring or zipper.

There are also shoe sleeves, which are like what surgeons put on their shoes when they go into the operating room. They go over your shoes and are disposable. There are also some that are more durable and water resistant. Many times travelers will put these on their shoes so they do not track anything

useful travel accessories: shoe sleeves, packing envelopes, etc.

This handy little organizer will store and protect the small items like flash drives, wires, cords, cables, and hard drives from damage, scratches, dust, and being tangled. It will help to keep from leaving things behind in your hotel room. With this organizer, you will be able to find what you need efficiently and quickly. Some are even large enough that you can

useful travel accessories: Travel cable organizer

Called by either name it is a strap that attaches to the handle of your wheeled luggage easily to allow you secure another bag or other items like a coat to the rolling luggage so these items can move as one. This way you can pull everything with one hand. Most are made of a stretchable nylon and approximately twenty inches long. These useful travel accessories work

The luggage scale will let you weigh your luggage at home so you can prevent additional charges for luggage that is oversized or overweight when you arrive at the airport. It is a digital scale and can weigh up to one hundred pounds in metric and American units. It attaches to your luggage with a strap so you

These come in small, medium, and large and are waterproof. They also float if accidentally dropped in water. They are perfect if you want to keep things dry when engaging in water sports or outdoor activities. They have a unique static seal that will ensure an airtight and watertight seal. It is also a compression

There are many different reasons why you should bring reusable water bottles on your travels. One is that it will save you money because buying bottled water can wreck your travel budget. Refill your water bottle from sinks or public water fountains as long as you know the water is safe to drink. It is also

2. Travel Accessories for Men

useful travel accessories: Travel Accessories for Men
For men, there are too many different travel accessories to list such as a leather money belt, a phone charger for your smartphone, in-flight adaptor for your laptop, and so many more.

useful travel accessories:

This travel accessory is perfect for any man who is always on the go. It is designed to have compartments for all of your travel needs and can have as many as twenty pockets to store your passport, an extra battery for your camera, pens, notebooks, sunglasses, water bottle, smartphone, film for your camera. Most will even have a security zip pocket. The traveler air

useful travel accessories:

When looking for a mobile/portable shaver you should look for those that have a rechargeable battery or use double A battery operation. They offer travelers they offer portability without any hassles. You should also look for a shaver that is lightweight, convenient, and portability. These are cheap so they may not deliver the shaving results that you desire because

useful travel accessories:

What goes in your survival gear pack will depend on the size of the kit. You can use little tins to hold some of your basic survival gear such fire starters, compass, water purification tablets, fishing line, etc You should also make sure that you have a map of the area where you are, knives, multi-tools, some type of equipment that you can use for signaling such as a

useful travel accessories:

If you are a traveler that stays in hostels having a traveling hammock will come in handy if there are no rooms left. If there is nowhere to hang it, you can always use it as a ground cloth to lie on. There are some that even have a rainfly and mosquito net. It is also good for relaxation time and can give you a healthy restful sleep. A traveling hammock can be used

3. Travel Accessories for Women

useful travel accessories: Travel Accessories for Women
As with men, there are many travel accessories for women such as portable hairdryers, phone cases, passport wallets, shoe bags, headphones, sleeping masks, and more. What is considered a necessity will depend on the woman.

useful travel accessories:

Women, more than men, put more of an emphasis on their luggage and love to show off their designer tote bags and luggage. Tote bags are one bag that is designed to hold everything like your camera, cell phone, souvenirs, and more. Most of them are rectangular bags that have wide interior compartments and can have a zippered or open

useful travel accessories:

As it states, it is a bag that holds your makeup items, such as your mascara, moisturizer, compact, lip gloss, and more. Some women choose to carry their own makeup while others use these backs to carry travel size items. They come in a variety of sizes, types of materials, and colors. One might have several pouches on the inside of the top to hold your makeup brushes

useful travel accessories:

If you are a woman who has jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for different outfits then you will need something to keep all your jewelry in so it does not get lost. They come in various sizes and can range from a pouch to a small suitcase that has compartments for each piece of jewelry. With pouches, they are just all put in there together and may be hard

useful travel accessories:

This may sound like an odd item for a woman who needs to make sure that she packs but it can be used if you go into a bathroom that is disgusting, crowded, and dirty, etc and will allow a woman to urinate while they are standing up. It is very hygienic and holds against your body and forms a seat and is made of a flexible material.

4. Travel Accessories for Your Toddlers

useful travel accessories: Travel Accessories for Your Toddlers
Children between the ages of two and three are considered toddlers and it is at that age where they are learning to take turns, have a larger vocabulary, and seem to be continually on the move. Traveling with toddlers can be stressful at times because many times they get tired of having to sit and not move around. One thing that all travelers with toddlers should do is make sure that they have at least one of their favorite toys with them and activities to help distract them during the trip.

useful travel accessories:

This carrier will help protect the stroller when you are traveling and makes it more convenient to transport and provides carrying comfort. It has a dual zippered top and zippered side so it is easy to take the stroller from the bag and then repack it. It has a detachable shoulder strap that is adjustable and a rubber pad to make it more comfortable to carry on your

useful travel accessories:

These types of trays are an organized way to keep your toddler entertained for hours. It keeps drinks, snacks, and toys like small cars, crayons, etc. from being spilled. Most will have a one-inch raised side to keep the things on the tray from falling or rolling off. They are easy to store and very portable so it is not hard to carry with you on your travels. There are many

useful travel accessories:

At this age toddler’s need to be in a car seat and with a traveling toddler car seat you are making sure that your toddler is safe and secure. Even when you fly you will need a car seat because car rental places do not provide them. One of the hardest parts of traveling with toddlers is lugging the car seat through the airport. Yes, you can rent car seats but many times

useful travel accessories:

This is the pillow you need when traveling with toddlers because it prevents forward head movement when they are sleeping or resting. The normal U-shaped pillows do not do this so this is why it is important to get this type of travel pillow. The traveling chin supporting neck pillow has decreased the amount

useful travel accessories:

These look just like a regular pair of headphones but they are designed to keep out the noise and help to protect their hearing. It can also help a baby sleep longer and more sound. They are great to wear during a flight, during a live music event, at a fireworks show, and more. They are lightweight,

useful travel accessories:

Most toddlers love to explore puddles of water and to help prevent them from ruining their regular shoes have them wear water/swim shoes. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and material. They are good for wearing to the beach where you want your little one to play in the water but want to protect their feet from sharp pieces of shells and other harmful

useful travel accessories:

In hotels, the toilet seat is made for adults and it is hard for a toddler to get comfortable on them to use the toilet. Having a potty seat makes them feel more secure and make going easier. Generally, they are made of a hard plastic while some have a soft seat. They can easily be wiped off and disinfected. Some parents put them in an organizer bag and put it in their

5. Must-Have Accessories for Air Traveling

useful travel accessories: Must-Have Accessories for Air Traveling
Everyone that travels by air, especially on long flights, knows that certain useful travel accessories are necessary to make the flight comfortable, that you are rested, not bored, and ready for emergencies. Some of these can include travel blankets, lightweight jacket, antibacterial wipes, extra set of clothes, and more.

useful travel accessories:

In airplanes there is always noise so if you want to block out the noise so you can sleep, rest, or read you should carry a set of earplugs in your purse or carryon. Airline cabins are pressurized to help minimize air-pressure changes but some experience pain in the ears so wearing earplugs that restrict the airflow to your eardrums can help prevent this.

useful travel accessories:

The reason that you may need a portable travel footrest is that your legs do not reach to the floor of the plane so they can rest firmly on the floor. It can be very uncomfortable to having your legs just dangling during the flight. They are not your typical footrest you would find in a home but is more like a hammock for your feet. Most are designed to attach to the base

useful travel accessories:

When you travel coach or economy they seats are not very comfortable for napping or resting so using a neck pillow can make this more comfortable. They wrap around your neck and can also help to prevent headaches, stiff necks, and muscle stiffness. They can have memory foam, microbeads, polyester fiberfill and covered with a soft micro-fleece cover

useful travel accessories:

In some cities here or abroad there are many contaminants in the air due to the increasing rate of pollution such as tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen. When some people are exposed to these contaminates it can cause respiratory diseases or infections and allergies. If you already suffer from these having your own personal air supply and purifier is a

useful travel accessories:

This type of travel accessory will help to protect your wine from breaking and if the bottle is damaged it will absorb any liquid that spills. There are many types of these wine bottle protectors. One type is a re-sealable padded wine bag so you can use them again. Another type looks like a purse and is made of a lightweight quilted nylon that has multiple pockets

useful travel accessories:

This is a type of mask that is made to fit over your eyes to help make falling asleep in bright conditions easier. You can get simple padded panels that you can tie around your head, gel sleep masks and those that have an elastic band that fits around your head. They are padded and soft to wear made of thick material so no light will pass through it.

6. Basic/Useful Accessories for Beach Traveling

useful travel accessories: Basic/Useful Accessories for Beach Traveling
When traveling to the beach there are certain things that are useful such as beach hat, waterproof phone case, sandals or water shoes, beach tote, sunglasses, swimming suit cover-ups, and much more

useful travel accessories:

When on vacation not many people feel comfortable leaving valuables in their room but there are some hotels that do have safes for their guests. If you prefer not use a hotel’s safe or they do not offer them there is the option for a vacation vault. These are good for you to keep your phones, jewelry, camera, keys, money, or anything of value. They are lightweight

useful travel accessories:

These are generally made of wood or cork and have a beach scene on them. They are used to put under drinks. They can be round or square and have beach scenes on them such as a beach table and chair, sandstorm, waves from the ocean, seagulls and more.

useful travel accessories:

When using a panoramic snorkel mask it will give you a 180-degree view of the ocean. This type of mask is much easier for the diver to breathe through their nose or mouth comfortably and with the larger viewing area, you will see more sea creatures and fish. This is the ideal mask for photographers.

useful travel accessories:

The towels dry a person off quickly with great absorbency and strength. They have a plush feel and considered microfiber towels. They are great for beach vacations or for a quick dip in the pool. Most are forty inches by twenty inches or fifty-nine inches by twenty-nine inches. It can absorb water several times its own weight and if you hang it outside for just a

useful travel accessories:

A beach tent can be set up within seconds and will give you the ultimate shade at the beach. If you have children this is good if they want to lie down and take a nap. Many of them are large enough to fit two or three people inside and can weigh as few as six pounds. They are small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage. They are made from polyester fabric that is lightweight

useful travel accessories:

A beach blanket is like a beach towel but larger and is durable, lightweight and compact so you can take it in your carryon luggage. On average the size of these are fifty-four inches by eighty-four inches and come in a variety of colors and designs. They are also water resistant and can double as a covering for a picnic table.

useful travel accessories:

This is a must for any beach vacation. The SPF that you would need would depend on the type of skin you have and how well you burn or tan. There are many manufacturers of sunscreen lotion such as Coppertone®, Banana Boat®, and more. Sunscreen is what helps shield your body from the dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun. One thing to look for

7. Useful Travel Accessories for Photo Lovers

useful travel accessories: Useful Accessories for Photo Lovers
When taking a vacation to a location travelers will generally take a lot of pictures to show family and friends back home and to put in photo albums to remember their trip. Some even take photo vacations such as an African Safari. To make sure that good photos are taken travelers need to have a good camera along with other equipment. They also need something to protect their camera and equipment.

useful travel accessories:

Using a camera backpack it will allow the traveler to carry lots of camera gear comfortably for an extended period of time and it will also protect the camera and gear. It will also give you fast access to whatever you need to take pictures. They are great for the beginner photographer or a professional. Inside the backpack, it can be empty or it can contain dividers that allow

useful travel accessories:

Headlamps give the traveler hands-free light in case you need to light up an area to get a better photo of it during the evening or during the day if it is in an area where sunlight is not prevalent. Flashlights can help you not only find your way in the dark but can also help you find things in your backpack to take night pictures.

useful travel accessories:

These will help you keep your camera safe during your travels. Many of the travel bags are small enough to hold your camera and carry it in your carry-on luggage. If you have a lot of photography equipment you may need a carry case. Look at your camera and equipment and decide what you need to take with you before purchasing some to put your camera

useful travel accessories:

Using a travel tripod will help improve your photography. The tripod will provide the photographer a platform that is stable and hands-free so you can take photos without having to hold your camera in your hand. If you want to take pictures of yourself or with someone using a tripod can make it easier without asking for help from a stranger. It will let you set your

useful travel accessories:

Using camera phone lenses let the traveler take clearer pictures and hone in on the tiny details of what they are photographing. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so when you are buying one, take your phone with you to get the right ones. Some are clip-on lenses or they are magnetic and just attach to your phone. The lenses also give you different types

useful travel accessories:

This fits around your camera so you can get light on everything you are trying to photograph. By using these you get more light without having to use a tripod. It is good for close-up photography. It fits in a circle around your camera lens and has a cable that leads to another section to power the flash. Some of the larger ones have an AC adapter or separate

useful travel accessories:

This is a small aperture that will block most of the rays of light. To find out more about pinhole lens you should talk to someone who works in a camera department.

useful travel accessories:

What cleaning gear you need for your camera and equipment will depend on what you want to clean. Your camera is subjected to dust, rain, mud, sea spray, and other outdoor filth along with the oil from your fingers. If you need to clean your sensor you should use Sensor Swabs. It is best if you purchase a lens cleaning kit as they have everything that you need

useful travel accessories:

This type of bag lets you store all the things you need for your camera but when you need to use your camera you just have to unzip the sides, fold in the bottom panel and you are ready to use your camera. It is collapsible and lightweight so it is easy to carry in your luggage.

useful travel accessories:

This is a coffee mug that looks like a camera lenses with the details like a grip and focus ring. Most have a stainless steel lining so the coffee stays hot and it is easy to clean. It has a screw-top lid to keep your coffee from spilling out.

8. Traveling Accessories for Pet Lovers

useful travel accessories: Traveling Accessories for Pet Lovers
Some travelers love to travel with their pets so it is important that you make sure during the travel that they are kept safe and well taken care of. The traveler must also make sure that they clean up after their pets and that they take a few of their favorite toys.

useful travel accessories:

These are bags that look like a purse or carry-on bag that you can carry your pet in. They come in a variety of sizes and made of different materials. Most have a mesh opening so the pet can see out and also get air. Most have zippers that close the bag so the pet does not get out. Usually, these are used for smaller pets that are not too heavy to carry.

useful travel accessories:

In many areas of travel, it is a legal requirement that you have your pet restrained safely when traveling, including in a car or other vehicle. Using a vehicle harness will keep the bet from falling off the seat, climbing over the seat to climb on the driver, or getting out when the door is open. Some come with a seat belt attachment so you can attach the harness to

useful travel accessories:

Using seat covers helps to protect the upholstery in your car and keep it from being damaged or getting dirty. They are designed to conform to the contours of your car seat so they fit like a glove. They help to also protect the seat if the pet has an accident in the car.

useful travel accessories:

They give your pet a certain amount of freedom without having to worry about them escaping. They can also be used in a car that will keep your pets calm and contained during travel. It keeps them contained in the back seat so there is less distraction to the driver.

useful travel accessories:

When traveling with your pet it helps if you have their favorite pet bowl to feed them out of and to give them water. It helps keep feel more relaxed and less stressed out to have something familiar when in strange surroundings.

useful travel accessories:

If you have an SUV or van that you use for traveling, this attaches to the back end and allows the pet to walk down to the ground instead of jumping out of the vehicle and taking a chance on being hurt. They are durable and lightweight, weighing just under ten pounds but can hold over one hundred fifty pounds. For easy storage and carrying they fold in half

useful travel accessories:

With personalized pet tags they should have the pet’s name along with the owner’s information so if the pet got lost, the person who picked the animal up or the animal shelter can contact the owner to pick up the pet.

9. Useful Travel Accessories for Frequent Travelers

useful travel accessories: Useful Accessories for Frequent Travelers
For travelers that frequently travel whether for business, pleasure, or a combination of both, there are many useful travel accessories that they might have or use. These can include sleep masks, phone charger, travel iron, and more

This handy little device will give you extra peace of mind when you are traveling. It attaches to a window or door and if an intruder tries to enter your hotel room a powerful alarm will sound. They are easy to use and use a button battery. Most are small enough to hold in your hand and are easy to pack in your luggage.

useful travel accessories:

These help to sanitize your toothbrush after using even though you rinse your toothbrush off there are still germs on your toothbrush. It is designed to hold one toothbrush and helps to sterilize them by using a UV light. It kills the bacteria and germs on your toothbrush. They are small enough to put in your luggage without taking up much space.

useful travel accessories:

On long flights, you can change out of your shoes and put these ones to help keep your feet warm. They are also good to wear in the hotel room after a long day of sightseeing or shopping. There are travel slippers for men and women in a variety of styles and materials.

useful travel accessories:

It is a combination of a luggage trolley, suitcase, and kickboard with an adjustable handlebar. It makes getting through airports quicker. Instead of pulling your luggage, you can now ride it to wherever you need to go in the airport. It can easily fold and fit in your standard overhead compartment. It is not motorized and you have to

useful travel accessories:

These are sets of forks, knives, and spoons that you would use outdoors such as a picnic, camping, at the beach, on a hike, etc. They can be made of various materials such as plastic or stainless steel. Most come in a traveling bag that is easy to put in your luggage.

useful travel accessories:

If you are backpacking this is an essential travel accessory as it is what you will use to sleep in if the hostel is full or you are staying in campgrounds. It can also be used as a ground cover. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. What type to purchase depends on what you are going to use it for.

Useful Tips & Warnings

useful travel accessories: Useful Tips & Warnings

Pack Your Valuable Items in Hand Luggage

With all the technology today you would think that an airline would not lose your luggage but it does happen.  This is why it is very important that you pack all your valuable items in your hand or carryon luggage.  This includes your medication, camera and equipment, traveler’s checks, passports and other important documents.  This also includes any expensive jewelry or other expensive items.  You don’t want to spend your vacation filling out reports for lost expensive items or have to replace them if they can be replaced

Categories Your Clothing

Basically, this means that when you pack your carry-on bag, you should make sure that you should have at least one set of clothes included in case your luggage gets lost and arrives after you do or not at all. You should also have at least a light jacket with you.  When packing your suitcases you should not put all of one item in a suitcase if you are taking more than one.  For example, if it is a two-week trip you should have one week of clothes in one suitcase and the other week in the other one.  This way if one suitcase gets lost you still have a week’s worth of clothes.

Avoid On-Board Manicures

Since 911 the airlines have really become strict on what can and cannot be taken aboard an airline, even in your carry-on bag. Anything that looks like or can be used as a weapon is prohibited and you will be asked to get rid of it before you board.  This can include, but not limited to, nail files, any sharp primping tool, scissors, etc.  Depending on the agent TSA scissors that are less than four inches are allowed but in other countries, the rules may not be the same so check before you get to the airline.  Travelers want to look good when traveling but if you want to do a manicure do it before flying.

Don’t Forget Restrictions on Luggage

This is very important because if you go over the limit you will have to pay a baggage fee.  Every airline is different so you should make sure what their restrictions are.  To help save you baggage fees weight your luggage at home using a luggage scale.  You hook the scale to the handle of the bag and lift it, the weight showing on the little dial.  Remember if the airline says fifty pounds that is what they mean and not an ounce over.  You also need to make sure how many bags you are allowed to check because you do not want to get to the airport and find out you have too many bags.

Keep down Your Liquids

If you are planning to pack all of your travel goods in your carry-on bag the TSA states that they must all fit in a clear quart-sized plastic bag with a zip top.  Every bottle in that bag must weigh less than three point four ounces in volume.  If you have liquids that are medically necessary you may be allowed to bring a larger amount.  This can include breast milk, medications, and baby food.  You will have to let them know at the security checkpoint that you have the extra liquids so they can be screened.  Remember that liquids are not just water but also can be soda, creams, gels, etc.  Liquids more than three point four ounces will have to be in a secure bag and packed in your checked baggage.

Make Copies of Your Documents

It is advisable that you make copies of all your documents such as your passport, ID cards, credit and debit cards, birth certificate, shot records, and any other documents you are taking with you.  You should keep a copy at home in your safe if you have one or any secure location and another set should be given to a trusted relative.  This way if anything is lost or stolen you have copies of them, making it easier to replace them or to file a report.

Notify Your Bank and Credit Card Company of Your Travel Plan

This is something not many travelers think about doing but it helps if a purchase, especially if it is a large one, shows up on your credit card or suddenly large withdrawals from your bank the card companies and bank know what is going on.  This can help prevent charges being charged on stolen or lost credit cards.

Enquire about Transportation Fare before Hiring a Cab or Taxi

By doing this it can help you know if it is more cost savings to rent a car than it is to pay for taxi or cab fees.  You should ask at the airport what the charges are for hiring a cab or taxi because if you ask the driver they may inflate the price.  It is important to ask if there are any extra fees such as extra if where you are going is out of the city limits.

Travel First Aid Kit

There are many different types of travel first aid kits so you should have at least one that has the basic items like first aid cream, band-aids, cloth bandages that you can make a sling out of, antibacterial wipes, peroxide, aspirin or Ibuprofen, and more

Wear Sunscreen

You may think you don’t’ need sunscreen because you don’t wear it at home. But when you travel to the tropics, beaches in San Juan, or even too some of the western states here in the US, the sun may be stronger and not something you are used to so you will burn easier. Nothing can ruin a vacation more than a bad case of sunburn.  Depending on your skin you should have the highest SPF possible.

Yes, this is a long list of useful travel accessories and not everyone will need everything on this list. It just gives you an idea of some of the things that are useful when traveling with toddlers, pets, planning a beach vacation, and more. It also helps a beginner photographer know what they should have to protect their camera and get better pictures. Before going out and purchasing items for your travels look at where you are going, what you are going to be doing there, the time you are traveling there, to help you know what you should and should not take. It also gives you some very useful tips on how not to make your traveling experience a pleasant experience and not a nightmare. Make sure that you have read the section on useful tips and warning as there is a lot of important information to help you make your travels better.

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