binocular repair: DIY
Binoculars are basically two telescopes in a single device. But to get a solid, crisp, and full image in a pair of binoculars, it should be properly collimated. Collimation refers to the perfect alignment of the prisms and the lenses. But oftentimes, this alignment gets disintegrated due to rough handling and as a result, your binoculars produce poor quality...
binoculars vs monocular: Know the differences
Although we use both binoculars and monoculars for long-range observation, knowing which one to use in which situation is of utmost importance for whatever purpose you intend to use them. This is the reason we have written this article discussing all you need to know about binoculars vs monocular. What Are Binoculars? Binoculars are so common that everybody must have used...
Different Types of Ice Augers and Ways to Sharpen Them
For the fishermen in the north, punching through the ice is one of the most tiring tasks. In order to dig a meter-deep hole, one needs a great deal of upper body strength. If you’re looking to dig numerous holes, it is always better to have a power drill ice auger beside you that does not consume your physical...
how to clean a deer skull: How To Clean A Deer Skull and Cape It?
My grandpa was a taxidermist who knew a lot about preserving dead animals and hunting. More interestingly, he lived in Wyoming: a place with about 3,500 sq miles of wilderness and great for hunting. I had visited him countless times during my childhood and early adulthoods, and learned a great deal about taxidermy. He taught me every bit about hunting,...
tactical bowie knife: Combat Techniques Using A Tactical Bowie Knife
When we see the “bad boys” in action movies do cool stuff and take down enemy after enemy with their bare hands and/or weapons, we get our adrenaline pumping. But in real life, a dangerous situation is no walk in the park. In fact, taking a life isn’t as easy as movies and video games like to depict either....



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