Deep fried breakfast potatoes:
It might sound unorthodox but breakfast potatoes are a popular breakfast item all around the world. Eating fried food for breakfast is a Transylvanian tradition that has been incorporated into Britain and then America. Fried breakfast potatoes are different from French fries in their nutritional content. If you have a deep fryer in your house, why not use it...
deep fried desserts:
We all know that deep fryer is great for enjoying the premium fried food taste. But do you know that deep fryer can be used for making desserts too? That’s correct. In fact, you can make some of the most delicious dessert items with your deep fryer. You can make the same desserts from your favorite dessert place but...
Air fryer vs deep fryer: Which fryer is the best
Fried food is a guilty pleasure for almost everyone. Whenever in doubt about a food, fry em and it will never disappoint. Frying food is a traditional thing in all cultures and has been used as a popular cooking method for centuries. Out of the different frying methods, deep frying and air frying are the most popular. So, naturally...
how long to deep fry chicken legs:
Who doesn’t like fried chicken? And especially fried chicken drumstick? It’s quite impossible to find a meat lover who hates eating fried chicken. This mouthwatering food is easy to cook and the prep process is less time-consuming. The real challenge comes during frying the chicken to its perfection. How long to deep fry chicken legs? It’s quite common to...
deep fryer cleaning:
You need deep fryers to make some of the tastiest foods possible for the guilty pleasure you long for every now and then. To be able to make fried foods, you’d also have to learn how to clean a deep fryer. Without cleaning the deep fryer, your food will be contaminated. There are always leftover particles and grease on...



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