Best Countertop Dishwashers (Nov. 2022): Top 7 Reviewed

Best Countertop Dishwashers (Nov. 2022): Top 7 Reviewed

More often than not, most of us don’t enjoy washing dishes. Running water isn’t easy to deal with since the temperature oscillates between hot and lukewarm making it possible for bacteria to populate on dishes; so much for the hard work! On top of that, you have to put your time into it at the expense of relaxing after a hearty meal or just doing something else.

A dishwasher can provide you relief if you are a clean freak and want your dishes to get cleaned properly. The only problem that comes with it is the thought of sifting through various brochures and catalogs before arriving at the right kind of dishwasher for you and your family. In comparison to built in dishwashers, countertop dishwashers use less water and convenient to use. They are perfect if you don’t have large enough space for a built in dishwashers. With this best countertop dishwasher review, We’ve made an effort to lighten your burden of choosing the right pick for you by looking at the best in the market while taking price into consideration. But before everything else, let us first explain why should you trust us and what makes us different than the rest of the crowd.

Why Should You Trust Us?

In the last five years, we’ve gained experience by undertaking a systematic product study involving many hours of research. Our goal is to ensure that you choose the right product. Often, product reviewing has been proved to feature shallow analysis. Conversely, there have been incidents of bias towards some companies while testing remains unstandardized. We’ve conducted independent and unbiased reviews by including various people along the way and sampling various brands in the market.

Our approach targets other articles on sites that review the same products, analyzing blogs and independent reviews by users. It extends to the comparison of dishwashers as well as the advantages and features of using each and every one of them. We test dishwashers to give you valid and accurate information that is proven scientifically regarding their performance in relation to design and finally the cost of purchase and maintenance.

We only included the best brand countertop dishwashers in this review after trying and testing over 13 brands and more than 35 products. Out of these, we have shortlisted the best 22 best and chosen the top 07 products based on how well they performed during our testing process. In our best rated countertop dishwashers reviews, we have taken feedback of both home and professional users into account.

Types of Dishwashers: Which One Can Make Your Household Tasks Easier?

Dishwashers have become part and parcel of our modern lifestyle despite being regarded as one of the less significant appliances in the kitchen. Still, they are now part of the normal household utilities that are used on a daily basis.

There are some noteworthy differences between built-in and countertop dishwashers that are determined by the needs and requirements of the users. We all have specific preferences that are usually influenced by the living spaces we occupy.

Countertop Dishwashers:

Countertop Dishwashers provide you the extra comfort and flexibility with your dish washing needs. If your kitchen don’t have the space for a built in dishwasher, which comes in large size usually, countertop dishwasher is the best option for you. Even if your kitchen is spacy, like many consumers, you might prefer the flexibility and features that come with portable countertop dishwashers.

They are easy to transport, portable and of a small size. They are suitable for travelers especially Rv or van dwellers, studio apartments and small houses with limited spaces while allowing for use off the grid by employing solar powered panels.


The name of the countertop dishwasher has been derived from the fact that it is normally placed on a countertop. They can also be placed on a table cart for easy movement. Countertop dishwashers are the most economical in space and use.

Operating a countertop space saving dishwasher is easy and you only need an adapter for faucet attachment. Performance is equally impressive as long as scraps of food are removed from the dishes prior to washing unless your dishwasher will get clogged frequently.

It holds four place settings and you can opt to dry your dishes by hand, heat or air. Current models feature heat drying and improved washing cycles.

What to Look for in a Countertop Dishwasher?

Choosing a countertop dishwasher is no mean task. You need to start with your dishwashing requirements. The countertop dishwasher is suitable for small spaces where energy use and water consumption is at a minimum.

  1. Size plays a significant role in determining the right countertop dishwasher for you. Considering the mobile nature of countertop dishwashers, you will need to take its weight into consideration. It also determines the difficulty level of countertop dishwasher installation wherever it is required to be installed.
  2. Usability is influenced by factors like drain tube and cord length. The shorter, the better. Otherwise, you’d be left scrambling for space to accommodate the two. Conversely, a good length may be necessary, especially in situations where the grey water discharge and power source are distant.
  3. You will need to consider the wash processes and the number of cycles as well as the types of dispenser and detergents to be used.
  4. In terms of quality and after-sales service, it is important to look out for Energy Star ratings that help provide an insight to the dishwasher guarantee.
  5. Compatibility is equally important for the drying system and faucet adapter.
  6. Always choose a product with the highest Warranty. It will save you a lot of trouble when there is a genuine problem with your dishwasher.
  7. The interior design and composition matters because countertop dishwashers built with stainless steel are more durable and longer lasting than those that use plastic materials.
  8. Sound consideration should also be taken into consideration as countertops are not insulated through noise dampening of the surrounding area. You may require a countertop dishwasher with quiet operation or you can make your dishwasher soundproof by insulating it.

The aforementioned points are what I am going to focus on when evaluating the dishwashers featured in this best countertop dishwashers review.

How We Picked and Tested

Here are the techniques we used to define our picks:

We have looked at upwards of 2500 user reviews sampling diverse dishwashers to know the significant features that users needed against what they got. In all, we tested 45 different dishwashers and shortlisted 22 of the best. In doing so, we have done the research, visited their websites, sifted through their descriptions on various store pages while looking at critical end-user reviews to learn the features of each and every one of them.

Also, product research and analysis has been done for more than 13 top dishwashers brands through a direct comparison between them. Several volunteers have provided the necessary feedback on these brands by using them at home as their preferred choice. We have collected research data on the internet and compared it with their final reviews.

We have focused on the recommended work areas of both types of dishwashers by undertaking testing and analysis on various aspects and features concluding that they remain similar and are largely positive in design and execution. We focused on the progressive features and this informed our decisions on the final comparison of both the countertop and built-in dishwashers.

We have mentioned the drying system, water consumption and energy in the review specifically for the countertop dishwashers.

Taking all these factors into account, we were ready to issue our verdict by picking the top 07 products in this best rated small & portable countertop dishwashers review and here they are. We excluded commercial dishwashers and other dishwashers that are not countertop during this process.

Our Top 7 Countertop Dishwasher List

In compiling our top seven countertop dishwasher list (we didn’t review the other types of dishwashers here), we have identified more than 31 positive attributes of dishwashers online. A majority of them were taken from the features list on the specification or manuals sheets. The remaining features have not been listed by the manufacturer but we have included them because of their significance to the user.

Finally, we have taken the price and review frequencies of the products into consideration to find the best value dishwashers to suit your needs.

Top Pick : hOmeLabs Countertop Dishwasher Review

Before I delve into the review of this product, I’ll tell you why we have chosen it as our no. one choice for dishwashers online.

Why is this product our Top Pick?

Best Portable Countertop Dishwasher

hOmeLabs Countertop Dishwasher

This countertop dishwasher from Homelabs is conveniently compact, and will easily fit small kitchen countertop spaces. It has a simple control panel that’s easy to use and operate, a quick connect tap assembly kit, and energy efficient operation.

This portable countertop dishwasher from Homelabs boasts of amazing features such as a delay wash feature, a robust design with stainless steel interiors, efficient energy consumption, an easy to use interface and controls, plus it’s affordably priced at below $300.

  1. We have analyzed over 31 features for each of the products that we have selected. This product contains the highest number of positive features thus making it the best product for the consumers on the list.
  2. The prices of countertop dishwashers range from $230 to $2,899.99. The price of this product is below $300, making it one of the best affordable countertop dishwashers.
  3. It has the highest number of reviews on Amazon with a very good rating of 4.5 out of 5 within our list of countertop dishwashers. Compared to the other products on our list, this dishwasher has attained a good review frequency. It is a clear demonstration of how popular this product is and how well it is selling on the market.
  4. This product’s weight is 44 lbs., making it the perfect dishwasher for a small kitchen counter. Its compact size makes it convenient for the smallest spaces a countertop dishwasher will fit as most tiny kitchen spaces do accommodate even larger ones.

hOmeLabs Countertop Dishwashers Review

best countertop dishwasher

Design and Layout:

If you’re a first-time user with a pile of dishes, there’s no need to worry. There is a rapidly connect facility that features inlet, drain pipe and faucet adapter as well as water pipes that make for a fast and efficient installation any time.

The product has been ranked top in our best tabletop dishwashers list because of the inlet and discharge pipe including a faucet connector for pipes attuned with circular outlets having removable aerators. It comes with 55/64″-27 male or 15/16″-27 female threads.

We found the product dimensions to be suitable for limited spaces, apartments and small households.

Process and Elements:

Using the product is a breeze. The light display and control console are easy to operate with minimal instructions required to get up and running. The dishes were thoroughly washed and rinsed thanks to the 6 wash settings and the ability to delay the wash cycle was great by using the Deferral button display.

Kitchen Aesthetics:

I like the convenience of a compact dishwasher and this product does not fail to impress. The product is easy to load and requires minimal space on the countertop.

Advanced Features:

You will get smudge-free dishes with this product because of the pre-installed rinse dispenser. But, use rinse detergents that are produced for a programmed dishwasher. Otherwise, your dishwasher could get damaged. I found the indicator light particularly useful when a dispenser refill was due.


  • Rapid connect assembly
  • Rinse aid dispenser
  • 120 Degree F hot water connection
  • Compact
  • Energy Star rating


  • Single color (White)
  • Weight is relatively heavy and difficult to carry
  • Relatively higher price than competitors


I like the compactness of the product that enables you to utilize small spaces. It does a thorough job with high levels of efficiency. It offers the best price for a quality countertop dishwasher

Eco-Friendly Pick: EdgeStar DWP62WH 6 Place Setting Countertop Dishwasher Review


EdgeStar DWP62WH Countertop Dishwasher

This countertop dishwasher from EdgeStar boasts of an Energy Star rating. It is compact and easy to use, comes in three colors, and very economical as it uses up 61% less energy than most dishwashers.

Why is this product our Eco-Friendly Pick?

This product has been placed in the advanced category of countertop dishwashers because of its unique features like 7 wash cycles and lower water consumption. Apart from benefiting from a lower monthly water bill, this is the most eco-friendly product on the list of countertop dishwashers online. The 7 wash cycle option ensures that the dishes are cleaner resulting in greater satisfaction for the consumer.

This product had a good average rating (4.4) among all our shortlisted products. Although this is not the highest rating among all the countertop dishwashers, this product has many quality features you would like to have in your dishwasher.

EdgeStar DWP62WH 6 Place Setting Countertop Dishwashers Review

Best Energy Saving Dishwasher

Design and Layout:

We were impressed with the ability of the product to feature six standard place settings making for a better all-around experience. I found that the 17-inch height of the dishwasher gave it a convenient low profile on the countertop, freeing the much-needed space. The product left a rare aesthetic appeal on us with a stainless steel interior. You can connect the dishwasher very easily with a five foot hose and faucet adapter and start washing dishes at short notice. Other plus points are for the cup shelf and cutlery basket for the perfect arrangement of your dishes.

Process and Elements:

Another plus point with this eco friendly product is its energy consumption, only 200-kilowatt hours/year. An impressive feat considering that dishwashers in the same category used as much as 61% more electricity. This model is the best energy efficient countertop dishwasher with efficient water usage, saving you a hefty water bill on a monthly basis.

We really liked the new 7 wash cycle mechanism. I noted the strong effect of the potent spray arm in the dishwashing process along with the built-in rinse dispenser, leaving the plates spotlessly clean. The elimination of germs and bacteria through the heavy water cycle and internal heater that can raise the water temperature to as high as 149 Degrees F is thorough.

Advanced Features:

What’s more, the operation is simple and straightforward with a striking digital display and user-friendly electronic controls.


The dishwasher is Energy Star rated, allowing the consumer to buy a product that has been tried and tested with the appropriate approval vis-à-vis energy consumption.


In terms of price, the dishwasher is versatile and to some extent robust. It’s worth every dollar at $260.


  • Reasonable price
  • Compact
  • Economical
  • Three color options


  • Heavy
  • Delicate plastic installation screws
  • Fragile cutlery basket

For the $260 price tag, you get a lot of extras and I would pick this if it fell within my budget. It is one of the best countertop dishwashers on the market and certainly deserves the second position in our ranking.

A list of other countertop dishwashers we reviewed

No. 3: DELLA Portable Compact Countertop Dishwasher Review

Best Heavy Duty Dishwasher

DELLA Portable Compact Countertop Dishwasher

This countertop dishwasher from Della is efficient & economical. It is very easy to install and use. Its compact design and stainless steel layout make it one of the heavy duty countertop dishwashers available on the market.

Design and Layout:

This product is made of stainless steel and its interior design is well thought of. With a dimension of 19 inch * 21.5 inch * 17 inch, it can be placed on any standard kitchen cabinets. It has a simple control panel with some indicator lights without making its operation less complicated.

Another notable feature of this della countertop dishwasher is its quietness. While running it make maximum 55 dba noise, which is quieter than a modern air conditioner.

Kitchen Aesthetics:

The product comes in both white and black. We variety because so that the consumer could match its color with the room color them. However, white and black does contrast well with other colors.

Advanced Features:

I found the delay start option and LED display useful during different wash cycles as the consumer was able to adjust settings from an informed position.


This product costs only $270, which is a good deal in comparison to other products available on the market. Within this price, you can get almost every feature of a standard dishwasher.


  • Easy to operate
  • Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Light
  • Delay Start Option


  • The rapid connection mode is only works for temporary connections

At $270 this is a good deal for a countertop dishwasher. It has all the necessary features you would like to have in your dishwasher. Moreover, it is good looking and quiet too. All of these makes this product one of the best smart countertop dishwashers for families.

No. 4: Danby DDW621WDB Countertop Dishwasher, White Review

Best Countertop Dishwasher For The Money

DDW621WDB Danby 6 Place Setting Countertop Dishwasher

This base model from Danby is efficient & economical, a water saver & affordable, too. It boasts of an electronic LED display console that’s easy to use and operate, making it one of the best basic dishwashers in the market.

This product has attained the fourth position in our top 07 rankings because of the economical water consumption and the special feature it has, an electronic LED display.

This product also comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor making it stand out from the rest of the competition that offers only parts or limited labor on warranty in a year.

Design and Layout:

I found the product to be a conveniently compact dishwasher for small spaces and apartments with a few individuals. An impressive feature is the rapid connect that gets the dishwasher up and running quickly.

We found the silver basket convenient for placing dishes in an organized manner prior to engaging the wash cycle. An impressive durable interior and exterior steel casing ensure that the product remains intact even after years of use and proved easy to clean. The six-place setting capacity is also up to standard and comparable to the best in the market.

Process and Elements:

I compared the water consumption to its rivals and found that at 3.1 gallons of water per wash, the product was one of the most economical in the market. It makes for significantly lower monthly water bills for the consumer. I also confirmed that energy consumption was similar to other products in our top seven list of dishwashers.

Kitchen Aesthetics:

The product comes in only one color – white. We variety because so that the consumer could match its color with the room color them. However, white does contrast well with other colors.

Advanced Features:

I found the LED display useful during the wash cycle as the consumer was able to adjust settings from an informed position.


We found that the product has no Energy Star certification, therefore, the consumer has to make inquiries on if it meets the required standards in terms of energy rating.


We were impressed by the price. It is certainly one of the top rated affordable dishwashers under 300 dollars, sharing this position with two others on our top seven list.


  • Compact and narrow dishwasher
  • Easy to operate
  • Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Light


  • Limited features
  • No energy certification
  • Single color (White)

We ranked it 4 in our top countertop dishwashers list because of its versatility and efficiency despite being a base model. It’s worth every dollar spent.

No. 5: SPT SD-2224DS Countertop Dishwasher with Delay Start & LED, Silver

Ideal for Office Kitchens & Apartments

SPT SD-2224DS Countertop Dishwasher

This sunpentown countertop dishwasher is lightweight & easily portable at only 43 pounds. Additional features include a water supply & rinse aid warning indicators, and low electricity consumption at only 203 Kilowatt hours annually.

With a total of 15 outstanding features, reasonable price and a rating of 4.0 on our list, this countertop dishwasher come with some additional and exclusive features that are user-friendly for our targeted consumers. The product carries the lowest weight at 43 pounds with water pressure ranging between 0.04 and 1.0Mpa. It also offers the option of Residual Heat drying similar to our top pick. The product comes with a one year warranty. However, the absence of product certification creates some negative perception of the product.

Design and Layout:

We found the universal faucet adapter and rapid connect very convenient for the consumer. It was easy to connect to most kitchen faucets.

With a weight of 43 pounds, we found the product easy to move around especially since the product dimensions were versatile at 21.6 x 19.7 x 17.2 inches.

The stand-alone countertop impressed me even though it only comes in the white color. However, you get a 1-year warranty on purchasing it.

Process and Elements:

The product is impressive in electricity consumption at 203 Kilowatt hours per year making it an eco-friendly dishwasher. Conversely, during the normal water cycle, it only consumes 2.85 gallons indicative of a highly efficient dishwashing mechanism.

The unique residual drying system further enhances the elimination of germs and bacteria immediately.

As much as it’s not as quiet as other dishwashers, the noise level is fairly reasonable and with an input 120V, it is not left behind by the competition.

Another selling point is the 6 wash phase that we found to be sufficient featuring a water pressure of 0.04 – 1.0MPa.

Advanced Features:

Among the advanced features, we found useful were rinse aid warning indicator as well as a water supply warning indicator. The product also proved easy to operate by the use of simple controls with indicator lights.


At just under $230, the product seemed slightly pricey when we compared it to other products in our list that had more advanced features.


  • Light and maneuverable
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Low electricity consumption


  • Affordability
  • No certification
  • Single color (White)

We ranked this product fifth because of the price and limited special features. However, it is a good workhorse.

No. 6: Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher – White Review

Best Bang for your Buck Dishwasher

Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher

The Danby countertop dishwasher boasts of an easy to operate user interface and LED display, plus a quick-connect kitchen tap feature. You will easily save money on water and energy consumption on top of the cheap price of this unit.

Design and Layout:

At 19.69 inches, the product has an impressive depth allowing for a larger load during dishwashing cycles. The durable stainless steel tub made it easier for us to manage the cleaning process and maintain the product easily.

We were impressed by the rapid connection line that can be fitted to all kitchen spout and the economical water usage at 3.17 gallons per normal wash cycle means low water bills in comparison to other countertop dishwashers on the list.

Process and Elements:

I was happy to use the programmed detergent and wash agent distributor because of its convenience. You do not have to adjust any settings during the wash process.

We also found the fully integrated dishwasher control easy to use and operate. It simplifies the dishwashing process significantly by increasing efficiency in operation.

Kitchen Aesthetics:

I found the dishwasher to be very versatile. It can fit beneath a majority of kitchen breakfronts with six site setting capability and the depth of the tub makes it more convenient to use in tiny spaces.

Advanced Features:

I’ve ranked this product sixth in the rankings because of an exclusive feature. The Delay WashStainless Steel TubEnergy Star Compliant function enables the dishwasher to conserve power significantly.

The product delivers relatively economical water usage making it eco-friendly and ensuring that monthly water and energy bills are minimal.


The $225 price tag makes the Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher the most affordable in the market at the moment giving it one of the highest ratings on our list.


  • Most affordable
  • Economical and efficient
  • Convenient operation
  • Rapid connection


  • Availability
  • Single color
  • Relatively high noise level

If you’re looking for a bargain, $225 is a snatch. Its unique special feature and economical water and energy consumption are simply outstanding.

No. 7: BLACK+DECKER BCD6W 6 Place Settings Compact Countertop Dishwasher, White

Aesthetic Choice

BLACK+DECKER BCD6W Compact Countertop Dishwasher

This Black & Decker Countertop Dishwasher is a premium choice tool that uses very little water, cleans efficiently & eliminates germs. It offers 7 different wash programs with child lock many useful features.

With some outstanding special features, we placed this Black & Decker countertop dishwasher in our top list because of its led electronic touch control panel, 7 different wash settings and many other premium features.

Design and Layout:

This is one of the cool countertop dishwashers that we had to add in our top seven best countertop compact dishwasher list. The only reason that this product ranked seven is its price. However, according to our many volunteers and the existing customers of this product said that this product is worth every penny!

It has an aesthetic design that many would love to have in their kitchen. With its 6 place settings and 7 different wash mode, you can clean your dishes effortlessly. I really liked the overall design. Its compact design makes it manageable enough to place in your kitchen in any convenient spot without compromising the interior space for placing dishes.

Process and Elements:

I like the convenience of the six standard place settings on the product making it convenient for the consumer to handle. You can place up to ten dinner plates at one go. The sliding utensil basket makes it very easy and comforting to load and unload dishes.

The dishwasher gave us a good experience in testing with the six wash cycles making the dishes extremely clean. We found that the product uses an efficient spray arm that added to the final gleam on the dishes; something the consumer would be very happy with. What’s more, the rinse agent dispenser enables the consumer to eliminate water spotting give us an overall good impression of the product.

Advanced Features:

This product is equipped with quick wash and dry cycle. Its 7 different wash modes are normal, glass, eco, intensive, 90 minutes, rapid and soak. You can do everything with this product that you can expect of a dishwasher.


At $300, this product is slightly overpriced in comparison to our other countertop dishwashers in this list. But, considering the premium features and aesthetic design of this product, I would say this black and decker product worth every penny if you have similar aesthetic taste.


  • Compact design to be fit in any kitchen cabinet
  • Child Lock Feature
  • 7 wash modes
  • Highly Efficient


  • Pricey in comparison to other products on the market.
  • Do not have rinse mode

I found the seventh ranking position on our list to be justified even though the product is by far the most expensive in the list.


Energy Star: It is a symbol, sanction by the government denoting accurate data that is easily understood regarding energy efficiency. This helps both businesses and consumers to make informed and reliable decisions.

Detergent and Dispenser: The liquid detergent dispenser keeps liquid in the detergent box until the detergent is needed inside the tub through the wash cycle.

Wash Cycles: There is a minimum of three wash cycles in a standard dishwasher. Generally, they are referred to as light, normal and heavy. Every cycle varies in terms of speed, temperature and water pressure as well as the frequency of washes and rinses.

Wash Arms: There are two types, namely upper and lower. The upper dishwasher arm circulates water to the upper rack while the lower dishwasher arm does the same to the lower rack.

Product Brands: Product brands have their own name and are manufactured by a specific company.

Best Countertop Dishwashers Review: Some Additional Information

There are a number of factors to consider when buying a countertop dishwasher. Consider the living space you occupy. This will give you a precise idea about the dimensions. Further, determine what type of space you are in because it could be a houseboat, yacht that runs off the grid on solar panels for electricity, RV or tiny apartment. That way, you will know what works best and where.

There is always the cost consideration. Different brands have varied prices. It all depends on the features that the countertop dishwasher has. However, it needs to be within your budget.

Prepare the location where you intend to put the dishwasher and make sure the flooring is flat to prevent water spills during wash cycles. It should also be an area that is close to a faucet and discharge point for convenience purposes.

Care and Maintenance

Once you’ve made the decision to buy a dishwasher, it’s time to start thinking about its maintenance as well. You’ll get the best out of it this way and it will last a long time. Come to think of it, all that washing on a daily basis is bound to result in some wear and tear over time, like the wash arms or grease in the interior regions.

Every time you use your dishwasher, it’s bound to accumulate some residual dirt or grime. In order to keep your product in the best possible condition, it has to be thoroughly cleaned prior to a new wash cycle occasionally. Otherwise, you may not get the desired results after a certain period.

True, cleaning is an integral part of dishwasher maintenance but you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to do so. Remember, there may be a variance depending on the brand. You can use vinegar to descale the interior so as to remove the gunk that has accumulated over time. Clean the spray arms hoes with a wire. Warm water works better when cleaning. Consequently, you need to run your tap for a few seconds before connecting it to your dishwasher during the cleaning process. You can apply more detergent on your dishes prior to placing them in the dishwasher so that there is less dirt to handle during the wash cycle. It makes for reduced gunk in the dishwasher.

Use the aforementioned tips to clean and maintain your dishwasher and it will serve you for a long time before you think of getting a replacement.

Wrapping It Up

Buying the right dishwasher can be a daunting task whether you’re a first time buyer or not. Here at Stuffoholics, we’ve learned that with the features found in a dishwasher, they are not a luxury but a necessary convenience and important kitchen utility. Our top 07 list of countertop dishwashers is exhaustive and avails you the opportunity to pick the best and most practical products in the market. It is governed by the needs of all categories of income earners that are looking for a convenient way of managing their dishes due to the urgency to attend to other chores in a busy home environment or the need to relax. Conversely, an individual suffering from a disruptive health condition does require the need of a dishwasher as an aid to keeping the home and dishes in order. Making use of the right features in a dishwasher allows you to organize yourself within your living space.

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