Top 10 Best Belt Sanders (Nov. 2022): Reviews & Buyers Guide

Top 10 Best Belt Sanders (Nov. 2022): Reviews & Buyers Guide
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Belt sanders are electrical machines that specifically smooth wood and metal surfaces using a powerful motor. The design is made to suit shaping wooden and metallic surfaces. They are quite large but sometimes mini machines can also be used in homes. With the right kind of belt sander, you can sand your woodwork both aggressively and gently. But with the numerous options available on the market, it is easy for you to get overwhelmed no matter if you are an expert carpenter or DIY hobbyist or enthusiast who is exploring the world of sanding.Here are our best-rated belt sanders reviews along with a detailed buying guide for you to make your belt sander research work easy. We have incorporated all the popular and best-performing belt sanders to provide you the best belt sanders regardless of your budget.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Here at Stuffoholics, we have researched and reviewed belt sanders for the last 4 years. Over 80 belt sanders have been tested by us, which gave us lots of variety as the sander could be small/mini, wood, or electric. We came up with the 10 top-rated belt sanders based on our community usage and our personal research. Our aim of maintaining protocol includes not focusing on a particular brand, rather directing our eyes to the quality and price. Our fact-full list actually focuses on helping you out rather than promoting any brand.

How We Picked and Tested

The process of selection for us included many factors such as testing from us and data from many helpful volunteers. A lot of belt sander experts’ personal opinions also contributed to the decision of the top 10 belt sanders list. Among the top ten, we also included a few best combination belt disc sander reviews. We have thoroughly examined around 80 respected belt sanders that come in all different types such as metal, wood, electric, mini, large and we have personally tested about 62 of them. The process of selection led us to the top 10 list, but it is needless to say that none of the products were absolutely perfect, however, they are the best you can get.

The points of focus for all of the products on the list and the other 70 products were motor specification, design of the machine, the material of the machine, the speed of the belt, specification of the belt, the tension release lever, tilt of the belt, adjustable belt, dust collectors, base pavement, lock-in safety, table size, collection bag, wear-resistant V-belt, certification, variable speed dial, warranty, removable belt platen and etcetera.

Our Top 10 Belt Sanders List

After careful analysis of the 46 most influential and important features of a belt sander and each of the belt sanders on our top 10 list, we created a research report which compares all the important features of the top 10 belt sanders. Please follow any of our social media pages to view that report.

Best belt Sander Overall: WEN 6502 4 x 36 Inch Belt and 6 Inch Disc Sander

Why is this product our Pick?

Best for large loads

WEN 6502 Belt and Disc Sander

With an awesome motor that is really powerful, this sander does a good job for large loads. Featuring a unique design, as well as a tonne of features, this is our top pick!

  1. When checking this Wen belt sander, we considered each of the 46 features we believe are important for any belt sander. This one had the most number of positive features (also the most significant ones). Some of its features include its astonishing power (a 4.3 amp 0.5 HP motor), the ability to perform under a large load vigorously, the spacious inch belt of 4/36 inch, an easy and simple process of Changing stuff such as sandpaper and quickly replacing grits and so on. The tilt of the belt goes up to 90 degrees which allows users to accommodate a certain piece of work. The base is also made up of heavy cast iron which allows the workpiece to be still and not vibrating. The durable design and heavy metal base of this product has made it one of the best benchtop belt sanders.
  2. When we checked its rating frequency on Amazon, we found it received its first 10 ratings in 5 days, the second 10 ratings in 7 days and the last 10 ratings in 12 days. This belt sander has around 918 customer reviews and an average rating of 4 out of 5. This gives some idea about its popularity.
  3. This product has plenty of special features with the 2 most notable ones being the extended blade guard and the adjustable belt.

Wen 6502 Belt Sander Key features

Best belt sander: WEN 6502 4 x 36 Inch Belt and 6 Inch Disc Sander


The design of this Wen Sander was bright and vibrant that made it stand out from any other metal belt sander machines. The machine is a brown/red color and it contrasts well with the black as well as the yellow on the design as well.


The roller is very innovative and unlike any other product on our top 10 list and hardly any of the other 70 products we analyzed. The roller enables you to control the rolling of some of the tightest corners and edges simplistically and easily.


The most control is possible with the changeable handle which can be switched into 3 different positions, which made it both comfortable and easy to use for us. It allowed our volunteers to have optimum control over what they were doing and it didn’t cause them to overthink what they were doing.

Dust collection:

In addition to collecting dust nicely, its dust collector will help you to have maximum visibility of the wood or metal lines that you are going to cut. It also includes a dust bag as well which helps to collect the dust easily.


Our top pick also comes with a warranty of two years which shows how confident WEN is with this specific model of belt sander.

For the price of around 130 dollars, this product is certainly one of the best belt sanders for the money. The features on this belt sander are astonishing and innovative which makes the price very much worth it.


  • Design
  • Powerful motor
  • Belt tilt
  • Roller


  • Price could be unsuitable for some

The Best Budget Belt Sander: Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7 Amp 3-Inch by 21-Inch Belt Sander

Why we consider this sander to be our budget choice?

Best Value Belt Sander

Black and Decker Belt Sander DS321 Dragster

This sander is amazing value! It has loads of great features, is made by a really trusted brand, and yet it comes in at an astonishingly low price, brilliant!

Although this product is not the cheapest belt sanders for sale in our top 10 best belt sanders review list, it has the most positive and influential features compared to the cheapest options here. A great example would be the 6 amp motor, or its lightweight materials and even its 3-position handle aimed for improving your control. This cheap option even includes a dust collector. All of these features come full with the product within the price range of 60 dollars.

best budget belt sander: Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7 Amp 3-Inch by 21-Inch Belt Sander

Other key features of Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7 Amp Belt Sander

This product has a fantastic vibrant design with colors of red and black that perfectly contrast each other. We also loved its three positioning handle which allowed us to have complete control over what we were doing. On top of this, it allowed us to have a sense of ownership over our belt sander as it was small but somewhat customizable. The different handle positions also made this product become as comfortable as we liked. Its front roller was amazing and so versatile that is allowed us to reach some of the tightest corners with ease.

We also enjoyed the dust collector which made sure we could see our working space clearly. The dust collector collected pretty much every spec of dirt without fail every time. We found the weight of this belt sander very light and it made the product portable as well as easy to maneuver. The weight of 8 and 15 pounds was easy to move for all of our volunteers. Also, it’s perfect size made it very simple to store as it wasn’t too large. Although our best budget belt sander is quite small compared to most other products on this list, it is of medium power which made it perfect for our volunteers’ homes.

Finally, When looking for a belt sander, it is hard to deny that this sander is one of the best belt sanders under $100 dollars. It will help you save some money and its overall performance won’t disappoint you at all.


  • Size
  • Weight
  • Price


  • Few special features

Best for Professionals: Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander 9.0 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable Speed

Why professionals love this?

Best for experts

Hitachi SB8V2 9.0

This sander has so many features you won’t know where to start! It is super durable, has a really sleek design and has some unique features for those of you who are looking for the most advanced model on the market.

This belt sander, in particular, is one of the most advanced sanders on the market. It includes a variable speed belt and a 9.0 amp motor which can mow through the hardest applications and the speed of the no-load can reach an astounding 1475 fpm. It also offers a high level of durability. The ergonomic design of this product makes it one of the best handheld belt sanders available on the market. This model is grey which some of our volunteers thought was a bit boring but also agreed that it gives it a clean look. The variable speed can be changed anywhere from 820 ft/min to just under 1500 ft/min which gave all of our testers the maximum comfortability. This is so useful that you can even try making a knife with this belt sander.

Best for Professionals: Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander 9.0 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable Speed

Some other features of Hitachi SB8V2 9.0 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Belt Sander

The dust collecting bag was probably the most innovative part of the whole Hitachi belt sander as it made the whole experience clean. The handles were specially made to support our hands with comfort so we could work on the materials with the utmost ease. They were made of a soft material known as the elastomer. These handles made sure that it did not slip and it did not hurt like some metallic handles. The V-belt made the product very durable and allegedly it makes the belt sander last double its normal life.

Finally, this sander may cost a little over some people’s budget at just under a 185 dollar price. However, I would argue that the extensive features are worth it to buy with the amount of money.


  • Durable,
  • Clean design,
  • Bag on the end


  • Price
  • Bland color scheme

Best for Heavy-Duty Use: Makita 9403 4″ x 24″ Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag

Why is it best for heavy duty use?

The skilled sander’s pick

Makita 9403 Belt Sander

This is the sander for the professionals. It is durable, has a great fit/min rate and is perfect for companies who will get a lot of wear out of this machine.

The reasons for it being the best for heavy-duty use include its capabilities to work on the heaviest loads which are great for manufacturers. The wide extended base on the belt sander is used for flush seeding. The speed is 1640 ft/min, which is higher than what Hitachi SB8V2 can offer. The removal of the stock is fast with this sander yet it is very quiet (only 84 decibels). The grip at the front of it makes for a comfortable bit of labor for the user and the comfortability is also improved with the lever control, which creates a snap during a belt change. The ceramic wear plate is replaceable which leaves repairing times and downtime for companies very low.

Best for Heavy-Duty Use: Makita 9403 4″ x 24″ Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag

Makita 9403 4″ x 24″ Belt Sander review

According to its manufacturer, its the quietness belt sander in its class: only 84 decibals. This phenomenal amount of decibels makes the operation practically silent. The speed of the belt is also the fastest on our list. The highest rate of 1640 ft/min was absolutely amazing. Although, some of our less skilled and less professional volunteers couldn’t use at such a high speed of feet per minute. But this wasn’t a problem as the speed could go as low as 850 ft/minute. The comfortable front grip is very large to give accessibility and to ensure the product will not slip out of your hand. Also, it is positioned in the correct place for the most possible comfort.

The weight of this product is quite a lot, however, this high weight allows the belt sander to be very stable and it never fell throughout the whole testing session. The warranty of 1 year shows the manufacturer’s confident on this sander. Although this product comes in an expensive price range of just under 250 dollars, this is quite a good budget sander for a professional sander and for large companies. The features included in this package are astonishing and this is why the belt sander is so high priced and designated Craftsman Belt Sander.


  • Warranty,
  • Durable,
  • Fantastic ft/min rate


  • Price
  • Quite heavy

A List of 6 Other Belt Sanders We Tested

No 5: Makita 9903 Review – 8.8 Amp 3×21 Belt Sander

Worth the price tag

Makita 9903 8.8 Amp Belt Sander

This is the real heavy duty choice for people who need a machine that can handle heavy loads. It is stable and is well-priced for what it does. Don’t choose this one unless you want a big belt sander!

To start off, this sander has an 8.8 amp motor which is very good. The speed can also be controlled electronically which is useful for a constant speed when under pressure. There is also a variable speed control which can let the user change the speed in between the large range 690 and 1440 ft/min. There is also a bit unusual feature which is the auto-tracking belt which, without adjustment, tracks the belt automatically. This sander machine has a dull, low profile design which creates a firm balance, a reliable front grip, and an extended base.

Makita 9903 Review - 8.8 Amp 3x21 Belt Sander

The built-in dust collection bag was fantastic for removing every single bit of wood and every dirt particle that may arise during the use of a belt sander. The durability aspect of this heavy-duty product is excellent. If you’ve never tried a belt sander because you think they are not durable and been preferring other sanding alternatives all these years, it’s time to think again. The aluminum cast iron table is very durable and can sustain practically every heavy load product and handle it very well. The width and height make this product is higher side so that it can hold heavy loads.

The belt sander can also be used as a disc sander which our testers believed was amazing because it integrated two of the most important machines for sanders. Although the belt sander was the main thing we were looking at, we also took a look at the large disc sander which also worked to the standard we expect for every belt sander product we tested on the list. In essence, this belt sander which can handle the heaviest loads on the list is a two in one sander. However, this sander is not appropriate for home use due to its size.


  • Can handle heavy loads
  • 2 in one
  • Stable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Unsuitable for most houses and rooms

No. 6: WEN 6500 4 x 36-Inch Belt and 6-Inch Disc Sander Review

Can do everything

WEN 6500 4 x 36-Inch Belt and 6-Inch Disc Sander

This is another classic tabletop belt and disc sander with tool free belt changing features. With its user-friendly and durable design it can be a smart addition to your workstation.

The lightweight steel frame was amazing for our volunteers as it made this WEN product much more portable. We loved the rubber wheel feature which made the belt sander seemingly stick to all materials that are used for flooring, especially carpet. These rubbery feet also made the WEN 6500 belt sander not wobble one bit and the slightest bit of movement during sanding – something you often have to face when using a random orbital sander. The unique feature that stood out to us was the flexible and adjustable belt which helps this sander to be operated as both horizontal and vertical belt sander according to your needs. The 4-inch by 36-inch belt can be maneuvered anywhere from vertical and horizontal.

We absolutely adored the fact this belt sander comes accompanied with a disc sander as well, making it a two in one product. The disc can be used so simplistically and it works so well on the corners of materials, especially wood. The disc is also a decent size of 6 inches and we even used the 80-grit sanding disc that they gave us which was the same size but included a whole lot more grit. This grit allowed us to sand quicker, but in no way shape or form did it make it more random. Its simple tension adjusting feature is also great.


  • Two in one disc sander
  • Adjustable belt
  • Lightweight steel frame


  • Quite heavy
  • Not the best design

No. 7: WEN 6318 6 Amp Heavy Duty Belt Sander with Dust Bag Power Sander Reviews

Best Cheap Belt Sander

WEN 6318 Heavy Duty Belt Sander

This belt sander is super powerful and lightweight, which is often hard to find. It's another Wen, so is a sander with a good reputation that won’t disappoint you.

Another WEN product enters the list, asserting their relative dominance on the belt sander market, which is rather large but random. The power of this machine is almost double the power of the previous WEN belt sander. To be specific this electric sander which can be held with the palm of your hand has the power to turn the belt at 13 feet every second.

The weight of the WEN machine is not high at all despite the power of the electric and orbital motor. Although the product didn’t come as one of our best picks it did fit in the palm of our hands and it could be picked up using the palms as well. The product isn’t actually very mini or small though, but it does weigh less. Additionally, a built-in dust bag comes with this sander. However, the noise of this machine sounds more like a drum than their previously mentioned model, in the pick before.


  • Renown Brand
  • High power of the electric machine
  • Light


  • Sound

No. 8: POWERTEC BD4800 Woodworking Disc Belt Sander Reviews

100% worth the money

OWERTEC BD4800 Belt Disc Sander

This is another two in one timesaver belt sander, so you get twice the product for a low price! It's a stable sander, that collects dirt well, another solid choice.

This weight of this belt sander is higher than the other sanders because of its extra width and height. There was no way we could lift this belt sander up with just one palm, rather with both hands and palms. However, the main advantage was that the sander was very stable when we were using it and it never wobbled. The noise aspect of this sander is not at all random, rather it is very consistent. It is quite loud but it couldn’t be compared to the sound of a drum.

We loved the 2-in-1 feature of this belt sander as it also included a disc sander. Both worked absolutely excellently and were pleasantly surprised with the disc sander as it spun so flawlessly, leaving with us having to pour practically no effort into the task. It also came with a large built-in dust bag.


  • 2 in 1
  • Good dirt collector
  • Stable


  • Hard to carry
  • Very large

No. 9: WEN 6523 Oscillating Belt Sander & Spindle Sander Review

Packed with great features

WEN 6523 Belt & Spindle Sander

This belt sander is a good choice for large companies, as it has a load of great features, but it also runs really quietly. So if you’re looking for a quiet life, pick this WEN.

Although this electric belt sander doesn’t feature a high motor power (only 3.5 amps), this power had no problem ripping through some woods that would be used in a house and it didn’t struggle with its metal counterparts. We even made use of some materials usually used in a drum and there was no problem for the machine here either. The speed could reach over 1500 ft per minute.

We loved the bevelling table which was very solid and it never showed signs of snapping or breaking. It was one of the most stable parts of the entire product. The rubber sanding drums, six pieces of extra 80-grit sanding paper which is possibly the best belt sander sandpaper as well as five throat plates which all worked to the best of their abilities.


  • Lots of features such as rubber sanding drums and extra 80 grit sanding paper
  • Quiet operation
  • Good feet-per-minute rate


  • Heavy
  • Not too much power

No. 10: POWERTEC BD1500 Wood Working Wide Belt Sander Reviews

Bottom of the pile

POWERTEC BD1500 Belt Disc Sander

There isn’t much to shout about with this belt sander, hence why it comes in at the bottom of our top ten. Probably a little overpriced for what it is.

Another wide belt sander enters the list, which made it quite hard to suit any of our volunteers’ houses. However, we all believed that the shape of this product would make it great for companies and factories. The motor was also quite powerful at just 1/3 HP which is very good compared to our other belt sanders. We could feel the immense power of this belt sander when we were using it for sharpening a knife (yes, that sounds weird! But we tried that anyway!) and it is certainly one of its best features.

It features tracking adjustment which made it easy for us to use the whole product. It also allowed the belt to run smoothly instead of inconsistency which is caused by other products for this reason on some occasions. There were absolutely no tiny wood particles after the use of the belt sander since the dust ports collected pretty much all. The porter cable of this product worked to a tee. Although we have not seen a porter cable elsewhere on this list that does not mean that a porter cable is necessarily a bad thing.


  • Porter-cable
  • Dust ports


  • Weird shape
  • Heavy

Best belt Sanders buying guide

Belt Sander vs random orbital sander

Belt sanders can be used in ways random orbital sanders can’t. One benefit you receive from a belt sander, whether it is metal, wood or electric is its ability to shape specific shapes to fit a particular space very well. As a belt sander doesn’t necessarily use much power, it is fantastic for shaping and creating designs in wood and metal. Normally the different sizes of belt sanders don’t affect their technical ability, unlike some random orbital sanders. However, if you are planning to remove a lot of material from metal surfaces within a little time, you will need a belt grinder.

Smoothing surfaces such as a balcony can be achieved with a belt sander, as with a random orbital sander. A classic design can also be abolished using the variation to random orbital sanders, as the belt sander uses different techniques to create an untraditional look.

A lot of work can be done in a minuscule amount of time using a belt sander as it can be a far amount smoother than the capabilities of a random orbital sander machine. Although this sounds more dangerous, it isn’t, a belt sander machine is very reliable if used correctly.

Types of Belt Sanders

Though there are many types of sanding equipment, when it comes to belt sanders there are only two. This is unlike the only option for random orbital sanders.

An in-line belt sander has properties that would suit somebody with a lower gravitational center. This is because of the boxlike design on the belt sander variation, which makes it practically impossible for the machine to fall over, less likely than transverse belt sanders.

A transverse belt sander is different from an in-line belt sander because the motor is not parallel to the sanding belt, rather the motor is placed just above the sanding belt. Most of the time a transverse belt sander comes equipped with a fan on the back of the sander, but not all promise this feature.

Things to Look for When Buying the Best Belt Sander

Firstly, the bigger the sander, the better as it can cover a larger area, therefore, getting more wood smoothened faster. Most of the time 4 x 28 is the perfect size of all sizes as it can cover a good sized piece of wood.

Variable speeds

are essential when looking into a belt sander as the variable speeds give you all the control you need to cut the perfect piece of wood. Fine belt grades may need the slowest speed to ensure there will be no breaking of the wood and to ensure your safety.

Dust collection

is essential, whether there is something like a fan or a customized dustpan and brush that is especially good for wood and sawdust. You cannot leave your area dusty and unclean.

The design of the sander

should be very portable and light so it can be moved around with ease and there is no struggle.

The warranty and durability

of the products should be a major concern. The quality of the product should be long-lasting and it should have a warranty of up to 5 years to show they are confident in their product.

The material, motor power, belt material, and power

– all of this add up to give you the performance. If the motor power and abrasive degree of the sandpaper aren’t high enough, it won’t be able to cut deep and tough materials such as hardwood or rusty metal surfaces.

Other key features

The best belt sanders come with features such as a fan, flush body design, sanding discs, and even low noise pollution.

There it is, you now know everything you need to know about the best belt sanders as well as belt sanding, you’re an expert! Now it’s time for you to pick up a belt sander and put your knowledge into practice.

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