Top 10 Random Orbital Sanders (Nov. 2022): Reviews & Buyers Guide

Top 10 Random Orbital Sanders (Nov. 2022): Reviews & Buyers Guide

Unfortunately, I was not happy with many of the other types of handheld sanders that I had used in the past because they simply did not do the job to the best standard possible. However, when I was looking on the internet for the best drywall, hardwood floors and electric sanders I came across lots of random orbital sander reviews and I looked on the best random orbital sanders reviews.

I learned that there were plenty of advantages to these types of sanders and on some of the best random orbital sanders reviews, I found that I should pick up the best random orbital sander for woodworking as this would best suit my floors.

After picking up a random orbital sander, I was pleasantly surprised at the results the handheld electric machine produced. This led me to help others find the best hardwood handheld random orbital sanders.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We have been involving ourselves with reviewing random orbital sanders for years now, over 5 years to be precise. This includes testing from volunteers, reviews, and community-based usage.

We have thoroughly tested over 30 of the best orbital sanders that can be found in the best random orbital sanders reviews and we have also thoroughly researched another 30 products. Following research that was community-based for 60 hours, we concluded that the shortlisted 10 products were the best 10 random orbital sanders.

We do not focus on the brand when we were shortlisting the top 10 list as we believe this is not the priority, rather to focus on the genuine quality of the entire handheld electric machine.

According to many important features, we came up with the top 10 random orbital sander list that we believed was very accurate.

What Are Random Orbital Sanders & How Do They Work?

You can probably gather a general view of what a random orbital sander is and what it does but it is unlikely that your assumption is correct. A random orbital sander is an essential woodworking tool that aims to sand quicker than other types of sanders, generally.

The random motion of the sander usually results in little to no marks on the surfaces such that need sanding such as hardwood or metal. The random orbit feature of all of the products we are about to show you on our Top 10 Best Random Orbital Sanders is useful as it makes a better speed and some of the best quality random orbital sanders can reach rates of 25,000 RPM.

This action also smoothens the final outcome of the metal or hardwood or any other material that can be sanded for that matter. The sandpaper can also variate in how coarse they are and how tough they are. For example, the coarsest option is 60 whilst the finest option is 220.

The main idea is to sand and smoothen rather than to take large chunks of material out of the hardwood or metal.

Differences between Orbital and Random Orbital Sanders

The orbital sanders are the more antique of both the sanders and this is why they are generally cheaper. They are also considered worse in quality most of the time because they do not have the random orbit feature that the random orbital sanders do. Orbital sanders are square shaped which allows the machine to reach tight edges and corners.

This shape also makes normal sandpaper simple to fit, which will not require cutting into a peculiar shape unlike random orbital sanders, which have weirdly shaped discs. However, the traditional orbital sanders are prone to make more marks than the cleaner random orbital sander options.

Features to Focus on a Good Random Orbital Sander?

Many features should be taken into consideration when looking for a random orbital sander because the most important features must be included in a random orbital sander for it to be considered the best, and this was our thought process when shortlisting the top 10 random orbital sanders.

The amount of vibration in a random orbital sander is important for the accuracy of your sanding. This is because when the electric woodworking machine vibrates it changes where the random orbital sander is aiming.

The comfortability that the grip gave to us should be taken into consideration so it doesn’t hurt or injure your hands. This would be the worst thing that could happen but without a good grip, you will not be happy with the product.

Also, the speed adjustment should be looked out for as the speed determines how fast you will be able to finish your product.

Lots of other factors should also be taken into consideration, these include dust extraction quality, the length of the cord to avoid tripping, speed (RPM), the quality of the brake, warranty length, motor quality and the accessories and attachments.

Who Are Random Orbital Sanders For?

Random orbital sanders are used for sanding because they use sanding paper. The electric handheld machine is usually used for woodworking or similar materials that are capable of being sanded down. The random orbit makes swirls on the wood which are very clean and unlike a traditional orbit sander.

Sanding can be used for many things, whether it is for home use or for working or factory purposes a random orbital sander could suit either of these two options. For example, in a workplace, random orbital sanders could be useful for making products or sanding them at a faster rate. But in a home, it could be used to sand down a splinter in a chair or table.

Benefits of Using a Random Orbital Sander

The main benefit of a random orbital sander is the intensified smoothening of the hardwood surface or the surface being sanded down. This benefit makes the feel better and it also reduces the hazards such as splinters and burns. The cross grain stains are also a lot less visible with random orbital sanders which are usually seen as ugly.

The other benefits involved with a random orbital sander are both prepping and finishing, it’s shaping capabilities and the extent of its blurring out. There are little disadvantages apart from its peculiar shape, such as its usage is not so versatile like belt sanders.

How We Picked and Tested

We selected carefully our top 10 list that you can see below based on many factors. We utilized information from our volunteers’ practical testing. We also used information and experts’ opinions in our selection process. We researched a lot including the best random orbital sanders reviews, as well as ordering and testing just under 40 of the 50 products we decided to test out.

Although it would be totally incorrect to say that one of these products were perfect, in fact, none were. We still shortlisted the top 10 random orbital sanders based off of the above points.

We focused on a certain amount of features that we believed were important. Our volunteers were told to look specifically at cord length, speed adjustment capabilities, brake quality, extraction of dust, the RPM speed as well as the length of the warranty.

According to all of the above statements, we decided fairly on the top random orbital sander on the internet.

Our Top Ten Product List:

After the analyzation of the most important 43 features, we have chosen the top 10 random orbital sander list. We made a research report that you can freely see, but you will first have to like any of our pages on social media which will take practically no time. This report will be open as soon as you like a page.

Our Pick: Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander

Why is this product our Pick?

  1. After the analyzation 

    Budget Friendly Superb Sander

    Bosch ROS20VSC

    Affordable at under $70, this orbital sander offers ease of use, comfort, dust prevention and true safety features. It works well on hardwood, making it a good addition to your home power tools!

    of the 43 most influential features for all the products we considered for the top 10 random orbital sander list we concluded that the Bosch model deserved the top spot on the list. This is because the product we chose has the most positive as well as important features. The unique combination of features made this product stand out in quality among the other random orbital sanders.
  2. Our research report clearly shows many of these products including a twist-off canister for compact dust. This feature visualizes the level of dirt and it can be easily removed. There is also a variable speed dial which lets you choose or match the correct speed for the specific material or task. Along with these is variable controlled speed, which makes for a generally great product.
  3. This random orbital handheld sander comes in an affordable price range while having excellent features, special and important.
  4. After the comparison of the frequency rating of all the products, in the last 30 days, we understood this Bosch sander is receiving great reviews for woodworking at a great rate. The first 10 ratings came in very little time as well as the next 20. You can see the exact information in our research report.
  5. There are plenty of noticeable special features that come with this package including an innovative system for micro-filtering, which can filter dangerous dirt particles such as trapping particles as mini as half a micron.

Detailed Review

best random orbital sanders

Convenience and features:

We loved this product in its entirety and all of its features impressed us. We were amazed at the random orbital sander because it was capable of doing what most random orbital sanders cannot do. This was the product’s ability to remove the annoying swirls which are common complaints from us about many of the other top 10 random orbital sanders as well as some of the complaints from the best random orbital sanders reviews. The dampening pads inside worked to the best it could by removing all of the swirls in the hardwood we were using.

Safety and weight:

This product’s safety features worked well, with the grip keeping our hands away from any dangerous situations like the actual orbit of the sander. The safety features worked perfectly and we were impressed to see that none of our volunteers suffered any injury while using this pick. This product was also very convenient to use because of the fast speeds which speed up the process. At 3.5 pounds this product was not so heavy.


One thing we could criticise this product on was its design as it was rather bland, boring and dull. This can be annoying as it does not give you much motivation when you go to pick the handheld product with your arms from a room in your house or workplace. However, obviously, the design does not affect the ending result of the handheld electric machine.

The comfortability:

The grip was soft and positioned in an excellent place if we are honest. The grip was placed on top of the handheld device and it was incredibly soft and comfortable which motivated me and my volunteers. Also, when we looked through plenty of reliable reviews we found out that most other users of the Bosch sander thought the same thing. We believed this was important because the grip also allowed for many positions which allowed us to work to our favorite position.

Dust collection:

The dust prevention system was perhaps the best feature for us when we were reviewing this Bosch because it collected every single particle that was bigger than half a micron, which we didn’t even know was measurement! Along with the dust collection is the vacuum hoses which we chose to variate our option and it is great for diversity.


  • Soft grip,
  • Dust prevention,
  • Affordable range


  • Design


Although this product shouldn’t be used on concrete or cars, it can do a lot with hardwood especially. For a price of just under 70 dollars, it is hard to deny this handheld machine that is not at all rigid.

Budget Pick: Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander

Why is this product our Budget Pick?

Low Cost, High Convenience

Black & Decker BDERO100

Lightweight at only 3 pounds, this electric sander is easy to use, hold and control. Its heightened safety features are an added bonus. It’s not cordless but for its price, it’s a great choice.

This budget pick from Black and Decker is all around a great product, with a mix of a cheap price, good quality as well as its fantastic versatility. Our research report visualizes that this product has the lowest cost of all the random orbital sanders on the list, however, it also shows that this product has the maximum amount of positive features among all the low-cost items. With its amazing features, this sander has the most impressive rating frequency out of all the products we tested. Its first 10 ratings in the last 30 reviews came in 4 days, the 2nd 10 ratings were received in just 7 days and the last 10 ratings came in 8 days. The material this product is built with allows this sander to be very sturdy and it stays rigid. The simple sandpaper changer and the sealed switch are two amazing features that are highly significant to the excellence of the Black and Decker BDERO100. The product comes in a low price range of under 40 dollars which is great for all the features involved.

Detailed Review

best budget orbital sander

Lightweight features and stability:

Firstly we would like to point out that we thoroughly enjoyed this product because of its lightweight materials and build. This did make it easy to carry and maneuver around our workplaces and homes. However, this did not make the random orbital sander unstable, it was perfectly stable at any grit level and it did not move in random directions when we were in use of it.

Size effects:

The sander was quite mini which can obviously have its ups and downs. One of the disadvantages was the fact that the product could not cover a large area, so we weren’t very fond of this for large hardwood or concrete surfaces, however, a concrete at tile which needs concrete sanding is a perfect example of how useful this product really is. One advantage we found was the fact that the sander was compact and easy to hold as well as move around, which was great for comfortability and control.


With the dangerous part of the sander being right at the bottom of the electric machine, the safety aspect of this machine is extremely good. The handle is at the top of the machine while the sander is right at the bottom so your hands are pretty unlikely to get anywhere near the rotating sandpaper.

Size and weight:

Made out of standard materials this machine comes in at a light weight of just 3 pounds which is easy to carry. It is also easy to store as the product is only 7 by 5 by 6 inches which can fit in tight areas and cupboards or wardrobes.


We noticed that the convenient factors and features in this sander were extremely good. The hook and loop feature is one example. This feature allowed us to quickly and easily slide on new pieces of sandpaper with ease once the old piece was simply not good enough anymore. This consequently gave us more time to sand down pieces of concrete and hardwood.

Dust collection:

The cleanness of the electric mini machine was also ensured with the fantastic sealed switch was amazing in its ability to collect dust and dirt particles. This kept the whole procedure a lot cleaner as well as safer. In all, the sealed switch extended the life of the electric mini machine which was unfortunately not cordless.


The design of this orbital sander could be argued as good and as bad. Personally, we believed the color scheme and design was good but because it was not cordless it could sometimes be difficult to use.


  • Small
  • Portable
  • Sealed switch
  • Price
  • Hook and loop


  • Doesn’t cover a large area
  • Not cordless


This product is unfortunately not cordless but it holds a lot of other important and unique features that make the sander fantastic. The price is also very low at just under 40 dollars and for the amount of reviews this product gets, it is clear that it is worth the money.

Multipurpose Pick: Bosch 1250DEVS Dual-Mode Electronic Random Orbital Sander

Why is this product our Multipurpose Pick?

Sand All You Can

Bosch 1250DEVS Dual-Mode Electronic

A professional choice, the Bosch 1250DEVS is the kind of equipment that you can use to sand hardwood floors as well as finish expensive furniture. With lots of fantastic features, this one is tough to beat.

Our detailed research report clearly shows that this Bosch product is the top sander for multipurpose usage. The most powerful motor on the list belongs to this random orbital sander and according to reviews, this product can sand even tougher materials than concrete. For sanding, there are a few modes which suit different techniques. All the modes in the package include its turbo mode which is used in aggression, the fast removal mode which removes a lot of concrete and hardwood and lastly, the random orbit mode which is useful for fine sanding without swirls. The forever working circuitry keeps the pads speeds constant even with heavy loads and overloads. Most sanding jobs are capable with this multipurpose electric machine that is quite rigid. For example, this machine can sand hardwood floors and it can also finish furniture. One thing is that this top multipurpose machine is more expensive than most of our tested machines. However, out of all the products we took through the selection process into the top 10 it has the highest amount of positive and unique features.

Detailed Review

best random orbital sander for woodworking

Power and features:

This Bosch product was amazing all-around but we did expect it considering the high price. At a price of just under 300 dollars, this handheld electric product has a magnificent strength with its power maximum of 6.5 sanders. This is average for the best belt sanders, which are generally a lot more powerful and large. This power also comes with extended tool life which let us sand at a fantastic amount of power for a long amount of time. This is also amazing for heavy loads and heavy sanding because of the massive power.

Safety features:

With the handle on the side of the sander, it is impossible for your hand to reach the sander which, from experience, can really hurt but it does not cause too much damage. The weight of 7.35 pounds was easily one of the largest on the list but it was not a problem as it was still considerably light. The dimensions of this machine made it quite hard to store as it was quite large at 7.8 by 14.8 by 6.2 inches. The pad wrench and dust tube were both very good features that we liked collectively as a group.

Convenience and special features:

The controlling aspect of using this sander was pretty simple because it started off slow, which allowed for a reduced torque startup. Along with this is the variable speed which let us set a speed to match the piece of concrete or hardwood we were working on. This allowed us to control the sander with as little effort as possible.

Dust collection:

The dust collection feature is done using a vacuum port which sucks in all the dirt and dust which can be quite toxic to humans. The vacuum made any sanding product completely mess free as the vacuum sucked up any particle that went past it. This made it easy to see and very clear where we had to sand and sometimes where we needed to speed up the variable speed.


There are plenty of modes for different sanding techniques which all suit different materials and different needs. If we didn’t need swirls on our wood we would pick the random orbit, however, if we wanted to remove a lot of material we would use the fast removal mode, which speaks for itself. There are a few other important modes which can be used in other scenarios but we had to use a bit of common sense to know what mode to choose.


  • Multipurpose
  • Lots of modes
  • Great dust collection


  • Price
  • Not cordless


There are many amazing features like the 6.5 amp motor connected to this expensive product. The price is expensive at just under 300 dollars but professionals would absolutely love it.

Best Compact Choice: Tacklife 6 Variable Speed 3.0A 350W / 13000 OPM Orbital Sander

Why is this product Our Best Compact Choice?

Lightweight But Power-Packed

TACKLIFE PRS01A Random Orbit Sander

The lightest orbital sander we’ve reviewed! It’s small enough to reach tight spaces, ensuring that you get the cleanest & smoothest finish. It also features an adjustable speed dial for convenience!

This Tacklife random orbital sander has been chosen as our top compact choice because it has lightweight as well as useful features. Out of all the products we tested this sander had arguably one of the most lightweight designs and it also came with control of the variable speed. The adjustable speed allows you to put the correct speed for the specific material or task. The sander gives a clean surface with an ergonomic as well as a compact design. The mini product allows you to get into tight spaces with full control over the electric machine, which is great for home members and DIYers. The grips for the palm of your hand are made of rubber to offer more comfortability in order to give the user more control, which allows beginners to easily use the product. The airball is engineered to suit less vibration and noise which ups the control. The features that are ergonomic all come in a reasonable and affordable price range.

Detailed Review

best orbital sander for the money

Convenience and compact design:

Personally, I believed that all around this product was amazing, especially for reaching into tight spaces which cannot be done with larger random orbital sanders. This was also the case for a lot of people in the reviews and even our volunteers. The compact design allowed us to go into the tightest of areas, such as the corner of a wardrobe against a wall. This was possibly the best feature, however, we believe there were many more influential features that were innovative.

Features and power:

One feature we adored was the adjustable speed dial which was amazing for setting the right speed for the right task. Usually, we would up the speed dial when we were sanding wood as it is a much less tough material than, for example, concrete. The power is quite significant at 3.0 amps maximum which was great for the tougher materials we had to work with. Along with the power comes a magnificent orbit rate of 13,000 orbits per minute which worked amazingly for us, sanding at an extreme rate to say the least. Compared to most of the products we have tested so far the sanding rate felt amazing.

Safety features:

The safety included within this product was very good as the product was one of the smallest. The compact choice of ours is quite light at the small number of 3.4 pounds. As well as this, the dimensions are reasonable and they can be considered as medium. The ergonomic round shape is also very nice just like the materials that were used in the making of this product. Along with this was the good dust collection feature. The palm grips which are further explained in the next paragraph were great for our safety as it stopped our hands from slipping.

Comfortability and grips:

The palm grips were so comfortable, they felt like the softest pads I and my volunteers have ever felt. The reviews also echoed this point a lot. The grips were rubbery and this certainly made the grips far more comfy for us. Everything important on the sander is also easily accessible from the palm grips such as the adjustable speed dial as well as the on and off button. They can all be accessed using the stretch of a finger. In short, using this sander was so convenient that one of our volunteers even considered sharpening knives with this sander, which was definitely a fun idea!

All ball special feature:

The all-ball was so good that it had to be mentioned. The all-ball which was engineered was great for home-based work as it reduced the noise and vibration so much. This left other house members a lot more happy and satisfied during the experience.


  • Adjustable speed dial,
  • Comfortable rubber palm grips,
  • Reasonable price,
  • Compact


  • Too small for large surfaces


This random orbital sander is fantastic for home-based work as it a compact machine which can reach very tight areas in the house. For a price of just under 40 dollars, I would highly recommend this product for home based working.

A List of 6 Other Products We Reviewed

No. 5: Bosch 3725DEVS Random Orbit Variable Speed Sander Review

Ultimate tough material sander

Bosch 3725DEVS

Running at 3.3 amps, this powerful sander can do a great job with concrete materials, even those that are harder than wood. It shows off an impressive 12000 orbits per minute rate!

Power and convenience:

All around this Bosch random orbital sander is very good and we really enjoyed its extensive features. Firstly, we decided that the power had to be pointed out, at 3.3 amps. However, the power felt a lot more than the 3.0 amp motor we previously tested right before. I am not sure why this is but it was amazing for tougher materials such as concrete and pretty much anything tougher than wood.

Speed range:

The orbits per minute were of a very high amount which we adored for advanced sanding and also more rapid sanding. The highest rate possible is 12,000 orbits per minute, which was amazing for rapidly moving a lot of material in a short amount of time. However, when we were focusing more on the design and not removing lots of material we could lower the 12,000 orbit per minute rate to anything as low as 4,000 orbits per minute. This was a great range to choose from and very versatile compared to the other tested sanders on the list.

Weight, dimensions and special features:

This product was not the heaviest but it certainly was not the lightest at a reasonable weight of only 6.15 pounds. The cord on this product made the safety quite bad as the cord was a little bit too long and it could easily be tripped over. Also, the sanding paper was not too far away from the handle so the likelihood of hitting the rotating sander was quite high, which was a disadvantage. The soft microcellular backing pad is a special feature that we noticed and it was incredible as it finished the sanding by blending.

Design and safety:

Although this random orbital sander was not cordless, we loved the design and everything about it. The shape was alright but it wasn’t excellent. The shape didn’t actually allow us to get into the tightest of spaces as the cord and the shape was long but not very wide. This is, of course, for some situations but not so good in other situations. The cord sometimes got in the way when we were working and once, which is rare, one of our volunteers tripped over the cord as it got in the way. Although, the actual design, especially the color was very good looking. We loved the blue design with the tint of the red in the name on the side of the electric machine. When the colors were mixed with red, we were amazed at the variation.


  • Design
  • Powerful
  • 12,000 orbits per minute


  • Cord
  • Price


Personally, I believe that this product is not worth the money it costs, which is just under 150 dollars. However, it does possess some very good features that most top random orbital sanders must have.

No. 6: DEWALT DWE6423K Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Review

Close & comfort choice


When it comes to sanders, sometimes small is better. This sander lets you reach tight spaces with ease, being lightweight at only 4 pounds. It also features a dust bag that makes cleanup less time-consuming.

Speed, convenience and features:

This DEWALT variable speed random orbital sander is a great sander for reaching into tight areas. The yellow product is very small but also very powerful. The motor is incredibly powerful at 3 amps which enables the random orbital sander to spin at a great rate. It can reach spinning speeds of 12,000 orbits per minute and for such a small product this is sensational. However, there is not as much range as the previous product we reviewed as it only goes as low as 8,000 orbits per minute. The range was not as pleasant as the other products on the list but it was ok for the work we were personally doing, which was sanding pieces of tough material which required high rates of orbiting.

Design and accuracy:

We didn’t mind the short design too much because it really made us concentrate on the work we were doing. We were able to get close up to the workpiece because the product gets very close to the ground and the workpiece. This makes our final piece a lot better quality as we can accurately see the workpiece and precisely sand where we need to.

Safety features, weight and dimensions:

The safety aspect of this machine was quite good as the grip was comfortable, smooth and easy to grip onto, making it easy for users new to sanding. This was because the grip was not at all slippery which made the danger factor decrease. Along with this was some convenient features which were the coarse sanding paper and electrical power source which are both easy to get. The weight of 4 pounds was easy to carry and with small dimensions, this product was incredibly easy to store.

Dust collection and vibration:

The dust bag was very consistent for us and it also looked very nice in its black plastic bag. The bag was specially made by Dewalt and it was big enough for any sanding task that let off lots of dust. The bag was easy to move as well. The one hand locking system made it simple to remove the bag and empty the dirt into a bin bag or a bin immediately. The dust-sealed switch also protected the switch which made the switch last for much longer. Overall, the dust collection was sublime with this product. We also enjoyed the little vibration this product created, which made us less tired in the same amount of time we would use for other products we tested.


  • Little vibration
  • Dust collection
  • Short design
  • Compact


  • Small orbit per minute range


For the price of just under 80 dollars, this product is definitely worth it, in my opinion. However, for companies, I believe this product would not suit a large factory as it covers a small area.

No. 7: Makita BO5041 Random Orbit Sander Review

Reliable, Home-purpose Orbital Sander

Makita BO5041K

This sander comes with a very comfortable grip which makes it easy to maneuver and sand small spaces. For its size, it can reach an orbital rate of 12000 orbits per minute!

Although this product was a little overpriced for us, we thoroughly enjoyed how the random orbital sander from Makita worked. There were plenty of noticeable features that stood out to us and many important features that must be included in any random orbital sander.

Power, speed and orbit per minute range:

The power of 3 amps was great for very fast sanding and smooth sanding at the same time. When we were sanding a tough piece of wood we were surprised pleasantly to see the large range of orbits per minute. The orbits per minute could range from as little as 4 thousand orbits per minute to as large as 12 thousand orbits per minute. We used the 12 thousand orbits per minute on tougher materials, such as concrete and very tough wood. The range was perfect as we could suit the power to anything we liked and the task at hand.


The palm grip was sensational and it felt very soft and smooth, as well as extremely comfortable. This was great for our control of the machine and the sanding it produced as with more comfort comes more control. Also, this increased the quality of the finished sanding because we had a lot more fun as well as control over the sanding process.

Convenience of the handle:

The front handle was probably the most praised part of the product in the reviews I read and I truly understand why. The handle of the product was so amazing! The handle could move position without harming the machine in any way, shape or form. The front handle allowed us to sand in the tightest of areas because it would not interfere with the process. We could easily change the handle to suit the position we were in, although, it did take some knowledge to know what we were actually doing and where the handle had to go.

Safety, weight and dimensions:

Personally, I believe that there was absolutely no issue with the safety with this product as the rotating, circular sanding paper is directly at the bottom of the machine. The handle was far enough away from this sander’s sandpaper so this is why there were no safety issues. The weight was also considerably low at just under 4 pounds. Along with this was the small size which was useful and convenient for tight spaces. The special ball bearing construction enabled this product to maintain sturdiness and steadiness while being used which was very easy to notice.


  • Adjustable handle
  • Palm grip, powerful motor
  • Good range of orbits per minute


  • Not cordless
  • Overpriced


This Makita does everything a random orbital sander should do and it does it to a good standard. However, I do not believe it is worth its price tag of just under 90 dollars.

No. 8: PORTER-CABLE 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Review

No-mess Sanding Every Time


This product offers all of the features you’d need from a basic sander, but it stands out with its dust collection features. Safe and easy to use, this can easily be added to your garage.

Features and dust collection:

We also enjoyed using this product thoroughly as it had lots of unique as well as necessary features. The main thing that we enjoyed about this product was its fantastic dust collection feature which worked tremendously. The sealed switch was easily one of the best working sealed switches on the entire list and out of all the products we tested. The bag which the dirt was put into after it was collected was fantastic and it was large enough for around an hour of polishing wood, polishing concrete, polishing walls, polishing pretty much any material.

Safety, weight and size:

Personally, I believe that there was absolutely no issue with the safety with this product as the rotating, circular sanding paper is directly at the bottom of the machine. The handle was far enough away from this sander’s sandpaper so this is why there were no safety issues. The weight was also considerably low at just under 4 pounds. Along with this was the small size which was useful and convenient for tight spaces. The special ball bearing construction enabled this product to maintain sturdiness and steadiness while being used which was very easy to notice.

Effort amount:

Using this product was quite simple and it didn’t require a lot of bodywork, however, some other, more compact products on the list required less bodywork for polishing and sanding. Although, the bodywork was quite medium and it required about 50 percent the bodywork effort of what was required for other random orbital sanders on the list. The reason for this was that this product was quite heavy in comparison to the other 7 sanders we have covered so far, but it was shaped in such a way that was good for simply moving forward then back by using mostly our arms and not much bodywork. This product is also good for polishing a car, however, this did take a little bit more bodywork as the product had to be lifted onto the car and then used on the car.

Power and speed:

The motor of this product is respectable, but it is quite low in terms of amps – still a great choice if you prefer these types of sanding tool.  The motor has a maximum power of 1.9 amps which is good enough for a car and it was also good for woodworking even though the product was found to be quite rigid. The rigid sander could produce rates of 12,000 orbits per minute which was great for woodworking but no so great for polishing a car.


  • Requires little bodywork
  • Good for a car
  • Dust collection


  • Little power
  • Quite rigid


As one of the best random orbital sander dust collection, I believe that for some people the price of just under 45 dollars is worth it. This would likely only apply to those who can deal with a low powered motor.

No. 9: VonHaus 3.5 Amp 5-inch Random Orbit Sander Review

Great choice for flawless polishing

VonHaus 5-inch Random Orbit Sander

The VonHaus sander is our favorite when it comes to getting a great, smooth finish. It’s best for drywall finishing and polishing. With a sleek design, it looks expensive but is actually just under 40 dollars.

Drywall finishing:

A VonHaus random orbital sander has entered the list for the first time and for us it was easily the best sander for drywall finishing. Previously, we looked at a product that was fantastic at polishing and this VonHaus random orbital sander is amazing for drywall finishing as well as drywall polishing. When performing these drywall activities we also found out that this product was great at a lot of things other than just drywall finishing.

Power, design, speed, size and special features:

This VonHaus product is far from mini and this is why the bright and vibrant sander was great for floors and even decks. The 3.5 amp power was great for sanding floors because the power produced an amazing rate of 13,000 orbits per minute. Also, this product came with plenty of sanding pads which worked well on floors that were made of hardwood. There were 9 extra sanding pads as well as 3 polishing pads. The polishing pads were amazing for decks as they could polish very easily. Unlike some other manufacturers, such as Decker, this product provides backup for those who do not know how to get extra pads after their original pads become worn out. As one of the top-rated machines, this should be expected though some of the top rated manufacturers don’t ensure this.

Safety features, cable length and weight:

In my opinion, the safety involved in this product was excellent, all around there were no injuries to our staff that are quite inexperienced on the whole. The ergonomic handle kept our hand stuck to the handle to ensure our hands didn’t go anywhere near the dangerous sandpaper. However, the 2-meter long power cable caused us some trouble with tripping as it tangled. This product is a little bit heavier than the others at 5.4 pounds but it is a reasonable size. However, this can be expected with the convenient features such as the hook and loop system.

Dust collection:

There are many reasons this random orbital sander has the rights to be one of the top-rated sanders, one is the dust collection bag which I rated the third best dust collector on the entire list. As well as this, the sander should be one of the top-rated sander machines because of its design which I rated highly for its vibrant color. As well as the vibrant color, the design is compact to give space for all the excessive features that are included in this product.


  • Vibrant and compact design
  • High orbiting rate
  • Extra pads


  • Not cordless


For the price of just under 40 dollars, this product has practically a 2-in-one feature as the product comes with the actual random orbital sander and the different pads. As well as this the motor is very powerful and can sustain tough materials.

No. 10: Bosch ROS65VC-6 6-Inch Pad Rear-Handle Random Orbit Sander Review

Expensive Yet Extremely Effective

Bosch ROS65VC-6

The main highlight of this product is its variable vibration. Combined with its comfortable grip, that feature lets you control & set your machine to your own preference & comfort. Very user-friendly!

Price and features:

Another Bosch sander enters the list and in tenth place, this product can easily be determined by us as an advanced random orbital sander. This is because of the high price cap and the fabulous features available when you buy this wonderful product.

Variable vibration (special feature):

One amazing feature that has yet to be seen on the top 10 best random orbital sander list is the variable vibration control. This is the most innovative feature I have ever used and this feature is the most impressed I’ve been about any feature on this list so far. This suspension system specially made from Bosch was hard to put into words as it is so good. The system provided comfort to me and Stuffoholics chose volunteers because it allowed us to choose the right vibration for us which allowed us to be more comfortable with the right vibration setting for us.


The soft grips were very comfortable because of the new ergonomic design of the rubberized palm grips. The most rear of the grips was sensational because it had lots of places to grip onto. This was great for improving the comfort factor as you can grip the place that you find most comfortable and most suitable to you. Whether I or my volunteers preferred one hand position to another it didn’t matter because all the sides were padded excellently and they were all rubberized.

Wood markings and features:

The swirl marks were also considerably reduced and the marks on the wood after the sanding was done and compared to some of the mini electric sanders there was a huge difference. This is because the marks get dampened with the dampening pad. The dampening pad makes a smooth and clean surface on any material after sanding it. This will work on any surface whether it is starting as smooth or cracked, reducing the necessity to use a belt sander solely.

Weight, safety and attachments:

This expensive and convenient machine is easily the safest product on the entire list, with the best grips that allow your hands to stay quite stuck to the top of the machine. The convenient damping pad reduces the swirl marks that hinder the quality of the wood after it has been sanded by another, poorer quality product. At a weight of 7 pounds you can understand why it is harder to carry than other products on our top 10 list, but with so many great attachments you can’t fault it.


  • Suspension system
  • Swirl marks reduced
  • Fabulous features


  • High priced
  • Quite large


For the toppling price of just under 240 dollars I highly recommend this Bosch product to the best of the professionals in the business. However, for beginners, this product is not suitable in my opinion as it has too many advanced features that would confuse a beginner.

Care and Maintenance:

Caring for your random orbital sander is crucial to maintaining its life as without care slowly the random orbital sander will deteriorate and eventually the electric machine will become unusable. Caring for a sander has to be done in many ways. The first thing that must be looked at is the sandpaper. Once the sandpaper starts slipping it is most likely time for a new piece which some sanders come with and some expect you to buy for yourself. This new sandpaper can be placed onto the machine after you have removed the three screws. Sometimes the electric machine might need a clean which can be done with some simple water as well as a cloth. Whatever needs repairing must be repaired for the machine to be fully functional.

Tips on Using a Random Orbital Sander:

When using a random orbital sander there are a few things that you have to keep in mind for your technique of sanding. First of all, the orbital sander must be at full speed before it touches the actual material that is going to be sanded. This is because when the sander sands different parts of the product at different speeds the material is going to end up looking and feeling uneven. This also applies when turning the sander off or down as the sander must be far away from the material when the off button is pressed on. The sander has to be in full control of the user at all times otherwise the pressure can easily change which would result in more uneven edges and uneven bumps in the material. However, it is best to get a scrap piece of wood and just sand on it to see the final outcome before you ever decide to work on any material that is important.

Wrapping it Up:

In the last few thousand words, we have just reviewed the best random orbital sanders on the entire market and all the pros and cons that come with each product. Stuffoholics has given you everything you need to go ahead and buy the correct product for sanding for you. Whether you are looking to use a random orbital sander for work or for your home based work there are plenty of opportunities for you to buy a product that is on this list for the task that suits your lifestyle. If you have really decided to try a power tool like this instead of going manually that you have been doing all this time, do make sure to choose the right machine for you.

Also, take into account the tactics and techniques that you should use with your random orbital sander in order to finish the material a lot better. Also, make sure to take the utmost care with your product by cleaning it and repairing it. And, as always, thank you for reading this post.

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