Top 10 Infrared Heating Pads (Nov. 2022) – Reviews & Buyers Guide

We can understand the pain that made you land here! You will be stunned to know a harsh reality that more than 100 millions Americans are suffering from chronic pain every day. Just like you, most of them are looking for natural alternative therapies to manage their pain and eventually eliminate this issue.

Over the last many years, there’s been a huge shift in people trying to fight chronic pain. The shift has been from seeking the traditional medical help for their aches and pains to going for more of a natural approach. Nowadays, people are very much careful about diagnosing their pain at an early stage.

According to a recent study, the use of alternative far infrared therapy products to manage chronic pain is steadily on the rise. Recent discoveries in infrared technology are allowing health practitioners, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and sports doctors, the opportunity to help their patients better manage their pain. Most of the modern clinics have found that the infrared therapy has been a huge factor in treating pain.

Here at Stuffoholics, we were in a mission to understand how this revolutionary method of infrared heating works and helps treating chronic pain and many other diseases. So, we made our best effort to come up with a list of the top infrared heating pads that can make life of people suffering from serious chronic pain different.

Why Should You Trust Us?

There are so many far infrared heating pad reviews available online that may easily grab your attention. If you observe carefully, most of those reviews are full of promotional messages from the reviewer who has been paid to write such review. So, how do you know which one to trust or if any one of them to trust at all?

Here at Stuffoholics, we work hard to give you an honest and unbiased review of every product with strong reasons to pick or not to pick them which help you to differentiate between products easily. The reasons will answer you- why we have chosen these products as the best and if a product is best for you or not. We have to conduct extensive hours of diligent research and testing in order to be able to justify our selection of products with strong reasonings. We ask our volunteers to use it continuously for a certain period of time and also ask for opinions from others outside of our research team who are using these products for a good amount of time. Initially, we take around 40 products from different brands that are popular on the market. Then we narrow the list down through three stages to select the final ten.

We spent a total of 72 hours to prepare this article with all sorts of information, buying guide and reviews. It will be only fruitful if this buying guide helps you choose the best infrared heating pad that can reduce or eliminate your pain.

We do not have any affiliation with any manufacturer i.e. we haven’t been paid by anyone to write this far infrared mat review. The only purpose of this page is to inform you of the best infrared heating pads available on the market to make your buying decision easier.

What is an Infrared Heating Pad?

Difference between the benefits of traditional heating pads and today’s far infrared heating pads is really quite remarkable. Heating pads of yesteryear or your grandmother’s traditional heating pad were just a bunch of coils that get heated up to radiated heat. Today’s infrared heating pads use conduction, it means the pad has to be in contact with the body and requires a little bit of pressure.

Deep heat infrared heating pads are ideal for treating conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia and many more. You can use it for pre and post activity warm-ups like hiking, and golfing and after doing strenuous activities like gardening or shoveling the snow. They’re also very effective for treating back pain for large muscles in the back, migraine, headaches, neck pain and several other disorders. Additionally, it is important when you build up toxins over time in your body. Using infrared heating pads helps improve your healing properties by improving your blood circulation rate which in turns helps you to get rid of those toxins.

Benefits of Infrared Heat

Anti-aging: What has been found in some of the studies is that deep infrared heating pad is going to improve your collagen and elastin levels. This allows you to reduce wrinkles and makes your skin more firm. As a result, you will get a more youthful look and it’s going to support that anti-aging process.

Detoxification: The infrared heat gets deep into the muscle tissue and fat; as a result, it releases some of those different types of toxins from your body. If you’re using infrared sauna, you’re going to sweat out some of those toxins. Combined with other detox processes, infrared saunas can play a significant role in detoxing your body effectively.

Weight Loss: You know when you use infrared heat (infrared saunas), you’re going to start sweating, and your heart rate is going to go up. This will result in you burning calories. Many people reported that they’ve changed nothing in their lifestyle except they just started using an infrared sauna and it was still enough for them to lose a good amount of weight.

Cardiovascular Health: Infrared is going to improve your cardiovascular health. Some of the studies show that it can decrease and normalize blood pressure, normalize cholesterol and even help in the healing process of different heart conditions. So if you want to get those benefits, make sure to use some kind of infrared heat therapy.

Treating Cancer: Studies also have shown that using FIR heating pad helps to treat cancer. It offers healing power and greatly increases the immune system and strength.

Reduces Pain: Infrared heat is appropriate for healing of a wide range of pain symptoms. Also, there are studies that show- it can help reduce arthritic pain and pain from ankylosing spondylitis. Whether you are recovering from an injury or it could be the symptoms of type 2 diabetes like leg hyperthermia. The contribution of infrared heat-therapy in medical science is undeniable

Overall Quality of Life: One study conducted in Japan shows that people who are using infrared heat therapy have a more positive outlook, more positive mental state and also an overall improved sense of well-being. So if you are just eager to feel better, that’s good enough to use the infrared heat therapy.

What to Consider Before Buying an Infrared Heating Unit?

There are basically three types of infrared heating units found in the market-

  1. Near infrared
  2. Mid infrared
  3. Far infrared

Each one of them offers their own unique benefit. But when you’re getting an infrared unit of any sort- whether it’s a heating pad or a sauna, you need to make sure that you get a full spectrum infrared. This way you will get the benefit of near, mid and far together. Alongside, look for the stones like Jade, Amethyst and Tourmaline because these stones enhances infrared therapy by penetrating deeper into the body and emitting negative ions.

Types of Infrared Heating Units

There are three types of units that can be used for infrared heating benefits:

1. Infrared Pads: It is used in clinics as well as at home. It can be used by putting them upon your shoulders, neck, knee, lower back or you can put them anywhere you need to. It helps reduce inflammation, pain and makes you feel better. On the other hand, this type of infrared heating units is pretty inexpensive.

2. Portable sauna: These little mini portable saunas look kind of funny. They’re almost like a tent with your head popping out of them. The good thing about the best portable far infrared saunas is that you will be getting the benefit of a full-size sauna as you will get a good sweat. Also, they are very small and can be folded.

3. Full-size sauna: Some people just love the full-size sauna because they can go in and even do some exercise in it. You can do yoga or kettlebell workouts or just sit in there with your friends and family. Obviously, for a full-size sauna, you need to open up your wallet a little bit more.

How Does an Infrared Heating Pad System Work?

Before you will purchase an infrared heating pad, you need to know how an infrared heating unit actually works. So here is the working process: An electrical current stimulates the infrared panels to release and radiate far infrared wavelengths into our body. These wavelengths have the ability to penetrate through layers of your skin down to what is known as subcutaneous tissue layer. That’s important because that’s the home of where our blood vessels live. Body responses to that heat from the deep tissue layer and the blood vessels that were narrow and restricting the blood flow open up. As they dilate up, it allows the blood to come into that area where your body needs to heal. Blood brings oxygen, nutrients, proteins, and other things that are needed by the body to heal itself.

How do infrared heating pads work better than a regular heating pad? If we compare between infrared vs regular heating pad, far infrared is a much better option because it can penetrate further into the body, it can go deep down through different layers of your body. A regular heating pad usually only goes about 0.25 centimeters whereas far infrared goes all the way up to about 6 centimeters or 2.36 inches. It gets way down to your inflammation, irritation or pain without burning your skin or dehydrating you. It does not produce direct heat rather it produces a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that we cannot see with our naked eyes.

Are infrared heating pads safe? One of the far infrared therapy side effects is that some of them release excessive EMF. So it’s necessary to look for a pad that has low or no EMF at all. EMF is what you get from your cell phone, cordless phone, toasters, fluorescent lights and even from your microwave. So you should not be around any such appliances that emit EMF for a long time.

When to Use a Far Infrared Heating Pad?

The far infrared is really good for back pain such as muscle spasms in the back or arthritis. It helps to increase the blood circulation in that area and relax the muscles. It does not only helps relax the muscles but it calms down the inflammation to help the healing process. You can also use it for tendonitis, bursitis, strains, and sprains. But remember, if it’s an acute injury like sprains or strains that just happened within 24 to 48 hours, you really need to ice it to calm down that extreme inflammation at first. Once you get into that in about 48 hours, you can alternate between ice and heat or you can just use the heat.

Another way you can be benefited from the infrared pad is from fibromyalgia. It’s one of those diseases that is often misdiagnosed. Fibromyalgia changes the way the central nervous system (brain, nerves and spinal cord) processes the pain messages throughout your body. Using an infrared pad for this treatment is very helpful because better blood circulation means more oxygen is carried out throughout your bodily pain that is caused by fibromyalgia.

As I live in a cold climate, I really love using the infrared pad because it warms me up and helps me reduce pain and discomfort- especially after a heavy workout.

How to Use an Infrared Heating Pad?

No matter if you want a small, medium or large sized infrared heating pad, all these sizes come in a handy carrying case. They are extremely convenient for traveling and storing. If you’re not using the pad, put it in the carrying case to keep it clean and safe and it shouldn’t be lying around since it might get damaged if you step on it.

These pads usually come with a manual; you should read it more than once to understand how your infrared heating pad operates. Other kinds of stuff that usually come with the package are – a converter (adapter) with the power cord (detachable in a few models) and a controller.

Setup and Control:

To set it up, connect the infrared pad with the controller and the power adapter. Then plug in the other end of the converter to the power outlet. Switch on the power by pressing the power button. You may find a light indicator on the controller to indicate that it’s working. Usually, you will find the adjustable button or dial to control the heat sensitivity on the pad. If you want to adjust the heat, simply press the heat adjustable button or dial to increase the temperature of the pad.

Some heating pads have the timer that can be set to use for the precise therapy session or you may use the timer at night while sleeping. The timer will keep away from running continuously and shut off automatically. Also if you use it for straight 8 hours, it will shut off automatically.


Remember one thing that these pads work through conduction which means you can’t just turn this pad to heat up instantly. These pads need to be in contact with something in order for the energy to be transferred.

So, we would suggest you to fold or roll the pad whichever is possible and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes on medium heat. This will allow the pad to heat up and the energy will build up within the stones. It is important to heat the stones up before the far infrared energy or the negative ions can be transferred to the body.

Some small pads have a convenient strap (velcro) that will help you to fold it. Or if you have a bigger pad that cannot be folded; you can take a pillow or put some object on the pad as the pad will not heat up unless there is any pressure and contact with some other medium.


We will suggest not to use the pad directly on your bare skin. You do not want the stones on the pad directly contact your skin. We suggest you use a towel or any clothes and then apply the pad. Applying the pad above any clothes is not going to prevent the far infrared energy or negative ions from entering into your body.

There is no definite amount of time or temperature for any condition to use the far infrared pad. It’s the consistency and the continuity of use will give you the maximum benefit. The intensity, the frequency, and the duration are completely up to you and to your tolerance.

How We Picked and Tested

We have spent around two and half years in researching and testing all kinds of infrared heating therapy devices and found infrared heating pad is one of the effective heating devices for healing chronic pain. Initially, we started with 37 such products based on the user reviews on the internet. These 37 products were from 12 different brands and then we narrowed that list down to 21 products based on various features. We sent these shortlisted products to our volunteers for a real-world study and asked them to assess the performance. After receiving all the reports from our volunteers, we picked the final 10 best-infrared heating pads.

Our team evaluated everything about these devices from their infrared heating system to electromagnetic frequency, build quality, gemstones, size, control, and many more things. All the features of infrared mat or pad that we have taken into consideration are important. For example, if infrared heating pad emits a higher level of EMF that would be unfavorable to our health. So, we tested the pads with an EMF meter to select the heating pad that has the lowest EMF or has no EMF at all.

Unlike any other report, we have prepared an in-depth report that is filled with information that will give value to customers like you. We at Stuffoholics, are proud to provide you with such in-depth results, grab a copy of our research report just by sharing one of our social media pages. We believe the research will guide you to choose the best infrared heating pad based on your preference and other factors.

Our Top 10 Product List

We have considered 25 of the most important features of an infrared Heating Pad for evaluation. We studied and tested those features thoroughly to prepare the research report that reflects the worthiness of each of the infrared heating pad in our list. This is our predefined methodical research process to determine the top 10 products on the market. We never hide any trait or flaw while examining the product no matter if it’s our top pick or any other pick.

Grab our research report just by following or sharing this page on one of our social media pages. The research report will give you an idea of how we picked the 10 best infrared heating pad and will also educate you about different features that an infrared heating pad contains. Besides the research report, go through our detailed reviews to make an informed buying decision.


Our Pick: Far Infrared Heating Pad Size Medium by UTK

Efficient Heating Pad

Far Infrared Heating Pad Size Medium

This product delivers awesome results with its 126 jade stones that maximize heat transfer to let it penetrate deep into the body’s tissues. It also comes with a remote control, 10-feet cord, timer feature, and portable bag.

Why is this product Our Pick?

  1. Out of all the infrared pad that we tested, this pad has an outstanding 14 out of 25 positive features which is highest among all the products in our list. A few features worth mentioning are; it is made of 11 layers of soft and flexible materials which makes it perfect for wrapping around the body. Besides that, it comes with the memory function that remembers the settings of your favourite heat level and duration.
  2. Considering the features it has, this infrared heating pad is reasonably priced which is around $160.
  3. We compared the frequency of the latest 30 ratings for each of the products in our list and found that this product is one of the fast selling products on the market. It received its first 10 ratings in 61 days, second 10 ratings in 61 days and third ten ratings in 31 days.
  4. The UTK Far infrared heating pad comes with 126 individual natural Jade stones that maximize the heat transfer and penetrate deep into the tissue. By far this is the highest no of Jade stone we found in similar pad size.

Far Infrared Heating Pad Size Medium by UTK Overview:


The dimensions of this UTK infrared heat therapy healing jade mat medium is 21 inches * 31 inches * 1/2 inches thick. Few of them reported that the pad is not comfortable due to the mesh that covers the stone but while testing we didn’t find such discomfort. It has a velcro strap that helps the pad to stay in one place throughout your therapy session and the materials of the pad are flexible enough to apply on different parts of your body. It weighs around 4.8 lbs (2.2 kg) and comes with a travel bag. It is less bulky than other full-size pad which makes it convenient for traveling.


A total of 282.9 sq inches are covered by the stones. Each of the stones is tightly placed with a spacing of 1 ½ inch between them. It has no Tourmaline stone so, you will be missing out the benefits of negative ions.

top rated infrared heating pads

Controller and Power:

The pad, controller and cable connection are sturdy. You can use the smart controller to adjust the heat precisely from 103°F to 159°F according to your heat tolerance simply by pressing (heat +/-) button to increase or decrease the temperature. You can also set the timer up to 240 minutes with 15 minutes increments and it will shutautomatically when it will reach the set time. It comes with a 10-foot long cord which makes it convenient to use on chair or bed. It can be used in both 110-120 220-240 Volts outlet.

One thing we really liked about UTK is that it comes with a 30-day free trial and provides a 1-year warranty. Besides that, they provide a top notch customer service. When we contacted them a few times through email for a few queries, they responded right away. If you find any sort of problem and want to replace the device you can easily do that against your warranty without any hassle. They also provide accessory replacement service as and when needed free of charge for lifetime.


The manufacturer of UTK infrared heating pad stated that their infrared heating pad can provide you temporary relief from minor muscle and stiffness, joint pain, muscle spasms, sprains, strains, and minor muscular back pain. It can also help you with a temporary increase in blood circulation in the area of application. Moreover, our volunteers were also satisfied while using this pad as they have noticed its healing ability from the very first day. We would suggest that you use it for 30 minutes daily or as per your doctor’s recommendation.


  • Swift Heat
  • Time and temperature control
  • Flexible
  • Long Electric Cord


  • Can not be folded, not suitable to wrap around the neck

Whole Body Pick: Far Infrared Mat with 100% Amethyst & Negative Ions- by MediCrystal

Head to Foot Relaxation Guaranteed

Far Infrared Mat by MediCrystal

This whole body mat is the perfect de-stressor and pain reliever rolled into one. It uses 14 pounds of natural amethyst stones that release negative ions and deep impact heat to the body.

Why we chose this Pad for the Whole Body?

We have chosen this amethyst infrared mat for relaxing your whole body because this mat has a FIR heating area of 60 by 23 inches. Large heating area will not only soothe your pain but will also help you out with full body detox. Besides the size, it gives you the benefits of Amethyst crystals that focuses on isolating FIR heat that penetrates deep into your body in a most absorbable way.

Due to the bigger size, amethyst stones, and other premium features, we think this pad is worth the price which is around $700. Despite the fact that its price is on the higher side, it received ratings faster than our top pick i.e. it got each 10 of the first 30 ratings in 54, 54, 42 days respectively (at the time of our research). Additionally, we found this mat was built with a luxurious high-quality eco-leather and heat resistant PU film which is suede-like wavy tubes and infused with crystals from edge to edge.

Far Infrared Mat with 100% Amethyst & Negative Ions- by MediCrystal Review:


The package includes- the mat, multilayer waterproof cover, controller with wires, air mesh cushioning, storage bag and user guide. It has enough surface area to accommodate your whole body for relaxation to alleviate infrequent depression or melancholy that you experience from time to time. We were surprised to find 18 layers of different materials taken for constructing this mat and this is the highest layer we found among all the far infrared mat brands we tested.

The pad is foiled with a twin silicon nickel-chromium shield used for protection from harmful electromagnetic fields and constantan of copper-nickel alloy elements that are used for the heating system. It uses 3 thermo layers for temperature and 2 bi-metal layers for overheat protection sensor. With all that the infrared heating mat weighs around 26 pounds. When compared to our top pick, it is way too expensive because of its size and made with 18 layers of materials which contains a large number of Amethyst stones.


This infrared healing mat contains 14 pounds of Amethyst crystals that are visible through PU film. As per our findings, Amethyst crystal is useful to relieve work-related stress and it can bring other vital natural forces into your home.

We have examined the crystal sample that comes with the package and found it hundred percent natural, chemically untreated, and there is no added color. These crystals are 2-7 millimeter tumbled treated that are extracted in Brazil. Amethyst crystals along with infrared heat produce wavelength between 4 -16 µm which is very much absorbable and can go up to 8 inches deep.

best far infrared heating pads

Controllers & Power:

Using the digital controller, you can maintain the temperature between 86°F to 158°F i.e. 30°C to 70°C. Even if you have the timer option to set the heating session for 3, 6 and 8 hours. The controller supports only 110 to 120V voltage, if you have 220 to 250V outlet you will require a power converter. It uses 3 thermo layers for temperature and 2 bi-metal layers for overheat protection sensor. It uses 60 by 23 inches area for FIR heating and produces almost free of EMF which is 0.2 mG when we have tested.


The reasons for using this mat as stated by the manufacturer include relief from tiredness, restless legs, weakness, strains, stiffness, arthritis, sprains, spasms stress, excessive weight gain, water retention, hypothermia, cold, sleeplessness, backache, minor muscle, and joints pains.

The heating session will revitalize your body if you are sensitive to the sunlight, cold or rainy season. It will also help you get rid of stress, fatigue and most importantly from chronic pain without any side effects. No matter how old you are, making this mat an important part of your active lifestyle will always allow you to enjoy the far infrared benefits.


  • Amethyst crystals
  • Waterproof cover
  • Mesh cushioning
  • Digital controller
  • Carrying bag


  • Very low EMF
  • Expensive

Budget Pick: Far Infrared Natural Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad Mat for Pain Relief By UTK

Efficient yet Affordable Heating Pad

Far Infrared Natural Jade By UTK

The combination of natural jade and tourmaline crystals make this pad an effective heating pad with longer lasting infrared heat and negative ions that reaches deeper into the tissues of the body, for a price of just $140.

Why we chose this Pad as our budget pick?

There was an almost tie between UTK and HL HEALTHYLINE since both the products have an affordable price of around $140. But we had to pick UTK over HEALTHLINE because UTK has more satisfied customer and more features than HEALTHLINE. Besides that, UTK has 72 gemstones whereas HEALTHLINE has only 50 stones.

Moreover, the dimensions of the pad are 23.5 by 16 inches, which is smaller in size as compared to other pads but this gives you the flexibility to use it in various ways. You can make a pillow for your neck by folding it or placing it upside down over your frontal plane. It can also be wrapped around your thigh with the velcro strap.

As far as the popularity of this product is concerned, It received its latest 10 ratings on Amazon in just 27 days which indicates that this is a fast selling product. Additionally, we were glad to find Tourmaline stones on this pad. Tourmaline radiates negative ions and helps to retain heat for a longer period of time.

Far Infrared Natural Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad Mat for Pain Relief By UTK Review:


This UTK far infrared natural Jade and Tourmaline heating pad come with a controller that has a 10 feet electric wire and travel bag. The total size of the pad is 23.5 by 16 inches and has a 19 inches by 10 inches of heating area. The smaller size also means a smaller heating area, you will not be able to heat a larger part of your body altogether. But it is flexible enough to use it on those part of your body where the bigger pad cannot reach.

The pad is made of 11 layers of materials that are- 1. Mesh for securing the stones 2. Jade & Tourmaline stones 3. Plush leather that is non-toxic 4. Non-Ferrous metal & reflector 5. Fabric layer (non-woven) 6.Heating element- woven carbon fiber 7. Sensor layer for temperature 8. Thermal protection layer for switch 9. One more fabric layer (non-woven) 10. Three non-toxic soft cotton layers for retaining heat 11. One more plush leather (Non-toxic) layer. The pad and the controller are backed by one-year limited warranty.


It has a total of 72 stones- 52 stones are Jade and 20 stones are Tourmaline. These stones emit infrared heat and negative ions which is beneficial for your body. These stones also help to retain heat for a longer therapy session. It also helps in detoxification, supports fat loss, reduces water retention etc. You may want to look for the newer version that costs around $200, has 19 by 12 inches of surface area and the controller is more stylish.

best utk infrared heating pad

Controller & Power:

It has a digital controller that can be used for precise heat settings. The controller lets you adjust the heat between 103°F to 159°F as per your comfort level. You can set timer upto 240 minutes by 15 minutes increment. The timer will help you to use the pad in a routine manner or you can use the timer if you fall asleep. The timer also helps to conserve energy and will prevent burn that may cause by excessive heating. The controller uses 110 – 120 volt, if you need the controller for 240 volts you will require to buy it from the UTK directly. Lastly, it produces a very little EMF which is good.


We already mentioned at the beginning of this review that this infrared heating pad provides you with almost the same far infrared heating pad benefits that our top pick provides. Additionally, you will have the benefits of negative ions that are emitted by the Tourmaline stone. On the other hand, this infrared heating pad is smaller in size which is perfect for treating sore muscles in your shoulder, abdomen, back, neck, arms, and legs.


  • Comes with a premium travel bag
  • RoHS-compliant and FDA approved
  • Very affordable


  • The velcro strap is not big enough

Waist Belt Pick: Far Infrared Portable Waist Graphene Heating Belt by SkyGenius

Mobile Heating Therapy Tool

Portable Waist Graphene Heating Belt by SkyGenius

Pain and Soreness can hit you anywhere, so it’s always a good idea to have your heating pad ready anytime you need it. This Heating Belt by SkyGenius uses graphene technology for pure FIR heat.

Why is it the best waist belt infrared heating pad?

We have tested infrared waist belts from UTK, Medicrystal and SkyGenius. All three pads provide same benefits of infrared heat but UTK and Medicrystal were very expensive. Moreover, those belts are bulkier and need direct power supply from an power outlet but the belt from SkyGenius is lightweight and can be used with a power bank for easy mobility. This gives you the convenience of strapping around your waist like a belt and allows you to use it anywhere like- on a bus. Beside that, it uses Graphene technology. Graphene materials are strong, thin and good conductor of heat that outperforms all other known materials.

The price of this product is very affordable which is around $35. It also has a good review frequency (Each 10 of the latest 30 ratings in 47, 106 and 21 days respectively). Moreover, this infrared healing pad is specially made for those who face sudden back pain from time to time and like to use it while working, driving, sleeping, cooking, sitting, reading, office, travel, driving etc.

Far Infrared Portable Waist Graphene Heating Belt by SkyGenius Review:


The package includes one waist infrared heating pad, one extension charger cord and an instruction book. The size of the waistline of the heating pad is 7.8 by 47.2 inches. It has an adjustable velcro strap that makes it suitable for everyone. It is portable which weighs only 13 ounce and is washable.


Graphene produces pure FIR wavelength of 6~19 microns, which is harmless and can be easily absorbed by our body. Kostya Novoselov and Andre Geim were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for discovering a material called Graphene.

Best Infrared Portable Heating Pads

Controller & Power:

It needs 5v power to operate and uses a USB connection for power supply. So you can use it with your laptop, adapter or with a power bank but these peripherals are not included with the package. The waist belt has three adjustable temperature settings (low, medium, high) to choose. One thing we were worried about is its maximum heat of 125.6℉ which is lower than any common infrared heating pad but a few of our volunteers found it pretty hot and effective while using it. So we would recommend you to start with a low temperature and then move to hotter temperature gradually.


Our volunteers and other independent users have used this infrared heating pad for back pain and the outcome was pretty good. For pains and stiffness such as- muscle soreness, muscle spasms, rheumatoid arthritis, this would be the perfect wearable infrared back pad.


  • Graphene technology for heating
  • Very portable and velcro strap makes it easy to wrap around your body
  • Mobility


  • Limited usability- abdomen, waist, and thigh only
  • Does not come with a power bank

Knee Wrap Pick: Infrared Heated Knee Brace Wrap by Arris

Ergonomic Choice for Knee Pain

Infrared Heated Knee Brace Wrap by Arris

Stay active even after a knee injury with the Arris Knee Wrap. Easy one touch operation lets you soothe your pain as you go about your daily activities. So convenient and easy to use.

Why is this the best Knee Wrap infrared heating pad?

Unlike other far Infrared heating knee wrap that does not allow you to walk freely due to they being thick and clumsy, this infrared heating knee wrap from Arris will allow you to walk and soothe the pain of your knee at the same time. It’s ergonomic in design which will allow you to wrap it around your knee with the adjustable velcro strap.

Despite of it having a very low price which is just around $50, we were surprised to find the use of graphene technology in it. It received its latest 10 ratings in 45 days which also indicates it’s a fast selling product. Additionally, it comes with a built-in thermal protection feature that will protect your skin from burning. If it gets overheated, it would automatically stop working until the standard temperature returns.

Infrared Heated Knee Brace Wrap by Arris Review:


The Infrared heating knee brace package contains a heated knee wrap, a rechargeable battery, a USB charge cable and a manual. We suggest you buy two knee brace so that you can use it on your both knees. For perfect fitting, the pad usually comes in two sizes- one size is for small to medium and the other one is for large to extra large. If your knee measures more than 40 cm then you should buy the larger one. The dimensions of the heating pad are 16 by 20 inches and the material is very soft that allows you to bend your knees easily.


It uses the graphene infrared heat technology just like the waist belt. It emits wavelength from 6-14μm which is absorbable by the human body. Manufacturer states that the heating material is made with carbon fiber and it is said to be safer, healthier, and more flexible than other heating elements. The temperature produced by the carbon fiber is 113℉ to 149℉ and it only takes 1 to 3 minutes to heat up.

infrared heating pad for knee brace

Controller & Power:

With a single button, you will be able to control your desired temperature. The color on the button and temperature will change every time you press the button. It will change to red for the highest temperature that is 149℉, white for the medium temperature of 131℉ and blue for lowest temperature of 104℉. The pad uses a rechargeable 7.4V Lipo battery that will serve you one hour at high, two hours at medium and three hours at a lower temperature with a full charge. It has a microprocessor controller and has three adjustable heat settings that will give you up to 132℉ of maximum heat which is very acceptable for your knee therapy.

We will suggest you get an extra battery pack for extended use. The battery uses a USB connection for charging which can be used with any wall charger of 100 to 240V or it can also be charged with your laptop but it will take longer.


While testing we found the pad heats up quickly and keeps your knee sufficiently warm. Warming your knee with infrared heat will stimulate blood circulation that will alleviate muscle soreness of your calf and will relieve your joint pains. It is also effective for the sprains and strains as well as pain related to arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, meniscus, and knee ligament injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL).

Moreover, our volunteers have tested and found that it would be perfect for those who like to stay active but had a knee injury or suffering from joint pains from overexertion or have any muscular aches. It can be used on your knee, calf, thigh and on your arm as well. Since it can only be used on fewer parts of your body, it is not so beneficial among many people comparing to other product that we have reviewed.


  • Comes with a rechargeable 7.4v battery
  • Thermal protection from overheating
  • Easy-to-use controller


  • Beneficial only for your knee

A List of 5 Other Products We Reviewed

No 6: Far Infrared Amethyst Large Mat by Ereada

Full Body Industrial Grade Heating Mat

Far Infrared Amethyst Large Mat by Ereada

This heating mat is made by Korean manufacturer Hyundai Medical Factory, and boasts of its ability to relieve pain, detoxify, energize and provide relaxation for the whole body. It also comes in different sizes.

Far Infrared Amethyst Large Mat by Ereada Review:

The mat is made with industrial grade material by the Hyundai Medical Factory Korea and marketed by an American company name Erada. While testing the mat we found it very durable, soft and made with heat resistant microfiber. PU film line makes it a clear window to view Amethyst crystals that have been infused into suede tubes. Beside that the mat is equipped with 7 intensity levels 68-158F double silicon EMF free Titanium heating system.


The classic brown far infrared mat comes in 5 different sizes. The one we have reviewed here has 39 by 75 inches in dimension which is an extra large infrared heating pad for single. Wider space makes it comfortable for sleeping. Including stones, the mat is compiled with 15 layers of different materials. It has a thickness of 1.5 inches and weighs around 40 lbs without the controller. Few models of Ereada mat has Photon red light LEDs for far infrared light therapy which is beneficial for, hair loss prevention & regrowth, anti-aging, wound care, pain relief, skin conditions, and much more.


Manufacturer states their stones are jewelry grade natural amethyst crystals from Korea and Brazil which are being crushed and polished. The mat contains 26 pounds of 3 to 9 millimeter of amethyst crystals. When hot these crystals emit infrared wavelength between 4~16 microns and emit negative ions naturally.

large infrared heating pad

Controller & power:

The controller has LCD, timer and auto EMI function which is made out with 2 levels of Circuit Board (PCB). You will be able to set session time for 3, 6, 8 hours and heating settings in the range between 86°F~158°F. It has dedicated ION button for air mat ionization that generates negative ion and automatically shuts off after 1 hour. It uses 120V you need a converter to use it on a 240 outlet.


This mat from Erada emits both FIR and Mid-infrared rays. These types of rays are 93% efficient for our body to absorb at a wavelength range of 4-16 µm. Moreover, heat from the infrared energized the layer of amethyst stones to penetrate up to 8 inches deep into our body.

This mat has the NP (Negative Potential) silver fiber layer that produces Negative Potential, known as EDNI or electrical discharge of negative ions. These ions are capable of restoring your cells’ natural electric field that relaxes and recharges the body and improves sleep quality.

Lastly, the manufacturer states that Great for Massage, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Osteopathy, Yoga, Naturopathy, Chiropractic, and other Energizing activities.


  • Durable
  • 15 layer
  • Seven adjustable heating levels
  • Lead Grounding Wire (EMI) for EMF


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

No 7: Universal Platinum Infrared Heating Pad by Thermotex

Relieves Pain Anywhere in the Body

Universal Platinum Infrared Heating Pad

Thermotex is a flexible heating pad that can easily be bent, flexed, and wrapped to reach any pained or inflamed part of the body. It is a durable pad with Velcro fasteners and temperature control for ease of use.

Universal Platinum Infrared Heating Pad by Thermotex Review:

THERMOTEX™ heat therapy is an advanced heating technology patented by Thermotex that can penetrate skin 10 times deeper than the regular heat and never dehydrates or burns skin. This technology is clinically studied and tested, so there is no risk of any kind in using this pad.


This infrared platinum heating pad has 3 flexible heating elements with Velcro straps, especially suited for much better isolation of the affected areas. This pad can be used in almost every part of your body, including arms, lower and upper back, hamstring and abdomen areas.

Infrared Panel:

Unlike many heating pads on the market that are unbendable, Thermotex infrared heating pad can be easily bent, flexed, and wrapped for convenient use. The pad is super soft and comes with 2 straps where you can use the shorter strap for your foot or wrist and then if you want to do on your back, you can use the longer strap to put all the way around your body.

thermotex platinum infrared heating pad

Controller & Power:

Its cord has the on/off button that you can expect from any high-quality infrared heating pad. Weighing only 2 pounds, its dimensions are 15.5 × 8 × 6 inches.


If you want to get relief from inflammation and pain then you need the Thermotex Universal Platinum Infrared Heating Pad. In just 20 mins of application, its infrared wavelengths can penetrate up to 2.36″ into the skin that causes increased blood circulation, resulting in an enhanced supply of proteins, nutrients, and oxygen. This helps you get relief from muscle pain, stiffness and spasms; joint pain related to arthritis; strains and sprains; and inflammation.


  • Effective
  • Velcro fasteners
  • Priced reasonably
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Durable


  • No benefits of any stones
  • No negative ion
  • Not flexible enough
  • Take time to heat up

No 8: Far Infrared Heating Pad by HL HEALTHYLINE

Lightweight and Portable FIR Heating Mat

Far Infrared Heating Pad by HL HEALTHYLINE

This gemstone heating pad utilizes jade and tourmaline stones to convert heat into infrared light into easily absorbable wavelengths, penetrating up to 8 inches deep into the body to relieve pain and inflammation.

Far Infrared Heating Pad by HL HEALTHYLINE Review:

The Healthyline, a famous American company registered by the FDA, is an expert at manufacturing Jade therapy mats, knee pads, pillows, and shoulder pads combining effective materials with technologies like infrared, negative ions, magnetic therapy, and PEMF. HL Healthy line Heating Pad is their latest creation to help you heal your muscle and joint pain without any hassle.


The Healthyline Infrared Heating Pad comes with the heating mat, a controller, a sauna blanket made of Mylar foil, and a carry bag. It’s made of a high-quality synthetic material that free of smell and chemicals. The material is also waterproof that makes it washable.


You will get 50 pieces of tourmaline and jade stones. It has a minimum of 500/cc negative ion level and 5-14 um far infrared level. The best part of this Tourmaline & Jade therapy mat is that it has 12 functional layers so your skin does not make direct contact with these heating elements jade therapy mats

infrared jade heating pad

Controller & Power:

This Jade stone infrared heating pad has the advanced filtration system and some additional EMF-blocking layers to ensure protection from EMF. It also boasts a digital display and a 12-timer that automatically shuts itself off. However, you can set the timer 3, 6, 12 hours apart as per your own needs and turn off the mat anytime.


HL Healthyline Jade far infrared heating pad is an excellent option to fight off the joint and muscle pain in areas like neck, shoulders, back, knees and feet. Its easy absorbance wavelength can penetrate as much as 8 inches deep in the skin to cause a biochemical reaction in your blood to relieve stress, combat depression and fatigue, improve metabolism and flexibility, and boost your immune system.


  • No EMF- Additional layer to block EMF
  • A far infrared heating pad with jade and Tourmaline Stones
  • High-Quality material
  • Lightweight


  • No session timer

No 9: Far Infrared Tourmaline Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief by UTK

Combination Stones, FIR, and Negative Ion Heater

Tourmaline Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief by UTK

This 21” x 38” heating mat is a versatile piece that can be used for back, shoulders, abdomen, arms, and legs. It delivers heat using natural jade and tourmaline stones plus infrared rays, and is free from radiation and EMF.

Far Infrared Tourmaline Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief by UTK Review:

This FDA-registered heating pad makes use of a nice combination of natural stones, far infrared rays and negative ions to ensure optimum healing. This is totally free of EMF and radiation, and well-tested before made available in the market.


The package includes the heating pad with Velcro straps, a shoulder strap to use it on your back, a handy instructional manual, a nylon zipper bag, and the electronic controller with a 12 feet cord. It’s made of soft PU leather with non-toxic PP cotton.


This heating pad comes with 126 natural tourmaline and jade stones that have the ability to emit way more negative ions than other low-cost models on the market. What’s more is that these negative ions promote proper oxygenation levels to your brains to soothe your mind and body in a gentle manner.

infrared heating pad for back pain

Controller & Power:

UTK far infrared heating pad has a smart controller that features memory function, auto shut-off, temperature and timer settings. You can adjust the heat by 1 degree F increments as per your comfort level and adjust the timer by o to 240 mins with 15 min increments. The 4-hour auto shut-off feature is effective in preventing any burns due to excessive heating.


This top-class heating pad is designed to treat sore muscles in your shoulders, abdomen, arms, legs, and back. Its 21″X38″ size is perfect to wrap around your body. It’s ideal for home and office use and you will see the benefits for yourself with just 30 mins of regular use.


  • Lower EMF
  • Memory Function
  • Auto Shutoff


  • Heavy

No 10: Far Infrared Graphene Heating Pad by BriGenius

Portable and Affordable Heating Alternative

Far Infrared Graphene Heating Pad by BriGenius

This heating pad by BriGenius utilizes graphene technology that releases far infrared wavelengths that’s very similar to that of the human body making it very safe and effective in relieving pain.

Far Infrared Graphene Heating Pad by BriGenius Review:

Just because this product took the 10th place in our list does not make it inferior in any way. In fact, this is one of the budget-friendly options that would be suitable for you if you’re on a tight budget but still want to enjoy the health benefits of far infrared pad therapy.


Graphene heating pad comes with the 12×15 inch pad, a power adapter, and a user manual. This pad is more like an infrared heating blanket that makes it best for neck and shoulder wrap. It contains 2 pieces of graphene heating film while the cover material is made of crystal super soft fabric and the inner cover material is PP cotton.


This heating pad works based on the ultra-modern graphene technology that is known to be the thinnest, strongest and newest material that is very effective in conducting heat. It’s far infrared is very close to that emitted by our bodies on a wavelength that makes the physical therapy very effective.

Far Infrared Graphene Heating Pad

Controller & Power:

There is an on/off switch, 3 different temp setting levels (high/medium/low), and the much-desired auto shutoff feature so you can easily use this on a regular basis. The touch control is quite easy to adjust with just one click.


This heating pad can be your weapon to fight off pain in your shoulders, arms, back, legs, and other areas. Your pet dog or cat can also get benefitted from this pad. The overall user experience of us was very positive, so was the reviews we checked both online and offline.


  • Reasonable space
  • Long Cord
  • Removal cover which is safe for washing


  • No timer but it shuts off after 1 hour

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Wrapping it Up

Unlike the traditional electric heating pads, infrared heating pads are much better and safer to use with almost zero possibility of burns or other injuries. Here we have shared our personal experience and research findings of some of the top infrared heating pads available today. We hope this in-depth review has already helped you make up your mind regarding which pad to use for your effort to relieve your pain.

For any queries, further info or any feedback on our review, feel free to get in touch with us with our Contact Us page.

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