deep fryer cleaning:

You need deep fryers to make some of the tastiest foods possible for the guilty pleasure you long for every now and then. To be able to make fried foods, you’d also have to learn how to clean a deep fryer. Without cleaning the deep fryer, your food will be contaminated. There are always leftover particles and grease on your fryer after you use it. It’s true that deep fryer cleaning is different from scrubbing dishes and it takes more effort but if you leave them like that, you’ll get a massive build-up of grimes which is much harder than cleaning them instantly.

Cleaning with the Traditional Method

Here is a step-by-step guide to deep fryer cleaning.

1. Clean According to Your Needs

You have to clean your deep fryer according to your usage. If you use the fryer regularly, you should change the oil frequently. In this case, you have to clean the fryer, at least, once every few days. You can prevent the stubborn grime from building up with this method. But if you use the fryer occasionally, say once every few weeks, you should clean it after use each time. Don’t put the fryer directly in the dishwasher or sink since water can damage the device with electrical shock.

2. Unplug Before Cleaning

Remembering to unplug your deep fryer is a crucial step in the cleaning process. Not only do you need to unplug the fryer but you also need to let the machine cool down before you start cleaning. The oil needs to be cooled down to at least 150℉ or you might get burned from the hot oil. The cooldown usually needs 2 hours. If you directly add water to hot oil, it might even explode.

3. Take out the Oil

If you don’t want to waste the oil and use it again, you can take it out. Drain the oil in a sealed container and then put it in a cool place for storing. If your fryer doesn’t have an opening for extracting oil, you have to extract it using a strainer. Strain the oil to take out any debris or food particles. Throw away the food crumbs you catch with the strainer. However, if you don’t want to use the oil again, store it in a container to throw it out of the house. If you pour down the oil onto the sink, the drainage might get clogged. In that case, you will require snaking the clogged area with a sink snake.

4. Adding Detergent

Take out the frying basket. Put it on the sink. Add 2-3 drops of detergent to the basket. You can also use soapy water to soak the basket. Let it sit for a few moments.

5. Wipe the Pot

You’ll still find oil on the pot and some on the lid. Use a damp sponge or a damp paper towel for wiping the residue away. Also, clean out any food scraps left on the fryer pot. You can scrape the pot off with a spatula or a pan scraper if there is a layer of build-up like a cake. Be careful about not hurting the finish. Most of the lids are removable so you can clean them easily. Take out any leftover oil with straining. Use plastic spatula or scraper for scraping the surface off and you won’t scratch the pot.

6. Clean the Heating Element

Most of the deep fryer models come with metal rods that work as the heating element. These rods get covered in oil. You can use a paper towel to wipe these residues off. But be careful about not breaking any part during the wiping. You can see thin wires in this area, so be careful around them.

If your model has a heating element that’s removable, you can easily clean it. You’ll see a hinge that you can pull up for cleaning.

7. Use Hot Water

If you’re wondering how to clean a deep fat fryer, pour hot water on the fryer pot. Make sure to save the electrical parts from soaking. Use hot water in the same amount as you would do on the fryer. Keep the hot water for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, work on other pieces.

8. Clean the Frying Basket

Put the frying basket under your tap and run hot or warm water over it. Dry it with a fresh cloth. Get rid of the remaining food particles either with a toothbrush or a scrubbing brush. Once you’ve got rid of the particles, remove the soap from the basket. Wipe the water with a paper towel and dry it over a towel or a dish rack.

9. Clean the Lid

The filters on the lid often get dirty but not all of them are removable. If yours is indeed removable, soak it in hot soapy water. Leave it to dry. If the filter is made of charcoal, you can’t wash it. You’d have to replace it once it gets clogged and grimy. You can clean the non-removable filters with a liquid cleaner and a damp cloth. Use another damp cloth for removing the oil and the detergent.

10. Check the Pot Again

Once 30 minutes have passed, it’s time for you to check the pot again for the final wash. Take out half of the water off the pot. Get a sponge and wipe the pot off with water in it. If you’re done cleaning the pot, throw away that water as well. You can use this easy clean deep fat fryer method to completely get rid of any kind of fat or oil on the fryer.

11. Use Baking Soda if Required

If you’re marveling how to clean fryer oil, baking soda is your solution. In case of residual oil or a sticky layer on the pot, you can use baking soda to get rid of it. Mix baking soda with warm water. Put the paste on a sponge and scrape off the sticky areas. Use a circular motion since you don’t want to scratch the surface. Rinse the pot with clean water. Make sure the fryer is completely free of soap. You can also use vinegar for a really stubborn residue. Use vinegar and water in a 1:10 ratio.

12. Dry Well Before Use

Let each part of the fryer completely dry out. For drying the outside of the dryer, use a towel. The inside of the fryer needs to be air dried. Wait until the air dries the whole thing. Give it enough time to dry out; otherwise, there might be some water in the fryer’s electrical system that can’t get out. You have to dry it out before plugging it in again.

Additional Tips on Deep Fryer Cleaning

  • You can use oven cleaners for a very dirty deep fryer. But rinse it more than once to make sure there’s no trace of the chemical left when you cook
  • For stubborn oil stains, use an oil-penetrating spray to make the stains fresh and then wash it away
  • Use vinegar on the sticky residue. Mix vinegar with hot water and soak a scraper in it. Use it to scrape off the residue and then use water for a complete rinse

Maintaining a Deep Fryer

We’ve given a complete deep fryer cleaning solution. But whether you have a deep fryer at home or you use a commercial deep fryer at your business, you’ll need to maintain it regularly besides cleaning it. Here are some deep fryer maintenance tips:

  • Strain and change the oil in a frequent manner. If it’s a commercial deep fryer, you’ll need to filter the oil at least once/twice a day. You can use a coffee filter for this
  • Don’t heat the oil at more than 375ºF
  • Clean the heating rods every time you pour new oil on the fryer
  • Clean the exterior of the fryer to prevent grime from gathering. If there’s grease, use a degreasing spray
  • “Boil clean” the fryer thoroughly once every 3-6 months. You can use products for boil clean if there are instructions from the manufacturer
  • Read the maintenance section of the user manual of your fryer. Cleaning and maintenance vary from model to model

Having a deep fryer comes with some responsibilities. You don’t want your food to taste stale. Regular deep fryer cleaning will ensure your hygiene and you will always be able to eat fresh tasting fried foods. With our easy clean deep fryer method, you can be sure that your fryer will be free of grimes.


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