Dutch oven peach cobbler: Use Your Dutch Oven To Make The Best Peach Cobbler Ever

Peach cobblers are incredibly delicious desserts, mostly made during the holiday seasons. Our grandmothers and the generations before used to make peach cobblers following processes that were too much time-consuming and required hard work. Since it used to take a long period of time to make these delicious recipes, over time their popularity decreased. But peach cobblers can now be made quite easily with various kinds of baking mixes and handy techniques. All you need is a top-quality dutch oven to make a delicious Dutch oven peach cobbler recipe and serve it to around 10 people without breaking a sweat.

Out of the many Dutch oven peach cobbler recipes I’ve scoured through, here’s one that I found in my Mom’s special cookbook. It’s no secret, so feel free to make a dutch oven peach cobbler and share the recipe with your friends and family.


Dutch oven peach cobblers are healthy desserts perfect for family get-togethers or for some fun baking time. The ingredients can be bought from any nearby mart.

  • You can use fresh or canned peaches, whichever you prefer. Take 6 cups of fresh peaches or use two cans (16 ounces each) of peach slices in fruit juice
  • 1 pint of fresh blueberries
  • Cinnamon (ground)
  • ⅓ rd cup of sugar
  • ½ cup of Bisquick baking mix

For the topping:

    • 2.25 cups of baking mix
    • 0.5 cup of milk
    • 0.25 cup of sugar
    • Half of a butter stick
    • Cinnamon sugar that has to be prepared by mixing 0.25 cup of sugar and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon. Store the sugar in a jar and always shake before using it.


First, you have to preheat your oven at around 350 degrees F. Then get your Dutch oven and spray vegetable oil all over the oven. Now it’s time to mix the ingredients into the Dutch oven. Start off by putting in peach. If you are using canned peach slices, remember to pour only fruit juice from one can and leave the other one undrained, but allow the peach slices to be mixed inside the oven. Then add the blueberries, sugar and baking mix and finally sprinkle the ground cinnamon.

Now you need to prepare the topping. Mix the baking mix, butter, sugar, and milk into a plastic bag that is resealable. A dough will be created soon. Pour some bits of the dough into the oven and mix with the peaches. Again sprinkle cinnamon onto the mixture.

Place the Dutch oven inside the pre-heated oven and let the mixture get cooked for around 45 minutes. When the top portion turns golden brown and looks crusty, you know you are done with your perfect Dutch oven peach cobbler recipe. You can serve this dish with whipped cream!

But if you do not have an oven that can fit in a Dutch oven or do not prefer to use any fryer either, you can use coals for cooking. For some recipes, the Dutch oven needs to sit on top of a group of hot coals but in some cases, you will have to heat the top and bottom of the Dutch oven. Set aside a few coals and place them on top of the lid of the dutch oven in that case. Some coals can be placed around the sides of the Dutch oven too.

While cooking, check on the cooking status every 10 minutes and observe the food along with the temperature. If it is too hot, remove some of the coal briquettes and if it is not warm enough, add 6 to 9 briquettes of coal.

4 Other Irresistible & Mouthwatering Dutch Oven Desserts

Dutch ovens are quite handy when it comes to making simple desserts at home. Many people have the notion that making desserts is a long and time-consuming process, but with a Dutch oven it is not so cumbersome. In fact, if you incorporate a Dutch oven into your camping gear, you will have plenty of options in hand. Here are four easy-to-make recipes for delicious desserts which I think will make you hungry in no time!

1. Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Cut cinnamon rolls into little pieces and place them at the bottom of your Dutch oven. Before placing the rolls make sure the oven is covered with aluminum foil. Or, if you have vegetable oil, use it to spray around the surface of the oven. Mix ground cinnamon, crack crumbs and brown sugar, and sprinkle this combination onto the rolls. Cover the oven and bake for around half an hour. Once the rolls are done and nicely warmed up, pour caramel topping as well as frosting.

2. Lemon Blueberry Biscuits

Spray vegetable oil all over your Dutch oven and then mix sugar, salt, flour, baking soda, and baking powder. Now add egg yolk, butter, lemon peel, and yogurt. Bake until it turns brownish, which would take approximately around 20 minutes. Mix the glazing items into a bowl and whisk. Once it’s smooth you can drizzle it over warm biscuits.

3. Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

Pour vegetable oil on your Dutch oven and line the sides of the oven with parchment paper. Take a separate bowl and mix eggs, cookie mix and chocolate syrup into it to form a soft dough. Now put peanuts into the dough. Press the dough against the parchment paper inside the oven and allow it to bake for around 25 minutes until you see a golden brown tint. Again cover the oven with a lid after you add chocolate chips, and cook for 5 minutes. Then wait for the chocolate to melt. Spread it evenly, allow it to set properly and then cut the mixture into any desired shape.

4. Cheesecake

Believe it or not, this recipe is quite easy to make and tastes amazing; so your friends and family members will keep coming back for more. All you need to do is first pour oil on your Dutch oven and place cracker crust at the bottom of the oven. Allow it to be warm for a few minutes. Take a separate bowl and mix sour cream and egg yolk. Use a blender for thorough mixing. Pour this mixture on the oven above the cracker crust and bake for half an hour. Once done, serve the cheesecake with toppings. Already feeling hungry?

These recipes for peach cobblers could look traditional and may not cater to your modern tastes. But you’ll miss out on the wonderful taste of peach cobbler if you do not try to bake any of these recipes at least once when you go camping. If you don’t like peach cobblers then you can try making other desserts and items that are not so traditional. You can bake your desserts before going on a camping trip; but for a more interesting experience, try these recipes whilst you are in camping mode with your family and friends. Get them to help you as well. With your Dutch oven, you can even cook main course dishes and side dishes, but it does require some practice. Let the inner baker in you experiment with different recipes and you’ll never want to go camping without your Dutch oven again.


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