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At Stuffoholics, we are serious about the privacy of our readers and we take all the steps necessary to protect it. In this privacy policy, we’ve given the information about how Stuffoholics stores, protects and processes your information collected by us it well as the requirements and obligations of this website in detail.

Personal Information

Stuffoholics is able to collect the personal information of its users. The term personal information refers to the information with which this site is able to identify the uses of this website. It can use a range of methods for this purpose through the resources, features, activities and services available on this platform.

The users are not bound to share their personal information with us and they are free to visit this site anonymously. As a result, all the personal information collected by us is voluntarily provided by the users. However, when personal information is not provided, the users may be unable to use specific services and features of this website.

Non-Personal Information

Stuffoholics is also able to gather Non-Personal Information of the users, which is a kind of information that does not allow the website to identify any user personally. Examples include your browser’s name and version, operating system, your internet service provider’s details, and so on. We usually use this type of information for improving this website and for analyzing website traffic.


Stuffoholics makes use of cookies with the sole purpose of enhancing the browsing experience of its users. Cookies may be referred to as small packets of data transferred to your computer system’s hard drive through the browser you use. These data packets usually have alpha-numeric information about the users, including the pattern of your browsing, the type of advertisements or products you like or dislike, and so on. Cookies enable us to provide each of our users with a personalized browsing experience to satisfy their needs. Your computer system will never be harmed by cookies in any way since they are unable to interact with the data stored on the hard drive of your device.

However, Stuffoholics grants its users the freedom to avoid accepting cookies from this website if they wish to. To do so, you have to adjust your browser’s settings regarding preferences for cookies. You should remember that Stuffoholics may not be capable of providing you with an excellent browsing experience in case you decide to disable cooking from this platform.

DoubleClick DART Cookies

Google, as a third party vendor, may make use of cookies for placing advertisements on this website. Google usually serves advertisements by means of DART cookies depending on the browsing pattern of Stuffoholics and other websites available on the internet. However, you as a user have the right to deny accepting DART cookies from Google. To change your privacy policy, visit Aside from Google, our advertising and affiliate partners may also use cookies and web beacons on this website. They may have access to your IP address with the help of these cookies and they may make use of the information to serve you better through personalizing the content that comes in the form of advertisements. Stuffoholics has no access to or control over the cookies from the third parties. Some of our partners are:

  • Google AdSense
  • Amazon Associates
  • Commission Junction
  • ClickBank
  • Target Corporation
  • Walmart Affiliate Program
  • Ebay Partner Network


How this website uses the collected information of the users

  • Your personal information allows Stuffoholics to improve its services. With the help of the personal information you provide, we reply to the queries you make and provide necessary support to you.
  • We also use your personal information to ensure a personal browsing experience for your convenience.
  • The non-personal information and feedbacks that we collect help us to improve this website.
  • If a user gives us their personal information when placing an order through this platform, we utilize that information only to process that specific request. This information is never shared by us with any third parties except with the requisite party up to the requisite extent.
  • If our users agree to receive survey, content-based and promotional emails from Stuffoholics, we may send emails to them.

How Stuffoholics protects user information

Stuffoholics makes use of the standard methods to collect, process and store the information given by you. All the collected information is secured with security measures for preventing any unapproved access, alteration, destruction or disclosure.

With whom and how we share the information

Stuffoholics does not sell, rent or trade the personal information given by the users. However, this website may share its users’ non-personal information with its affiliate, advertising and business partners, as mentioned above.

Third party websites

While browsing this website, you may stumble upon content or advertisements linked to the sites of or services from our sponsors, affiliates, partners, licensors, dealers and other third parties. Stuffoholics is not connected to the content, products or services from these third parties and this website does not control them. These content or advertisements may change occasionally and users who interact with these websites and links will do so at the risk of their own. Stuffoholics will no way be accountable for any type of loss suffered by a user while visiting or interacting with those third parties. We recommend that you should visit those websites only after checking their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Change to this Privacy Policy

Stuffoholics owns the right to make any changes to this policy whenever the need arises. We will not be held liable for informing a user personally or making a formal announcement prior to making any change. It is recommended that you as a user visit this page as often as possible to keep updated of the changes.


By using or visiting, you agree to the terms and conditions this policy contains. If any of the terms mentioned on this page is not approved by you, it is advised that you do not use this website any further. Moreover, if you prefer using this website once this policy experiences any changes, this will mean that the changes are automatically accepted by you.

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