simple front yard landscaping ideas: Smart Tips To Get A Pitch Perfect Lawn

What good is a beautiful home if it doesn’t have a beautiful lawn? That patch of green is the first thing that your neighbors see every time they walk past your house. So you definitely need to make it look good. Your lawn is your pride and your way of representing yourself to the neighborhood. It’s where your children will play and make beautiful memories. It’s where you’ll hold smashing outdoor parties and make a name for yourself in your locality. It’s where your pets will run around without a care in the world. If you want your lawn to look picture perfect, here are some great yet simple front yard landscaping ideas to get you started on scaping a stunning lawn that’ll make everyone jealous.

Planning The Layout

Before delving into the details of shaping your lawn, I want to tell you how important it is to plan out a layout according to your budget. You need to ask yourself a few questions. Where would you plant trees? What kind of shrubs and trees would you place in your yard? Remember that different plants have different demands of sunlight and water and they don’t suit all soil types. Only pick plants that would grow well in your yard.

Depending on the size of your front or backyard, you should plan a layout of where you’ll pave walkways, position rocks or boulders and where the flowers would be.

Would you plant flowering plants as they are or would you keep potted flowering plants in one corner of your lawn? Do you want fountains or small ponds? Would you grow climbing plants around your windows? Your lawn has to be functional. It still needs to be regularly maintained with lawnmowers and shouldn’t look too complicated. It can be an electric corded lawn mower, gas or diesel lawn mower or a good old pushing mower. Do you want to put up a fence? Once you have planned a layout, you can bring your imaginations to life by following some creative ideas.

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

The front yard should be spotless and beautiful if you want to attract your neighbors. If it looks too cluttered, people would hesitate to come even if you have an amazing home. If it looks too empty, people would assume your home is not well-decorated as well. These ideas can make your front yard look as if it’s straight out of a fairytale. You can implement these front yard landscaping ideas on a budget with minimal maintenance.

  1. The entry to your door is one of the most important decorations that you need to think of. If you’re not a huge fan of flowers but still want shades of pinks and reds around your front yard, you can plant azaleas. Azaleas come in a wide range of colors and can adjust to various climates. You can plant azaleas along with the entry to your doorway or along walkway boundaries. You can also add evergreen non-flowering shrubs along with the azaleas to not make the lawn look too flowery.
  2. Flower beds are a favorite, especially among pets, bees and other small animals like squirrels. If you have a big old tree in front of your house, you can garnish it with a pretty circular flower bed under its shade. Of course, you’ll have to plant flowers that grow well in shady areas, such as pansies, blossoms, begonias, etc. When you create the flower bed, don’t disrupt the tree roots. You can place rocks around the flower bed for a finished look.
  3. How amazing would it be if you had your own Mediterranean style fountain? The fountain would give your front yard an elegant feel. A flower bed full of petunia and other ground cover annual plants below the fountain would add extra oomph.
  4. Potted plants and flowers can be around the borders of your home, fences, and pavements. It would not only make your house look colorful but would also hide unusual creases and stains around the borders of your house.
  5. If you want to increase the value of your home and make it look catchy enough for your visitors, you can make window boxes! Seasonal or yearly flowers sprouting from your windows and hanging downwards really make a home look prettier. You could do this for guest homes and residences that have large, open and revealing space.
  6. Log and rock planters are great ways to beautify a lawn or a cottage garden. If these are placed next to water systems or natural ponds, the whole system looks even more natural. You can even use a wheelbarrow as a planter. Use soil mix with enough moisture and place the soil in the wheelbarrow. Use hydrangeas, blossoms, petunias, ivy or any hanging flowers of your choice in various colors.
  7. You can decorate the front porch of your home with hanging baskets stuck to the ceilings. The best flowers, in this case, would be petunias because they can flower for a long time and also grow well in dry soils.
  8. You could create a walkway to your door made of various kinds of river rocks, pebbles, crushed rocks, etc. You can use boulders according to the borderlines.
  9. Do not plant large trees if your house is small. In this case, you could plant medium-sized trees near the entry and then slowly plant smaller shrubs as you go away from the entry. If your house is large, you can give a tropical feel to your home by planting palm trees.
  10. In your front yard, you can create a circular paved portion where you can place seats, umbrellas or swings for your kids. You can create additional paved elements for placing trampolines or barbecue grills.

DIY Backyard Ideas

With these simple landscape ideas and the right gardening equipment, you’ll get a beautiful front yard if you really care about it. But what about your coveted backyard? Why should your backyard remain bare when there are so many ways to give it a cool makeover?

    1. You could create a stoned fireplace. Instead of a fireplace, you could also create a stoned corner to keep your grilling equipment and oven materials. So if you want an outdoor cooking experience, that’s how you should proceed.
    2. Do you have extra tree stumps lying around? You can chop them into proper shapes and use them as extra decorations and seats. They can act as perfect side tables where you can keep flower vases, pots, and baskets.
    3. For backyard pathways, use stepping stones with larger rocks in between every now and then to give a natural feel.
    4. Decorate your patio. You can arrange color-coded seats and tables on your stone paved patio and even hang a small swing or daybed if you want.
    5. If you have a stock tank at home, you could use it as a refreshing kiddy pool for your kids. This way, you wouldn’t need a swimming pool.
    6. A treehouse would be a great way for your kids to enjoy the outdoors. It could be in your front yard as well.
    7. For climber plants, you can make your own planters and ladders in designs you want on the walls of your house. This would ensure that the climbers and creepers are not going up here and there and that they stick to these designed shapes.

With a perfect front yard and a beautiful backyard, the satisfaction you’ll feel when you look at your own home would be priceless. Such decorations not only add splendor to your house, but they increase its value. Lawn maintenance is absolutely essential if you want the landscape to remain as it is. Shrubs need to be cut regularly and the grass needs to be trimmed every now and then with the lawnmower. Weeds and unwanted plants should also be taken care of. You should use lawn rollers to even out the grass. Your garden would soon become a haven for bees and birds. By following these simple ways you can keep your lawn pitch perfect in all seasons!


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