beginner spin workout:

When you were new to the fitness world and your friend or gym instructor asked you to participate in a spinning class for the very first time, you might have thought that they were asking you to make yarn for knitting. Well, that is exactly what had happened in my case. Little did I know at that time that spinning was an exercise method that involved riding a stationary bicycle.

However, today’s generation is well-familiar with spin bikes and they know that a spinning class is not the same as just riding on a stationary bicycle. These exercise machines are able to engage all the major muscle groups of your body and reduce fat from such common problem areas as the waist, thighs, glutes, stomach, and hips.

I understand you may not know how to make the best use of your spinning bike after purchasing from the market. Don’t worry, I will share a week-long beginner spin workout to help you start your fitness journey right at your home.

Day 1: Spin for 20 to 30 minutes

Spinning for 20 to 30 minutes on the very first day is enough. Set your spin bike’s flywheel resistance to a level that lets you cycle for that specific period of time. But if you have never been physically active before or never tried any beginner spin bike workout, even a 20-min spinning session could seem very hard to you. In that case, you can try spinning for 10 or 15 minutes that your body permits. You can also try to increase your stamina by running in your free time to get the more out from your spin workouts.

There is no fixed resistance level because it varies from one user to another. A resistance level that is light for your body could be very hard for another user who is also a beginner like you. So, if a particular level of resistance seems hard, adjust it for you to complete the 20-or 30-min session.

Also remember that you may suffer leg muscle soreness for the first couple of days after you start trying any spin bike workouts for beginners. Unlike an injury, this soreness is totally natural because you have never used these muscles before and this is a way your body is reacting to the exercise. So do not freak out and give up on your training session so fast if you experience such type of muscle soreness.

Day 2: Spin for 20 to 30 minutes but pedal faster

Maintain the same level of resistance that you did on the first day but try to raise your cadence or pedaling rate. I am suggesting that you pedal faster on the 2nd day so that you get accustomed to your spin bike. However, if you feel any soreness on your leg muscles, this will not be possible for you.

Day 3 to Day 5: Increase the duration by 5 minutes each day

From day 2 to day 6, add 5 more minutes to your spinning session every day keeping the same speed. With the passage of every day, you will feel that the resistance level is getting lighter than the day before. You can increase your resistance level a bit if you feel like doing so. It works the best if you purchase a spin bike for your home. Gyms might get crowded and its hard to get bikes free for such a long time.

When you are trying such spinning workouts at home and your spinning session reaches to the 45-min range, you will start burning 750 to 1000 calories in each session. By this time, you will notice that you are getting used to your spin bike and you will also start feeling the positive changes these spinning sessions are bringing about for your body.

Day 6 and Day 7: Toggle between regular and fast cycling

At this stage of your beginner spin workout, you can start trying interval training. To do so, start your spinning session with a regular cycling speed for the first five minutes, and then shift to a much faster pace for the following ten minutes. After that, get back to your regular pace for another five minutes and then the next ten minutes with a faster pace. Keep doing this till you are done with your 45-min long spinning session.

I hope this 7-day long spinning routine will help you start off with your spinning workout program and pave the way for you to become an advanced spin bike user soon. In short, the motto of this beginner spin workout regimen is – Go easy first and increase your resistance level over time.


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