Tropical Swimming Pool Designs: Make Your Backyard a Paradise!

A swimming pool is a great addition to your backyard, but designing it well to give it an attractive look is one heck of a task. Decide where you want your pool to be, what the shape as well as its depth would be. Based on that, the pool building crew will create a pool, but eventually, you’ll realize that it just doesn’t look nice enough.

Yes, you could call swimming pool designers to do the work for you. But to give it a more personalized touch, you could look up for some ideas, right? If you are someone who is thinking of creating a beautiful pool without any leaks or other issues and you want to revamp the looks of your lifeless backyard, the Stuffoholics team is here to help!

How to Plan for Your Swimming Pool?

Swimming Pool Planning
You’ll most likely need a building permit to build your swimming pool. Some neighborhoods don’t allow swimming pools at all, so be sure to check on that as well. Think of the location and what the shape of your swimming pool would be. Also, consider the depth. If you have children, you may want to make it shallow.

How many entrances would you want in your pool? Depending on your budget, plan the swimming pool designs ahead. If your house is a permanent one, you could use concrete for your swimming pool foundation since it’s very durable; but it’s also expensive. Fiberglass pools are a bit cheaper, while vinyl pools are the cheapest. The wiring and the plumbing can be taken care of by the pool building crew. All you have to do now is add water!

Test the pH level of your water and make good use of top-quality pool cleaners to keep your swimming pool clean and hygienic in all seasons. Next comes designing your swimming pool.

Painting Swimming Pools

Designing Swimming Pool
Pool paints and coatings can come in many colors, not just blue. No matter what the foundation of the pool is, paint can be applied and it’ll last for years. If you want to take a creative approach you can do designs with the paint as well. Maybe choose multi colors, or use different tile patterns with logos and murals. There are three kinds of pool paints. Depending on your needs and budget you should select a type.

Epoxy paints last up to 7 years, making them quite durable and they can fight against UV rays as well. They’re suitable for new pools or ones previously painted with epoxy. Another type is the rubber base paint. It’s not expensive or long-lasting like epoxy, but it’s easy to use and can last few seasons. The synthetic versions can last up to 4 years.

Primer paints are also available that can help convert rubber-based paints into epoxy versions. The third type is water-based acrylic paints that can be applied to damp surfaces and repainted regularly. They usually last around 3 years and are mostly used for commercial purposes. Follow the manufacturer’s guide and paint responsibly. Prepare and clean your pool first, then start painting. Once your painting task is done, it’s time to install some neat ideas.

Different Types of Swimming Pool Designs

Exotic Swimming Pool design
Before having the ideas, let’s take a deeper look into the various kinds of swimming pool designs that you can use for your backyard pool. Be it a tropical or a modern pool, after reading this, you’ll definitely figure out what you want.

Modern pools: These pools have clear geometric shapes with striking colors and an attractive collection of mosaic tiles. Often you’ll see these pools in spas. Usually, they have a concrete and cement build.

Mediterranean pools: You’ll easily recognize these designs as they have ancient Greek or Roman styles. You may find stone deckings and fired tiles, water lines and mini waterfalls here and there. Cypress trees could give an Italian feel.

Traditional pools: These pools are mostly found in homes. They’re either kidney-shaped or rectangular, with the pool being layered with stones or bricks around the border. The water shading may resemble a lake.

Indoor pools: These types don’t require much maintenance and cleaning since they’re protected from dust and dirt from outside, and are usually open and used even in winters. The temperature of the water in these pools are easier to control with a pool heater. This may be a good investment if you want to swim all year round. This also gives you opportunities to decorate the indoor walls.

Tropical pools: This is our favorite because there’s a wider variety of options for decorating and making the pool look aesthetically pleasing. Just the look of the tropics can give you a feel of a vacation right from your patio. You can add waterfalls, tropical plants like palm trees and rocks to decorate tropical pools.

How to Give a Tropical Feel to Your Pool?

tropical swimming pool
Wouldn’t you love to swim in the Caribbean or head to the distant tropics of Hawaii? If you can’t do that at this moment, you can always design tropical pools, and Stuffoholics has the perfect pool design ideas!

  • The Bahamas is a famous tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches, and if you want the Bahamian feels, you could install gas lanterns on the porch. Doesn’t your tropical pool look dreamy already?
  • Pastel colors of the patio and the surroundings of your tropical pool would give it a very resort-like feel. So try to avoid deep colors.
  • You could actually add stepping stones that appear like corals or have coral colors. This way, you would feel like you’re walking on water amongst corals.
  • You could install walls with climber plants around. Although plant landscaping around a pool doesn’t add to the tropical vibes, they definitely make for awesome backgrounds in summer pool party photos.
  • Have palm and coconut trees in and around your backyard so your tropical swimming pool looks like something straight out of the Caribbean Islands.
  • You could have a tropical themed patio with wooden chairs and tables. As an extra attraction, add breezy curtains to cover the surroundings of the patio. Have coconut cocktails and tropical drinks during parties would help create a beautiful atmosphere.
  • Don’t forget to place lounge chairs and umbrellas. The color should match the pastel shades used around the patio as well as the swimming pool design itself.

These are just some ideas, and there are plenty more. It doesn’t have to be tropical. You could try other themes as well. Talk to an interior designer to check out more ideas on how to synchronize the exteriors of your home with your swimming pool.

Swimming pools are a great source of fun and the perfect way to light up barbecue events and DJ nights. Not just for booze and parties, swimming pools are great for kids to learn some important skills as well. However, if it’s not aesthetically good looking, nobody would want to even come close to your backyard pool.
tropical swimming pool
This is why keeping the pool clean in all seasons and beautifying it is so essential. It’s a part of your house after all. One of the most popular themes used for pools are the tropics because let’s face it, everyone wants the vacation feel at home. With these ideas, you can surely feel like you’re in the tropics right at the comfort of your own home. Try them and see the magic for yourself!


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