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Power washers are those incredible home electrical appliances that can get your house cleaned in no time. They are extremely versatile because you can clean almost anything with them! From gutters to cars to the outer walls of your home, power washers are able to wash them all. But how does an excellent power washer do so much washing effectively? In fact, it all depends on its nozzle. There are various kinds of power washer nozzle, each with the ability to send out water under different pressures.

Also, water flow that is coming out from each nozzle type is different. So, you get to clean surfaces depending on the pressure of water your power washer is able to provide. For example, if a nozzle sends out water with higher pressure, it can be used to clean surfaces with stubborn stains. Furthermore, you can add detergent to the water and wash with soap water. To wash all kinds of surfaces, you need to know about the seven different types of power washer nozzles available and how to replace them for various purposes.

How to Select a Power Washer Nozzle?

For a steady and vigorous flow of water your pressure washer should be able to create pressure within the range of 150 to 7200 PSI. The orifice of various nozzles comes in different sizes, and depending on the size, the appropriate amount of water comes out from the nozzle with the pressure you want. You have to match the size of the nozzle orifice with the cleaning units of the power washer you have. If the nozzle orifice size is too small, too much pressure could build up and cause damage to the machine if it’s too much to handle. If the nozzle orifice is too big, the power washer can’t clean as effectively as it should.

Power washer manuals usually come with a chart made by the manufacturers which you can use to check what nozzles are compatible with your washer. For example, if your power washer pump has a rating of 3000 PSI in 5 GPM, the recommended nozzle size would be indicated as 5.5 (up to 6). The chart and manual could help you decide better on what nozzle sizes would be appropriate for your power washer. Once you know the range of sizes, you should consider the physical aspects of the nozzles and look for various types.

Types of Power Washer Nozzles

If you end up with the wrong type of power washer nozzle for a particular surface that needs to be cleaned, you won’t be able to clean properly. Nozzles are also called spray tips, and selecting the right one for the right job is essential for an effortless cleaning function.

  1. 0 degree nozzle: This nozzle is usually seen in a red tip. It covers very little area but shoots out water in extremely high pressures. Using this could be dangerous, so be careful when using it. It’s usually not required since the size is so tiny. It would take ages to finish cleaning an area. So use it only if you have to wash too much stubborn rust or stain.
  2. 15 degrees nozzle: These nozzles come in yellow tips and can be used to clean surfaces before painting on them. Mud and dirt can also be easily removed with this type of power washer nozzle.
  3. 25 degrees nozzle: These nozzles are widely used in homes because they can handle large and tough surfaces like concrete, cars, boats, patio furniture, and much more. Their tips are green in color and push water out through a wider hole, which is why these are perfect to clean larger surfaces.
  4. 40 degrees nozzle: These nozzles appear white in color and can be used to gently clean fragile surfaces, such as glass windows. The wider the angle, the lower the pressure of water.
  5. Black tip nozzle: These nozzles are usually used to create soap water. It has the widest degree of shooting out water and also higher pressure, allowing the detergent and water mixture to be shot out properly. So when you want to clean something with soap because this is effective, this nozzle is what you need.
  6. Power washer turbo nozzle: These are also called power washer rotating nozzles because the water comes out in the form of a rotating blast. It uses the combination of the spray area of a 25-degree nozzle and the high pressure of a 0-degree nozzle. This creates a jet of rotating water with a speed of 1800 rpm to 3000 rpm. If you shoot the jet of water onto a surface you’ll see a cone-like formation of water.
  7. Variable nozzle: This nozzle is basically a 5-in-1 nozzle. It can shoot out water in 5 different pressures, with you having the ability to adjust the pressure whenever you want.

Usually, when you buy a power washer, it will come with three or four nozzles. You can separately buy the other ones if you need them. These nozzles work on both electric and gas power washers. While electric power washers are portable and come cheap, gas pressure washers are more powerful and used to clean larger surfaces. When cleaning, ensure to point the spray gun downwards. Before using a pressure washer or testing new nozzles, make sure anything that can be damaged due to high pressure of water is away from the surface to be washed.

Power Washer Nozzle Replacement

Replacing a power washer nozzle is actually quite simple and takes only a few minutes. Take the spray gun wand and lift the retainer upwards so that the existing nozzle can easily be pulled down. Then lift the retainer upwards again and push in the new nozzle to install it. Release the retainer onto the nozzle to secure it tightly. Turn the power washer on and check to see if the new nozzle is working properly. There are some unique types of nozzles available, other than the ones I mentioned. You could try those as well. There are brushes and other types of attachments that can be attached to a power washer, allowing other types of cleaning rather than just washing.

Power washers are genius devices that can clean your home and make it appear spotless and brand new. These are the perfect equipment for cleaning homes, especially before organizing any events. A good-looking, clean and beautiful house can attract buyers, which is why many people opt to clean their houses before selling them. If they can’t use power washers, they often rent professionals to do it for them. The professionals often use industrial washers that are highly durable and can clean up hard surfaces such as concrete and metal easily.

If you are one of those who like to save a few bucks, you could simply clean your house yourself. You don’t need to clean around with detergent all the time, but cleaning once in a while with soap could keep surfaces clean and free of pathogens. Sometimes pressure washers come with brush attachments that can sweep off dirt and dust before washing. When using a power washer, safety is essential that you should never forget. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from debris and dust. With regular cleaning your home will look gorgeous in all seasons, and a power washer can help you with that.


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