Pressure Washer Foam Cannon - Car Wash Made Easy

Pressure washers have become so affordable and easy to use that we use them everywhere to get rid of dirt, dust, debris, biological matter, etc. We use them to clean our homes, certain equipments and even our rides! So if you get yourself a pressure washer, you can clean till your car parts look spotless. But just the pressure washer isn’t enough. What you’ll need is a foam cannon that can be attached to it. Foam cannons are also called foam guns, but foam cannons are more heavy-duty and are generally used on pressure washers. They can create heavy thick foam all over the car, which gives the car a better wash and finishing with little scratches or abrasions.

What To Look For When Choosing A Foam Cannon

With a foam cannon, car wash can be done within a short amount of time. To ensure optimum washing and cleaning you need the right kind of foam cannon. This is where many people go wrong. Here are a few ways to ensure that you pick the foam cannon that best serves your purposes.

  • If you live in a place where there are noise restrictions, use of power washer foamers could be a problem. There are two kinds of pressure washers, and in this case you should opt for a gas powered pressure washer. Electric ones tend to be slightly less efficient when it comes to producing foam and also make more noise.
  • If you live in a place where it’s alright to use an electric power washer, you’re good to go! Pick a foam cannon that’s compatible with both electric and gas washer in case you have both types.
  • Choose a pressure washer foam cannon that’s straightforward to use, comfortable and hassle-free. Ensure it is sturdy and well-built so that there are no chances of leaking.
  • You should choose a pressure washer foamer that works at only 800 PSI pressure, to get the perfect thickness and suddy texture. This would allow proper surface lubrication without creating scratches.
  • Of course you would want to pick a foam cannon that is well in your budget and comes with more features within an affordable range. Foam cannons come with adjustable spray nozzles, chemical injector, water regulator and fan. The spray nozzle determines how wide or how straight the spray pattern would be. Some can be fitted with garden hoses as well, and these are known as foam guns. So in case your pressure washer isn’t working, you can try washing your car with a foam gun adjusted to a garden hose.

How To Set The Foam Cannon For Car Wash

  • Preparing the soap. You want the right amount of thickness. Too thin means when you wash you could cause scratches due to lack of lubrication. Too thick and it would take a lot more time to clean up. Take a can of snow foam and two buckets. Insert dirt traps into each one of them to trap abrasive particles of dirt. Fill the buckets with water. In the wash bucket, pour an ounce of soap into the water.
  • Prepare the foam cannon. Car wash would be perfect if you pick the appropriate foam cannon. Open the canister of the cannon. Take a canister that shows dilution ratios, so that you add the appropriate amount of soap and water. In this case, add an ounce of soap and fill the rest of the canister with water.
  • Get your car out in the open. It’s time to wash! You know have your pressure washer and foam cannon ready, but before using the foam cannon, it’s better to prepare the car beforehand with some rinsing. You should inspect the car at this point. Does it need only rinsing? Does it need a full-on soap wash? If you use the car almost everyday then only rinsing is enough. If not, then every weekend a good soap wash is enough to get your car looking good.

How To Get The Perfect Car Wash

Rinse the car from top to bottom always. Usually the tires are the dirtiest parts so make sure the tires are well-rinsed with a pressure washer simply pushing out water. Once you have done rinsing, the real challenge begins.

  • Attach the foam cannon to the wand of the pressure washer. You can do this by pulling the sleeve backwards, setting the foam cannon and then letting go of the sleeve on the wand back into place.
  • There would be an adjustable fan on top. Make sure this adjustment is kept open wide so that the soap coming out is thick enough. If you adjust the fan tighter, the spray would be more vertical which would essentially cover more surface area.
  • On the very top you’ll see the soap adjust. If you keep this wide open only water will come out, but if this is tightly adjusted to the right, thick foam would come out.
  • Turn on the pressure washer to the same settings as you previously did when rinsing with it. You’ll see your foam cannon spraying out thick soap. Start from the top of the vehicle in a linear fashion. You can’t do it from the bottom because tires are incredibly dirty, and spraying water with such pressure could blast the dirt off the tires towards other parts of the car and make them dirty. Cover the whole car with thick soap.
  • Spare a few moments. Let the soap sink in. Next use a scrub to rub the soap across the entire body of the car. Don’t scrub with too much pressure, otherwise the paint job would be ruined. Then wash the soap off with a pure water rinse.
  • You can even clean the insides of your car by using the same foam cannon, but it should be attached to a foam cleaner leather in this case.
  • Don’t store your foam cannon away with water and soap, as it could lead to accumulation of calcium deposits over time, which would decrease its efficiency. Remember the buckets I mentioned before? One contained only water while the other contained soap. Pour the remaining soap inside the soap containing bucket, then wash the foam cannon in the other bucket. This way your foam cannon will last for a long time.

We’re not done yet! Although you have rinsed, scrubbed and washed your car off, it seems your car is is still lacking that lustrous gloss you’ve been looking for. Start of by using a dual-action polisher, which will use car polish or conditioning oils. These oils add extra sheen especially on cars with darker colors. Then you can add wax. Carnauba wax or polymer wax, whichever you use is fine. However, polymer wax dries quick and can be removed soon after applying.

It’s also slightly expensive and easy to apply. For car windows, separate auto window cleaners are available. You can use microfiber cloth to apply the window cleaner, for smooth and shiny windows. The rims of the wheels can be cleaned using aluminium wheel cleaners. These are especially helpful if you don’t know what tyres you have. With the tyres, windows and the entire car cleaned, you’ll feel incredibly satisfied. Nothing feels better than seeing your perfectly spotless and clean ride.


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