Gas Power Washer Vs Electric Power Washer: Which One Serves Better

So, you have been thinking about getting a pressure washer machine for some time? It is easy to get confused when determining which pressure washer cleaner should you buy, a gas or an electric pressure washer? Well, actually that depends on your washing requirements. If you are planning to use your pressure washer machine for cleaning your driveway, car, or windows, chances are that you can get your work done with an electric pressure washer. Electric power washers are way cheaper than their gas counterparts. However, with the extra gas pressure washer cost, there come some extra facilities, which are unavailable in an electric pressure washer.

In this guide, we have talked about gas pressure washer vs electric pressure washer in detail so you can choose the best pressure washer according to your own needs.

Gas Power Washer

Gas power washers are great for cleaning outside objects where you can’t get electricity. They don’t require any power cord and are usually big in size. The cleaning pressure (PSI) and water flow magnitude (GPM) of gas pressure washers are greater than electric pressure washers. This makes them perfect for cleaning stubborn and sticky dirt and unwanted objects from the cleaning surface. With a gas pressure washer, you can do your cleaning staying much further away than an electric power washer. Another plus point of having a gas pressure washer is its versatility i.e. you can attach lots of accessories to your gas power washer based on your specific needs.

Gas Power Washer Pros & Cons



  • Durable with heavy-duty service.
  • Large size, heavy and difficult to carry.
  • High cleaning power, best suited for the toughest grimes.
  • Requires gasoline, which costs more than electricity.
  • A wide array of accessories.
  • Produces noise and monoxide gases.

Electric Power Washer

Electric pressure washers are light in weight, cheap and have enough power to clean up stains, molds and other unwanted objects from wood, steel, and plastic. These features make them a perfect home pressure washer. However, electric power washers don’t have that much versatility like gas power washers do. You cannot use an electric pressure washer outside without a power cord unless it has a built-in battery.

Electric Power Washer Pros & Cons



  • Lightweight, easy to carry and plug-in operation
  • Cheaper components
  • Lower upfront cost
  • Less cleaning power
  • Perfect cleaning solution for household uses
  • Requires more time to clean tough grimes

Comparison Between Electric Vs Gas Pressure Washer

  • Design & Durability

There are some clear distinctions between a gas power washer vs electric power washer’s design. The gas pressure washers tend to be heavy since they need some extra space for the gas combustion unit. Since gas power washers usually cost more and provide a heavy-duty cleaning performance, they are mostly used for commercial purposes. That is why the manufacturers nowadays make gas powered pressure washers with more durable components.

In terms of durability, gas power washers are the clear winner. However, it is not fair to complain about the light design and building quality of electrical pressure washers since they make up for their lack of durability with lower prices.

  • Cleaning Power

In terms of cleaning power, the appropriate measurement parameter is the CU (Cleaning Units) rating. CU rating is the product of PSI and GPM. PSI means pounds per square inch and it refers to the pressure that the pressure washer machine is putting on per square inch. GPM means gallons per minute and it denotes the water outflow rate per minute in gallons.

Gas power washers are capable of generating more cleaning pressure with a range of 2000 to 4000 PSI. Their GPM range is in between 1 to 4. On the other hand, electric power washers come with PSI and GPM range in between 1000 to 2400 and 1 to 1.6 respectively.

It is quite clear that in terms of cleaning power, gas power washers are one step ahead of electric pressure washers.

  • Size & Weight

For the gas combustion engines, gas pressure washers are big in size and weigh more than electric power washers. Due to their lightweight, electric power washers are best to navigate while cleaning fences and vehicles. In terms of size and weight, the plus point goes to the electric power washer.

  • Portability

Although gas power washers are heavier than electric power washers, they are ahead of electric power washers. The main reasoning behind that is the inclusion of 2 or 4 puncture-proof wheels to the gas power washer machines. Moreover, you can use a gas pressure washer machine in any remote areas if you need to do so. Although electric power washers are more maneuverable, you can’t use them outside without electric powerline unless your electric pressure washer model comes with a built-in battery.

  • Noise & Gases

Gas pressure washers are noisier than electric power washers because of their engines. Gas power washers usually make 85 to 100 decibels. On the other hand, electric power washers make around 78-80 decibels noise.

Another thing to note here is that gas power washers produce monoxide gases. Hence, they can’t be used inside any room. On the other hand, electric power washers don’t have this problem.

  • Attachments

Both gas and electric power washers come with different pressure washer accessories. But gas pressure washers support more attachments which offer more versatile usage opportunities.

  • Price

In comparison between gas power washer vs electric pressure washer cost, electric pressure washers deserve the point. The price of an electric power washer starts at $100. On the other hand, the price of a gas power washer starts from $300.

Final Verdict

Pressure Washers




Long durability

Less durable than Gas power washers


2000 to 4000 PSI

1000 to 2400 PSI


1 to 4 GPM

1 to 1.6 GPM


85 to 100 dB

78 to 80 dB

Starting Price



As you can see, there is no obvious winner when we compare electric vs gas pressure washer. It depends on your cleaning requirements and your preference for durability over price. If you are considering gas vs electric pressure washer for cars, sidewalks or households for regular cleaning purposes then an electric pressure washer would do just fine with minimum costs. On the other hand, gas pressure washers are best for situations where high cleaning power is needed. They provide more versatility with a variety of accessories. That is why gas power washers are mostly used in commercial spaces.

The bottom line is if you need regular cleaning for household uses where electricity is nearby, an electric pressure washer would do just fine. And if you are against tough grimes and want a portable, heavy-duty pressure washer machine, then a top-quality gas power washer should be your first choice.


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