The hardest part of owning guns is storing them. Even with the modern gun safes, the gun owners aren’t safe from burglary. A gun safe also takes up a lot of space in the house. So, we’re going to discuss some little known hidden gun safe ideas. You can not only keep your guns safe from burglars but you can also save a lot of home space.

Best Hidden Gun Safe Ideas

Out of the different gun safe storage ideas, we’ve selected the 10 best ideas for hiding your guns.

1. Mirror Gun Safe

Hidden gun safe ideas: hidden gun safe furnitureIf we’re talking about gun safe interior ideas, this is a great idea for storing your guns in your master bedroom. You can store all of your firearms inside a mirror. There are several mirror gun safes available in the market that looks exactly like a full-length mirror but has hidden compartments for storing guns. These mirror gun safes don’t provide the optimum security for your guns but they’re certainly a great discovery and better than the closet gun safe ideas. The mirror also adds to the aesthetics of your bedroom. The safe has a locking mechanism, so someone who doesn’t have access to your firearms won’t be able to unlock it.

2. Clock

hidden gun safe ideasIt’s probably the least costly option on the list. Most of the wall clock gun safes are made from mantel clocks. Due to their large body, the clocks won’t cause any suspicion. Although they are meant to be on the fireplace mantle, you can simply put them on a table, shelf or bed.

It’s not a suitable option if you have children in your house since you have to lock the safe with magnets and it amounts to no protection for children. It’s a great place to hide your firearm from burglars. They won’t be able to guess that there could be a gun inside the clock. You can easily store even the biggest handgun in a gun clock. There are also large wall clocks that can hold rifles and shotguns.

3. Bed

You can turn your bed into a concealed gun safe in more than one way. For example, you can use the headboard as a gun hiding place. It’s not only a safe location for your gun but you can also quickly draw the gun in cases of emergencies. If your bed has posted, you can use them as safes for the long guns.
hidden gun safe ideas: hidden gun safe furniture

You can easily turn your bedposts into gun safes. Since the bedposts are hollow on the inside, you can remove their top and use the empty space for storing guns. You need to set a hinge on one side of the bedpost and you can get easy access to the weapon by flipping it up.

hidden gun safe ideas: gun safe room ideas
Hidden Gun Safe Furniture

You can also try hiding your firearms under your bed. You can make drawers on your bed by yourself under the mattress and use them to store weapons using a few essential woodworking tools. You can store your entire collection of firearms if you have a big bed. If you have experiences of working with wood, you can make the headboard and the drawers for storing guns without having to pay any additional money.

4. Gun Safe Room

You can use the gun safe room ideas for hiding your guns. Build a hidden gun safe room inside your home. You can turn one of your rooms into a gun safe room and then cover the vault door with a bookshelf or a normal wooden door. You can also bring in an architect and build a hidden wall gun safe attached to your bedroom or living room.

Finally, you can build your hidden gun safe room in the basement of your house. Wherever you build it, make sure you’ve used a quality vault door and you’ve covered the door well. There are several gun safe cover ideas that you can use for covering the door. Before you build it, plan out your budget since this costs a lot.
hidden gun safe ideas

5. Stairs

gun safe interior ideas: Hidden gun safe ideasYou can turn the hollow space under your stairway into a gun safe. This is not a place burglars will look for guns. Make sure you’ve installed a good locking mechanism on the door.

You can also turn one of your stairs into a drawer for keeping guns. If you own a lot of weapons, you can even turn all the stairs into drawers. You may take help of a woodworking shop to make the drawers or you can do it yourself. This is one of the best built-in gun safe ideas since you can get a readymade staircase with storage inside nowadays.

6. Book

hidden gun safe ideas
Concealed Gun Safe

Books are indeed man’s best friend. Now you can turn your book into a hidden gun safe. Simply get a small gun safe and cut one of your books that matches the size of the safe. You have to cut through all of the pages until only the binding is left. Insert the safe inside the book. You’ll get a handy gun safe and you can store it with other books on your bookshelf where no burglar will even imagine looking. But don’t do this if you have children in your house since it’s well-hidden but not well-secured.

7. Couch

No, this doesn’t belong to the walk-in gun safe ideas. You are going to free some space under your couch or sofa and install a gun safe there. The cushions provide good opportunity to store the guns safely under them. Don’t put a safe that’s too large under the cushions or it will appear bulgy. You don’t want anybody to look at your couch with suspicion. Although it’s a great idea, it will cost you more than the other options. The soft cushions will provide safety to the gun safe underneath and it won’t be a problem if everyone in the family sits on the couch.

gun safe storage ideas
Hidden Gun Safe Furniture

If you don’t want to buy a gun safe, you can also turn your couch into a hidden gun safe furniture. In this case, you’ll have to make a trap door and then cover it with cushions. It is one of the safest DIY gun safe options if you have children in your house.

8. Foot Stool

hidden gun safe furnitureAnother great idea for making a hidden gun safe is turning your footstool into a gun safe. It will be portable and yet hidden from everyone except you. You can also transform your gun safe into a footstool by dressing it correctly. The greatest advantage of this idea is that the safe is not attached to anything, so you can take the footstool to any place you want.

9. Picture Frame

This is a popular method for storing guns and can be seen frequently in Hollywood movies. You can make your own picture frame or get them readymade. The only downside to this method is that you can’t store the big guns inside the frame. It’s mainly an idea to keep your gun hidden in case of an emergency.

You can also use an all-purpose picture frame with storage inside to keep your gun. There are multiple choices for the lock on the frame: key, magnetic and combinations. The picture frame gun safes commonly function by sliding. You can go for another type where there’s a gun stand behind your picture frame.

10. Vents

This might be one of the most covert gun safe shelving ideas. You can safely store your guns inside the vents of your house. For this, you’ll have to buy an in-wall gun safe. These gun safes are designed to be completely hidden. They come with a car that looks like an ordinary blank key card and it operates with radio frequency. Once the safe is exposed to the card from nearby, it will automatically identify the radio frequency of the card and will pry open. The locking system requires batteries, so go for the one that has an alert system to tell you when the battery is low.

You can also get fake air vents that are actually gun safes. All you need to do is replace the existing air vent at your home with this fake air vent.
hidden gun safe furniture: secret gun safe

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Hidden Gun Safes

1. Advantages

  • Not every law allows a gun safe in the house due to its heavyweight. But with these lightweight hidden safe ideas, that won’t be a problem
  • Since these safes look like ordinary furniture or decor pieces, no one with a plain sight will be able to locate them
  • Only you will know the location of your hidden gun safe. So, you can reach your firearm very quickly and safely in case of an emergency
  • If you have multiple hidden safes, there are almost no chances that all of them get found and stolen. Even if one or two of your hidden safes are found, you’ll still have access to the others

2. Disadvantages

  • The hidden gun safes won’t be fireproof or even if they are, the fireproofing won’t be as good as on a traditional gun safe
  • With a gun safe, it’s a 50/50 chance that the burglar will be able to break into the safe. But if a burglar accidentally finds the location of your hidden safe, it’s definitely going to get stolen

Tips for Using a Hidden Gun Safe

  • If you really need to tell someone about your secret gun safe, make sure you’re telling a person you trust
  • Make sure the gun is concealed properly and doesn’t appear as obvious
  • If you get a readymade hidden gun safe, peel out the label
  • Don’t only store your guns in the safe but also add ammunition, a flashlight and other important accessories that you might need during an emergency
  • Hide or throw away the cans or boxes that came with your guns, ammunition or hidden gun safe, so no one can know that you own guns

With our hidden gun safe ideas, you can keep your firearms safe from any unwanted hands. Make sure that you ensure proper gun safety practices in storing and using guns, especially if you have children in your home.


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