binocular harness: Why You Should Not Go Hunting Without A Binocular Harness

When you go out into the dark, humid forests and see a wild deer staring right at you with its yellow eyes, do you feel the excitement coursing through your veins? You start observing every movement of your prey. Suddenly, the bushes nearby move and you turn back. What do you do next? You look back and see nothing but dark silhouettes of trees. You go a bit forward and realize you have just lost your game. You start looking for it again. You try hard but all you can hear is its footsteps. You encounter a shadowy figure of what looked like a deer and you aim your arrow at it. Upon reaching that spot, you see that it was not your coveted deer, just another bush. This is the time when you realize you really a need a pair of binoculars as well as a binocular harness.

Moving around in the woods with a pair of binoculars in your hands is not really ideal if you want to do your game hunting the right way. Binoculars are needed to see animals from far away or when moving around. Carrying it around using your hands ultimately means you are unable to hunt using your weapons. This is why a binocular harness is needed. Your binocular harness is your savior because it will carry your pair of binoculars for you. You simply need to lift it up to your eye level to use your binoculars.

Choosing A Binocular Harness

A binocular harness for hunting purposes should stay well-adjusted to your body and allow your hands to stay unoccupied during the whole hunting session. It should also be comfortable enough so it does not cause any strain around the neck, shoulders, arms or chest. The weight of the binoculars will be distributed according to your body shape, which would give you comfort while hunting. Just like hunting binoculars, binocular harnesses should have camouflage color schemes. This way you get to hide easily and hunt without alarming surrounding animals. If you are spotted, you might not be able to find prey later on, no matter how careful you are. Prices are actually quite reasonable, so you should attempt to buy one before going hunting. Most binocular harnesses have straps in front extending over the shoulders with a quick release option in the front where the binoculars are attached.

Whatever binocular or harness you are aiming to get, make sure they camouflage well with the hunting environment and give you enough discretion during movement, even if it is raining or snowing. The harnesses should provide enough protection to the binoculars against rain or snow. Harnesses must be easy to open and some of them have magnetic systems for this reason.

Can You Wear Other Hunting Gear While Wearing A Harness?


If you are wearing a binocular case, it could be quite difficult for you to carry your backpack as well as your stash of bows and arrows if you are bowhunting. It would put too much pressure on your back. Since forests are harsh conditions and the weather can be unpredictable, hunters usually opt for harnesses that give a little more flexibility or extra features. Binocular harnesses often come in hook and loop styles, which can allow more flexibility. Some even have special pouches for carrying other hunting gear and accessories, such as hunting license, stretch cord, clip, hook, and rangefinder.


Binocular harnesses are a good way of carrying your pair of binoculars around. Some harnesses even have the room to store a camera. With that, you get an extra fanny pack to carry your hunting gear without them getting in your way. So, while hunting you can observe your prey and even take a few snapshots! You’ll just have to swap the camera for your pair of binoculars.

It should, however, have the tension and strength to be able to hold a pair of binoculars without swinging it around or dangling. It should also be practical. What if your current binocular pair got damaged and you bought another one but your harness is not compatible with it? That’s the reason you should get a binocular harness that can actually hold different types of binoculars. Make sure it has rings or ties that can handle various other hunting gear as well.

Binoculars are essential if you want to get started hunting. During my noob days of hunting, I was practically blind without binoculars and if a deer ran somewhere to the right I looked at the left. Binoculars made it much easier for me to look around and sneak into the prey. The thrill of catching prey by surprise made me realize how much I love hunting. However, I needed something that could handle my pair of binoculars, my hunting license and that would also adjust with my body. I managed to get myself a binocular harness that camouflaged very well with the forests. Often I headed to places with water around or open grasslands. I bought two more harnesses that would be well-suited for these kinds of terrains! My hunting game has never been better, thanks to these amazing binocular cases!


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