power washer surface cleaner: 5 Places to Clean Using a Pressure Washer

Cleanliness is next to Godliness like it’s always said and keeping your house is clean is of utmost importance if we want to maintain healthy living standards. Cleaning your home only once in a while will not suffice if you want to stay healthy. Constant cleaning of your indoor and outdoor spaces is the only way to prevent germ infestations and added protection against sicknesses caused by diseases. Before I delve into the details of how you can use a power washer to keep your surroundings clean, let me first list down the benefits of having a neat and clean environment.

Benefits of Having a Clean Surrounding

Improved appearance:

A dirty house is an unappealing structure to behold even if it is aesthetically crafted by expert architects. If the house is well built but the surrounding area is looking unkempt, the building’s appearance is disfigured. Constantly cleaning your environment will lead to an improved appearance of your building.

Safeguards health:

Health experts constantly warn of the dangers of living in filthy environments. Germs and harmful bacteria thrive in filthy drainages and gutters. By constantly cleaning your living area to protect the health of everybody living in the area.

Increased property value:

One way to improve the value of your physical assets like buildings is by maintaining them regularly. Cleaning your indoor space alone and neglecting the outdoor area is not a smart thing to do. People get to see the outdoor area before they see what’s inside the building. The value of your house is well projected when you maintain both the indoor and outdoor spaces regularly.

When maintaining your outdoors, a power washer surface cleaner is quite useful. If you have a lawn, you need to constantly mow it to keep it neat and presentable. Sidewalks, walkways, and driveways need to be cleaned of dirt and stains plaguing surfaces. Using the conventional cleaning methods and materials may work on them; but when cleaning tough surfaces like concrete floors, you need something much stronger for a perfect result. When cleaning concrete floors, you don’t need to spend all day scrubbing hard with hard brushes. With a power washer surface cleaner you can get the job done in very little time.

How Does a Power Washer Surface Cleaner Work?

Before now, many different wash equipment have been deployed to deep clean hard surfaces with mixed results. For better cleaning results, power washers were invented to combat smears and stains on surfaces like concrete and hard floors with reduced issues. A power washer surface cleaner uses high force pressured water that is hot to clean surfaces. The force produced by the washer destroys and pushes away the dirt, soil or grime on floor surfaces.

Dirt that has remained on floors for a long time tend to harden and stubbornly stick. During the hot summer months, they harden on floors and are very difficult to remove even with hard brushes. Removing these stubborn stains can be problematic without the right equipment. If you want to deal with tough stains that have smeared your concrete floors for a long time, using a power wash equipment is your best bet in ridding your concrete floors of dealing with the problem. Power washers kill moss and clean your hard surfaces at the same time, that’s why experts recommend them to users.

Where Do You Use Power Washers?


Cleaning driveways riddled with skid marks can be a tough task especially if the marks have been left untended for long. With a power washer cleaner you can clean dirt and grime off brought into your garage by your car wheels. You may not be able to prevent your wheels from bringing stains and dirt into your compound but with a power washer you can maintain your surroundings and garage.


If paved in stone and brick, after a while, cracks will begin to appear on the walkway surface that can gather dirt and other nasty stuff. Even fungus, moss and weed can grow in the cracks thereby giving room for nasty creatures like centipede and earthworms. To rid these cracks of fungi and other harmful creatures and dirt you can make use of power washers to clean cracks until they are squeaky clean.


The pavement outside your home serves as a link between your home and the external world and it’s your responsibility to keep it clean always. Dirty and unkempt pavements disfigure the beauty of a building and they paint a bad image of your health standards as a homeowner and a responsible individual.

The more visitors you have, the more likely that your pavement will accumulate filth often so regular cleaning is necessary. With a power cleaner, you can keep your pavement clean. A clean pavement improves the quality of your home’s exterior, maintains cleanliness of your property and has a positive impact on the general well being of not just your family but that of the society in general.


Drainages attract a lot of filth and within a short period of time the refuse can accumulate until it becomes a huge pile of rubbish. To avoid a huge stockpile of rubbish in drainages around your home, you need to take out time to clean them properly. A power washer cleans drainages faster than any other cleaning equipment.


Gutter cleaning with a power washer with certain accessories is one of the easiest things to do. Responsible citizens take out time to clean external areas of their homes and you should imbibe the spirit of social responsibility as well. Clean gutters protect inhabitants within that area of contracting many kinds of disease like cholera and malaria.

Safety Precautions

Before using a power washer to achieve your goals of a clean and healthy environment, there are certain safety precautions you have to bear in mind.

High Pressure: Power washers use high powered pressure to clean off stains and dirt and careless usage of this cleaning device may lead to self-harm. Bad handling may cause damages to body parts. When using this cleaning equipment, try to be as careful and as focused as possible. Juggling between cleaning your floors and performing some other activity may affect your concentration which may lead to injuries. Only use power washers when you are focused on and fully engaged in the cleaning process. You should have any other pressing matter in need of your immediate attention leave the cleaning task for another time.

Equipment Overuse: Too much of anything is bad, like people always say and the same thing goes for power washers. Due to the force produced by the device, overuse can destroy your concrete floors. When using a power washer do not force pressure onto a particular spot for a long time in one session. When combating tough stains, applying the washer intermittently will eventually eliminate the dirt or stain.

Keep away from Children: Power washers can cause adults harm and for children they could cause a lot more harm. When cleaning, keep children away from the area being cleaned and after you’re done with the equipment, tuck it away in a place where your child can’t access.

Summing It Up

A power washer surface cleaner is a powerful cleaning device used by professionals and ameteurs for ridding concrete and hard floors of tough dirt that conventional wash equipment can’t easily get rid of. If you have been facing the challenge of keeping your gutters, drainage, pavement, sidewalk, walkways, and driveways clean, the time is right to try a different approach with a power washer. They are effective in cleaning sealings, front yard, and even the tiniest cracks. When used with water and soap, dirt is sucked out from the source; leaving your house’s exterior space spick and span.


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