digital door lock: Digital Door Locks 101: For Home Security Measures

Home security is one of our greatest concerns, especially when you have faced break-ins a couple of times. Nowhere is really safe and you feel that the moment you step out of your house. To protect your family members, personal belongings and valuable materials, you definitely want a foolproof method. That’s when it hits you – how about fitting a digital door lock on your entrance door to ensure safety?

There was a time when I used to lose my keys very often and had to spend money on locksmiths to open my doors. Once I had installed digital door locks, I never had to worry about anything. Although mine needed fingerprint access, there were plenty of other types out there. This article will hopefully provide you a better insight into the various kinds of digital door locks available these days and how you can use them to get your desired level of security.

Types of Door Locks

Door locks are used everywhere, from various industries to offices, hotels, and airports. Although digital keypad door locks don’t come so cheap, the security measures they provide are worth the cost. For the utmost security, the verification and confirmation methods must be strong. You should pick a digital door lock based on your budget and the level of security you want to ensure.

As mentioned before, there are various kinds of door locks – locks which require fingerprint access while others require certain codes. The codes could be PINs or passwords. Without entering the correct code you can’t enter your home and the code can be changed whenever needed. Some keypad locks require ID cards or facial recognition patterns. For these locks, no special code is needed.

In fact, digital door locks are used in hotels and airports as they are incredibly secure, flexible, convenient, and may even be connected to the internet. However, these could be really expensive and are not feasible in places where people come in and out all the time, such as residential buildings. Budget concerned people would prefer traditional keypad locks instead. Some locks may come with two-step verification processes.

So you might have to add a code and also have the door key to unlock the door. Keypad locks may be installed on door handles or door levers. Once the door opens and you get in the room, the door will automatically get locked again. Some digital door locks can open simply by a remote control command while others require RFID (radio frequency identification) access.

Advantages of Digital Door Locks

Let’s first state the obvious fact – digital door locks are definitely a better way for security to your home and office as you are able to limit the number of people going in and out of the building, decreasing the chances of vandalism or robbery. But that’s not all. There are other reasons so many people are now obsessed with digital door locks.

  • Their setup is very straightforward. It doesn’t take too long and no extra hardware is required.
  • They last a long time and don’t usually undergo any technical issues. Even if they do, you can call a locksmith to fix them.
  • With the keypad lock, you can give limited access to a select few people only that you trust. The card or fingerprint which is used for access can’t be replicated.
  • No more wasting time behind looking for keys or double checking doors to see if they’re properly locked. The digital door automatically gets locked and unlocks automatically as soon as you provide your credentials.
  • In case there’s a power failure, you’d think that there’s no way in or out. Don’t worry – digital door locks always have battery backup power supply in case the electricity is down. It will also notify you with an alarm if the battery needs to be replaced.
  • You’ll also get an alarm in case an intruder- someone whose access is not recognized- tries to get through the door. In general, seeing such advanced security measures would intimidate the intruder anyway. Some high-end locks can also notify you whether someone is trying to break the lock or enter the house.
  • There are Wi-Fi door locks available too. This is particularly useful because you can use the internet to track your keypad lock activity from any location. You can find out who is accessing through the door and if someone is trying to break in. At that moment you could also change the code combination to tighten security. But if you forget the code then you can use the internet to set up a new code. There could be alternative options, such as a physical key for the keypad lock. Furthermore, you could keep security only through certain time intervals. So, for example, you could allow access throughout the whole day, and restrict access throughout the night time.
  • Door locks come in stylish colors and may make the appearance of your door, gate, car entrance or refrigerator look aesthetically more pleasing. Keypad safe locks are also available, which means you can store all your precious jewelry and cash in the safe and lock with complete assurance of utmost security.
  • Keypad locks are easier to use for elderly people and those who are disabled or struggle with keys.
  • There are some keypad locks that come with tiny surveillance cameras, which you can use to see who is in front of the door.

Your local certified locksmith can tell you what kind of digital door lock would best suit your house, so you should definitely consult with them.

Disadvantages of Digital Door Locks

There are a few issues regarding digital door locks, which you should be aware of before buying a digital door lock. For example, if your keypad lock is connected to your smartphone via the internet and if your smartphone is damaged, lost or stolen, you would be unable to track the activity through your keypad lock. What’s worse is that if your phone gets hacked somehow, the hacker may get access to your keypad lock security system and this could lead to further security troubles. If any virus or malware infects your phone, again you would lose access to your keypad lock as well. It’s better to consider all possible scenarios before you connect your keypad lock to the internet.

If the power is out and battery supply is also gone, you won’t be able to access through the door. If your keypad lock requires card access but you’ve lost it, getting another one would be a hassle. Often times you may forget the code for door access and retrieving the code in that scenario could be troublesome. If your keypad lock contains facial recognition software, it may not be able to recognize you if you have altered your facial features temporarily (e.g. lip fillers) or permanently (e.g. tattoos, piercings or surgery). Lastly, they’re quite expensive. Cheaper ones may not be sturdy or well-built so they can be broken easily by intruders.

So, Why Seeking the Best Digital Door Lock?

Yet, people want digital door locks simply because their pros far outweigh their cons. So, although they come with a high price tag, people are willing to have better home security services. Gone are the days of traditional keys and locks. In today’s world of technology and innovation, digital door locks have proven to be worth every penny. They can provide home and office security while you can chill and relax outside. With the ongoing advancements, you can hope for better and smarter door locks in the near future. Your home will remain intruder-free and you and your dog can peacefully sleep at night!


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