how to change code on keypad door lock: Keyless Door Lock

Of the various types of door locks available, keypad door locks are technologically more advanced that require no keys to provide access. There are two types of keypad lock systems – individual locks and those which belong to a large security system. While the individual locks have their controls and hardware in a single mechanism, the ones that are a part of a bigger system usually get their power from the main unit.

How Do Keypad Locks Work?

Whether the keypad door lock system is integrated into a security mechanism or not, the unit requires electrical current for releasing its lock bolt. The electrical current is generated as soon as the user enters the right code into the keypad lock system. For the stand-alone keypad lock systems, the source of their power is batteries.

No matter the door lock type, all of their functioning is almost the same. A bolt or latch in the unit crosses the opening which is between the frame of the door and its side to prevent access. The bolt could be a spring bolt where springs are used to keep the bolt in place to let the door close when locked, but not reopen. On the other hand, a deadbolt could also be used that is kept in place till the door is unlocked manually. In both of these cases, the latch or bolt is moved through rotating a key in a door lock cylinder or a knob to lock and unlock the door.

However, electronic locks also have parts known as “actuators” that are used to connect the cylinder or the bolt to a tiny motor set inside the unit. An electrical current controls the motor, which is triggered through a keypad or an electronic card or a remote control sensor that is wireless.

Touchpads or Keypads for Keypad Door Locks

Not only do keypad door locks come in different types and designs, the keypads used for them also come with different features. For example, some have a complete 12-button keypad that looks like those seen on phones while others contain letters or numbers. Usually, the user has to enter either a 4-digit or a 6-digit code in the right order to get access through the door. If they input the wrong code a few times, the lock does not open for fifteen minutes and they can try again after that time period. But this feature is available in some specific keypad door lock with code models. Also, when the right code is entered, a tone indicates the lock has been detached.

Benefits of Keypad Door Locks

Keypad locks are a great invention in an effort to make our lives a bit simpler. Here are a few benefits that might convince you to try them:

1. No worry of lost keys
With a keypad door lock with code, you will never lock yourself out of your home and so you will never have to pay a hefty sum of money for breaking and replacing the door lock. This will also keep your door safe because the door could end up being damaged when you will try breaking the lock, which will also save you some money.

2. Perfect for working parents
These electronic locks are ideal for working parents because they do not need to hide the keys under pots or mats for their children anymore to retrieve them, which is also a security concern because intruders could also find them easily. Just give your kids the code and they will get access without any difficulty.

3. Cannot be tampered with
Regular door locks can be easily compromised and picked because someone could copy your locks in some way. But this is not possible when there is a keyless door lock installed on your door. For added security, you can even try installing a double-sided fingerprint door lock that might require a code to be opened from the inside and the outside.

4. Convenient to use
Not only most of the keypad door locks on the market are weatherproof, but they are also usually made of very strong and durable materials so as to prevent any break-in attempt and also to last longer. Another great thing you might like about them is that some of these electronic door locks come with a warning device that is there to warn you when the batteries are close to being dead. As a result, you can easily replace the drained batteries just the way you do this when you change your TV remote batteries. This shows how easy it is to use them, unlike what many people think.

How to Change Code on Keypad Door Lock?

Learning how to change the code on keypad door locks is no big deal because the whole process is actually quite simple and easy.

Step 01:
First, remove the lock from your door following the manufacturer’s directions. Most electronic locks come with two screws that you need to remove from the inner part of the door.

Step 02:
Turn over the lock so its keypad faces downward. Check the back part to find the screws that are holding on the back cover. You might at least find 2 screws – one at the bottom and one at the top. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws by inserting it into every screw hole and by turning it counterclockwise.

Step 03:
In this step, you have to lift your lock’s back plate off carefully and keep it aside. If you take a good look at every hole in the lock, you will see some have the blue color while others are red. Always remember that the red holes coincide with the current code combination.

Step 04:
Now get your tweezers and insert them into each red hole. Gently pull the metal chips out and put them on a table.

Step 05:
First, decide on your new code combination and remove the lock’s blue chips from the numbered holes that conform to your desired combination. Replace every blue chip with a red one as you remove them one by one. There is a square cut out on one side of the chip; ensure that this side is actually facing the outer part of the door lock when you are inserting the chip.

Step 06:
If there is any hole left empty, fill it with blue chips. Also, check the holes to see if your new combination contains the red chips in every numbered hole.

Step 07:
Now put back the back cover on the device and insert all the screws with the screwdriver.

Step 08:
This is the final step. Turn your lock over to allow the keypad to face you. Now press the clear button first and enter your new code combination. Your digital door lock will unlock as soon as you will enter the code.

To conclude, there is no doubt that keypad door locks are so beneficial that there is no reason to avoid them in this era when security is a great concern for every household. Though there are some misconceptions among people about electronic locks, these are just “misconceptions” and nothing else. So, do what you have to do anyway and install one on your entry door to make sure you and your family are safe and sound at all times.


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