Foosball Table Setup: Complete instruction guide

If you have just bought a brand-new foosball table and notice that the instruction manual is missing or is not clearly mentioned or even written in a foreign language, what would you do? You will surely look for some help so you can indulge in the game as soon as possible. Well, we have written this blog regarding foosball table setup especially considering this inconvenience that you could face yourself with.

Although the foosball table setup instructions vary from one manufacturer to another, we will explain a general foosball setup process that will help you set up any foosball table from any brand. This will help you start your playing session with much lesser amount of time (approximately 2 hours) than what would take you to ask for a new manual, then getting that and then starting the whole process.

Foosball Table Setup

Step 1: Find all parts of the table

Unbox the foosball table you have just purchased and locate all the parts that came with the table soccer. Lay these parts on the floor or on a flat surface to make them prepared to be assembled which might include handles, legs, balls, rods, men/players, tubes, wraps, cup holder, pins & pouch, and scoring units.

When you are done locating all these foosball table parts, do not forget to make them organized so you can find everything nearby when are assembling the table. To make it easy for you, you can organize them in a sequential order in order to avoid checking out the table or floor to find out the next part to set up after the previous assemble.

Step 2: Attach the legs

The is actually the step that the typical table soccer installation process begins from. When you have kept all the parts organized, keep the foosball table upturned on the floor. Attach all 4 legs of the table to the 4 corners. Check to see all the bolts that are supposed to go through the legs are securely fit so that the legs secure in place. Make sure that every leg of the table has been tightly secure to avoid any possible accidents in future. Then set it upright with the help of a friend or a family member.

Step 3: Assemble the players, grips, rods, cup holder, and scoring unit

Now is the time for foosball table player setup. To get it done, first slide each rod through one end and then slide the bumper for every bumper that could go on that specific rod. If you are setting up a used foosball table, you must put a disposable piece of cloth or rag on the layout of the table in order to catch the dirt coming through the rod as players are going through it.

Then place the bracer block of the table between the table and the rod in order to prevent any possibility of warping. Now secure the players on the rods through attaching them with the right screwdriver and screws. Once all of this is done, now is the time for installing the grips of the rod handles, cup holder, and the scoring unit in the same order.

Foosball Table Maintenance Tips

You need to keep your foosball table well-maintained and clean so that you get good return from your investment and enjoy the game for many years to come. This is also necessary to play fast-paced games for better experience.

We suggest that you clean your foosball table once a month if you use it moderately and once every week if you use it quite frequently. Remember that dust, debris, spilled drinks, and black ball marks are some of the worst enemies of your foosball table. You can make use of a side table so that the players can put their drinks and other things on the table, reducing the possibility of spillage on the foosball table.

How to clean a foosball table?

  • First get some cotton paper and 2 pieces of cloth that is cry and clean, silicone, and rubbing alcohol
  • Wipe the table well with a clean piece of cloth or cotton rug till all the loose dust and debris are gone
  • Put a small amount of the rubbing alcohol on the rug or cloth and wipe the table from top to bottom
  • Make sure the rubbing alcohol has 70% to 90% alcohol concentration that will never harm the table and will evaporate soon after the application
  • If there are any black stains, you probably have to apply several coats on them
  • Now get the 2nd piece of cloth or rag apply a little bit of silicone to every rod of the foosball table. This will give it a glossy look which is a sign that your foosball table is well maintained.

We hope you have found these proper foosball table setup instructions very helpful. For more info, you can make a comment into the comment section below.


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