gym buddy: Why you should have a Gym Buddy?

You can do all of your workouts by yourself at the gym. But teaming up with an extraordinary gym partner can help you see amazing results that you had never thought of before. Your gym buddy could make exercising both fun and effective at the same time, and they would push you harder to your limits. I have tried both ways: with and without a partner and I would always recommend having a gym partner.

You should hit the gym at least 4 times a week with your workout partner. Remember, they won’t be there to put you down or be mad at you for making mistakes. They’ll actually be there to see you through. If you read the lifestyles of many great athletes and bodybuilding champions, you would notice that they all agree to the fact that having a gym buddy is always game-changing. So, what kind of partner you should be looking for?

  • Those Who Motivate You

You often don’t feel like going to the gym after a long day at work and even if you do some days, you barely spend an hour at the gym. A gym partner will be there to motivate you to complete that next set or hit those extra five reps that you would not dare to do when you’re alone. However, you should work out with one specific partner all the time because this way, both of you will have the same mindset to push hard. If you two have the same workout schedule at the gym, you can be sure that nothing would be able to stop you. Your gym buddy will help you have the right mindset to get your work done and so you won’t have to worry about what’s going to happen next as long as you’re doing it safely.

This is the first quality you need to look for in a gym partner. If your gym buddy is always motivated, you will be the same and vice versa. However, you need to remember that you should not waste your energy behind motivating your gym buddy to motivate you.

  • Those Who Have the Same Goals

The key element of having the right gym partner is to find someone who would be willing to work with you on the same page. That includes having similar workout ethics and someone who is concerned about you as well as them getting the ultimate result. Having the same workout drive would definitely boost your workout performance. But if you have a gym partner with a different goal, it would be like two people communicating in different languages.

If you and your training partner have a similar mindset, you wouldn’t be worried about staying an hour more if needed. A lot of people lose their commitment to their gym routine just because they tend to lose their focus. If you’re someone trying to burn fat, you need this drive to push your limits. The harder you push, the faster you will be burning your excess fat.

  • Those Who Are on the Same Level as You

You will have better performance and see greater output if you and your gym buddy are at the same level. This is something that’s very important for you to understand because if have a gym partner who is not willing to go hard, mark my words: exercising would be very difficult for you. However, if you have someone in a similar state as that of yours, you both would definitely see better gains sooner or later.

If you are a beginner, you should not have someone who is a few steps ahead of your league because you don’t want to look like a person who is unable to keep up with their training partner. This actually would make things worse in terms of having a gym buddy.

  • Those Who Really Know How to Lift

If you are a regular weightlifter, you definitely need someone who can spot the mistakes you make. Moreover, it should be someone who can provide you support whenever necessary. This is necessary to ensure that you’re doing your workouts safely and correctly. Having someone to keep an eye on you can reduce the chances of you dislocating a joint while you are lifting heavy weights.

This is actually an important factor to be remembered by those who are in the beginner level. You need to make sure that you are doing your exercises safely maintaining the correct form. A good spotter plus workout buddy would allow you to see the real results because you will be able to push those extra reps that would make a world of difference.

  • Those Who Are an Honest Observer

It’s always good to have someone beside you who would cheer you up when you’re down or utterly demotivated. To get to your fitness goal, you would need a partner who would not back down from criticizing you (in a positive way) when you will be lazy or when you would stop caring for your goals. A good workout partner would make sure that you are finishing your sets properly or you are not skipping a mile while running or cycling.

  • Those who can make some fun to keep the sessions enjoyable

Your gym buddy can crack some jokes every now and then to keep the environment enjoyable, but that is fine as long as his jokes do not become a distraction. Don’t get me wrong when I say that your gym partner could become a distraction. People often go to the gym with some friends and spend most of their time gossiping or on their phones. Eventually, they not really get anything done. These are the types of people who are just up for curling something lightweight and do not even hit the squat rack. You need to have a gym partner who is going to push you hard and not distract you, but will still be able to have some fun with you.

  • Those who would compete with you every now and then

If you have a gym partner who is versatile in terms of workout, they can enhance your whole bodybuilding experience. Your performance will have a boost up when you will compete with your gym partner. This will have two positive impacts – this competition will never hurt your ego and you will have someone to push you towards your goal. And if your gym partner happens to be your close friend, you will be blessed because you would enjoy the competition to a great extent.

To conclude, a good workout buddy will always motivate and encourage you to bring a variation in your exercises. They would make sure that you are on the right track so that you can push your limits. In fact, they would never let you down. So, if you don’t have a gym partner yet, you can look for one among your friends or find a bodybuilding enthusiast at the gym who would like to assist you during your workout session. With the right partner by your side, even when you are working out at home with your home gym equipment, you will definitely see the results in a short period of time.


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