Inflatable Fishing Kayaks - For Low Cost Fishing Adventures

When most people want to go fishing, they think of fishing on kayaks. Kayaks are also amazing when it comes to water sports and and transport systems. An inflatable kayak is a kind of boat that you can actually blow air into and still sit up straight without bursting it! Inflatable kayaks come in all sizes, lengths, colors, weight and design. There are several advantages to using an inflatable kayak. Firstly, it is inflatable! So you can literally take it to any corner of the world, fish wherever you want, however you want! It also makes for a perfect gift for adventurous individuals. I got an inflatable kayak as a gift and I could not have been happier!
Let’s dive into why inflatable kayaks are awesome and what you should consider before buying one!

Why Inflatable Fishing Kayaks Are Amazing

Inflatable kayaks are so lightweight and easy to store! You can store them at the back of your car or in an airplane, use it in camping trips, etc. If you are on a bigger boat, you can take your inflatable kayak out and use it to explore places where the bigger boat cannot go. Inflatable kayaks are also environmentally friendly and do not need much maintenance at all. If you want more speed, then you can buy inflatable fishing kayaks that have space where you can mount a motor. These kayaks also come in many types with every possible fishing accessory you can think of! You can also get kayaks that can accommodate fishing chairs and maybe even another person! Fishing kayaks are your low-cost solutions to that perfect fishing trip you always wanted! Easy paddling and the ability to tolerate all kinds of waters make it highly advantageous.

Most inflatable fishing kayaks are made of either PVC, hypalon or nitrylon. These are extremely resilient materials. These materials are resistant to UV light, chemicals, extreme weather conditions and even the scratches of your pet’s paws!

These kayaks have three air chambers which allows them to stay afloat. For example, if one of the chambers end up leaking, the other chambers will still work to prevent the kayak from sinking. Any leak can be easily patched up.

Things To Consider When Getting An Inflatable Kayak

Even if inflatable fishing kayaks sound perfect (which they are!), you should still consider a few factors before buying one. You should do this so that you can find an inflatable fishing kayak perfectly tailored for your needs. Some models are better for fishing purposes while some are more suited for sports tournaments, so your pick should be based on budget and needs.

  1. Traditional kayaks are usually sit-in type. There are some sit-on-top inflatable fishing kayaks. It’s totally up to you on which one you want. The sit-on-top version is easier for fishing because you get a wider range of viewing water. There are also stand-up inflatable models of kayak if you are more comfortable in a standing position.
  2. Do you want to take your spouse to a romantic kayak getaway trip? Will you bring your pet with you? If so, then tandem inflatable kayaks are for you. Solo inflatable kayaks are perfect if you are going on a fishing trip alone. Some inflatable kayaks can be interconverted from three-person to solo type.
  3. Usually inflatable kayaks are wider than traditional kayaks, so the chances of flipping and tripping over are low. When fishing, you will obviously want your kayak to stay still as much as possible. Since inflatable kayaks are wider, they are better suited for fishing.
  4. A rule among kayakers is that the shorter the kayak, the easier it is to control. Shorter kayaks also respond quicker, but longer kayaks are faster and easier to paddle. So kayak length is important! If you want an inflatable kayak for specifically fishing, you should pick a kayak which is short enough for easy control and also easier to paddle.
  5. Inflatable kayaks use a slightly different paddle length than traditional kayaks. You’ll need to consider how long the paddle is, how wide the kayak is, the type and style of paddling that you will do. Paddle length for inflatable kayaks range from 220 cm to 240 cm. Some kayak models do come with paddles, but if those don’t suit you, opt for paddle length that’s comfortable for you.
  6. Weight of the inflatable kayak and its weight capacity are extremely important, if you want to have a safe kayaking experience. You should pick one that is light and easy to use, but most importantly, you should pick one that can bear your weight. Not just your weight, it should be able to support other accessories when you go deep sea fishing.
  7. Length matters, depending on the type of activity you’ll be doing and body height. Say for example, you will want a longer kayak if you have longer legs. Bear in mind that longer kayaks are faster and also better suited for using on seas and lakes. For deep sea fishing, you should aim to get a longer one. For rivers and whitewaters, shorter kayaks are suitable.
  8. Since you will spend uncountable hours on your kayak for fishing and for other purposes, you obviously need to think of comfort. You want to have the freedom to stand, sit, relax and do whatever you want in your kayak without feeling cramped up in a small space. When you buy an inflatable kayak, check the seating and legroom. These are the two most important factors that will determine your comfort.
  9. There are some fishing accessories that you should look for if you want to use your inflatable kayak for fishing. Usually these kayaks do not come with fishing equipments. You’ll need to buy them separately. Look for fishing seats, motors, rod and cup holders, dry bags, D-rings and carbo boxes for your fishing trip.
  10. Lastly, you should consider price. Your budget for kayak depends on how you’ll be using it. So think this through properly. Inflatable kayaks are relatively more affordable than traditional kayaks.

Using these factors into consideration you can easily get yourself an inflatable kayak. I remember when I got my inflatable kayak! I was at a very low point in my life and needed to escape from all the worries that come with living an urban lifestyle. One day, I just randomly decided to take a kayak fishing trip during the weekend. I took this as an opportunity to spend some time with my husband and my dog! It literally worked like therapy for me (yes, kayak therapy is a real thing!). Since then, every weekend I take an organized fishing trip to various lakes and rivers. Just last week I took my inflatable kayak for an adventurous trip in Hawaii. You can do so much more with your inflatable kayak. Just use one and you’ll know! Use it to get to that perfect getaway you always wanted, or that solo self-discovery journeys you hoped to experience some day. Use your inflatable kayak to conquer the deep sea challenges and score fish like never before.


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