Exercise bike weight loss: Eight Reasons Why an Exercise Bike is Great for Losing Weight

Health is wealth and a price cannot be placed on the value of life. The tremendous benefits of living healthily are too numerous to count and keeping fit is one sure way of achieving this. However, being fit isn’t always as easy as it sounds. People are often too busy with daily business activities and routines, and therefore, lack the time to dedicate effort towards maintaining a regular fitness routine.

It is commonly believed by many that sound health can only be achieved through eating a healthy balanced diet. Many also believe that eating right is the only way to lose weight and maintain physical stability. This is not true as performing regular exercises along with dieting bring about better results.

For those battling with weight-related issues, there are many ways to shed excess weight and one of such ways is the use of an exercise bike.

Are You Getting Fat and Need to Lose Weight?

Exercise bike weight loss:

Gaining the physical frame of an athlete or a supermodel shouldn’t be your main goal when looking to lose weight and keep fit. Six packs are not a clear-cut indication that a person is truly fit. The art or process of maintaining the right shape in general is what keeping fit is all about. Sufferers of obesity and other weight-related issues need to lose weight for many reasons. Firstly, excess fat accumulation can affect the heartbeat and lead to cardiac arrests and other heart-related complications. Secondly, excess weight can affect stamina and result in fatigue after very little physical exertions. Excess weight is also responsible for many other health complications and this is why medical experts advice against unhealthy lifestyles and choices. Using exercise bike weight loss approach to tackle weight problems is good for you and below are some good reasons why you should make this part of your daily routine if you want a fit and leaner body.

How to Choose the Perfect Workout Procedure That Is Right for You?

Exercise bike weight loss:

Many different Workout procedures are utilized to burn excess calories but choosing the right procedure is very important if you want to achieve desired results within a short time. Also, accidents are common during workout sessions and using an unsuitable procedure may result in injuries even if a stationary weight loss bike is used. If you’ve decided to use bicycling as a means to shed weight, the procedure you should adopt should be influenced by

Exercise bike weight loss: Weight: Your weight ought to be taken into account when preparing a suitable workout plan that is right for you. Experts advise that when engaging in exercise bike weight loss fitness procedures, your exact weight should first be measured and this should influence the nature of the training bike and other fitness equipment used.

Exercise bike weight loss: Physical fitness: Fitness schedules may be a bit laid back or rigorous depending on the level of intensity required to attain desired personal fitness goals.

Exercise bike weight loss: Time: Time is another thing to keep a close eye on as this helps you to keep track of progress made. Fitness workouts take time and if you don’t keep track of time, it may be very difficult to maintain regular exercise schedules. You have to decide how many times a week you wish to exercise for and for how many hours in each of the days. By further breaking schedules down into sessions, you will be able to train much better and for longer without wearing yourself out and exposing your muscles to tissue damage.

Exercise bike weight loss: Stamina: Your stamina should also influence the workout procedure you pick. When picking a stationary bike weight loss result procedure, only go for a stationary bike that suits your body frame and stamina for better results.

Benefits of Using an Exercise Bike

There are many benefits of using exercise bikes for weight shedding and some of them are:

Exercise bike weight loss: Easy workout: Unlike some other fitness exercises that require time to complete daily routines, exercise bike weight loss procedures take as little as 5 minutes and not more than 25 minutes to complete.

Exercise bike weight loss: Suitable for all ages: Exercise bikes can be used by people of all ages because they are easy to use and don’t require expert knowledge to workout on one. This is why they have become popular alternatives to jogging and running for example.

Exercise bike weight loss: Domestic use: Stationary bikes can be installed at home and you can work out indoors without having to leave your house. The stress of going out for long walks and jugging can expose you to so many outdoor hazards that can be avoided if exercises are done at home. Although, injuries may happen at home during exercises they often carry less grave consequences than outdoor accidents.

Exercise bike weight loss: Not time-consuming: Like its being highlighted above, bike exercises are not only effective but they are also quick and easier exercises to engage in.

Exercise bike weight loss: Stamina increase: One of the goals of fitness regiments is to improve physical stamina and constant bike workouts can help achieve this. Thighs and leg muscles are strengthened and with the lower body forming the base on which our entire physical frame rests, having strong limbs aid locomotion from one point to another.

Exercise bike weight loss: Safe workout method: Although there are cases of accidents when exercising on stationary bike weight loss equipment, such accidents are few and far between and are not life-threatening injuries which may require intensive surgeries.

Exercise bike weight loss: Holistic fitness procedure: When exercising on bikes, your entire body is engaged in perfect synergy and its effect is felt all over. You sweat out wastes through your sweat pores, blood circulation flows rapidly and your heartbeat rate improves.

Exercise bike weight loss: Good for your bones: Bike exercises are good for your calf muscles and limbs.

How to Lose Weight Using an Exercise Bike?

Exercise bike weight loss:

Weight increases as calories accumulate in the body. Calories are obtained from our daily diets so consuming meals with a lot of calories lead to an increase in our body weight. With this in mind, to lose weight, you have to burn calories but before doing so you need to plan a workout plan that guarantees you the best outcome. To go about planning your workout you need to;
Get information about your height and weight: Obtaining this information will help you identify a suitable piece of exercise equipment that suits your needs.
Know your health status: Seek medical help to identify if you have any physical weakness which needs to be treated before embarking on bicycling. Also, know how much weight you have to lose to return to peak physical condition.
Fix a time: Draw out a timetable and see how you can fit it into your daily routine. Since you have to train regularly to realize your aim, you have to exercise at a time when you won’t be pressed hard by any other engagement.

Types of Exercise Bike Workout Procedures

Exercise bike weight loss:

There are basically three types of Workout procedures that can be done on an exercise bike. They are the

  • Light workout which is good for first timers or those who may want to warm up early in the morning.
  • Moderate workout is used if the goal is to exercise for just a short period or if you want to avoid exhaustion too quickly. It is also advisable for those nursing minor injuries as it does not worsen the injuries
  • A vigorous workout is more intense.

Below is a detailed explanation of these workout procedures.

Light Workout

Exercise bike weight loss:

First off, you need to pay close attention to your heartbeat as this is sacrosanct. If your heart is beating at a rate of about 35-54% of its maximum capacity per minute, you will need to work out lightly on your bike. Obtaining your heartbeat rate can be done with the aid of a heart meter and using one can help you train better for longer. Working out lightly burns out 325, 387 and 474 calories per hour if you weigh 130, 150 and 190 pounds respectively. For people with irregular heartbeats and some other heart-related issues, doctors may advise against engaging in any form of physical exercises but if that isn’t the case, caution should still be applied when exercising on a bike. For such people, light workouts is advised. Some people also find it quite helpful as a means of keeping warm.

Also, older people and adolescents with weaker bones should also consider this procedure to avoid bone and marrow injuries. Light workouts can also be done by pregnant women closer to their delivery dates. When it comes down specifically to the area of weight shedding, since an average person loses one pound when 3500 calories is burnt, a 130 pound individual working out lightly on an exercise bike will lose approximately one pound in about 10.8 hours (3500/325) while a 155 pound individual loses more than a pound in a little over 9 hours. As for a person with a weight of 190 pounds, one pound of weight is dropped in 7.4 hours.

Moderate Workout

Exercise bike weight loss:

If your heart is beating at between 55- 69% of its maximum capacity, moderate exercising burns 413, 493 and 604 calories daily if you weigh 130, 155, and 190 pounds respectively. For example, a 130 pound individual working out on an exercise bike weight loss equipment will lose one pound in about 8.5 hours while a 155 pound individual will lose same weight in a little over seven hours. A 190 pound individual, on the other hand, will lose the same weight in 5.8 hours.

Moderate workouts are best for those who want to place a check on how much effort they expend daily. If you have a little time on your hands but you also wish to juggle exercising with other important daily schedules, using this procedure should work just fine for you. Some people may want to incorporate other forms of physical exercises into their training regiments and putting too much effort into bicycling may leave you jetlagged and unable to complete the other exercises on your schedule. Moderate workouts may not drain you completely but its effect will still be felt during and after exercising and you still get to drop the weight you want regardless.

Vigorous Workout

Exercise bike weight loss:

If your heart is beating at between 70- 89% of maximum heart rate, you need to exercise vigorously to achieve maximum benefits. Bicycling vigorously burns 620, 739 and 906 calories per hour for those who weigh 130, 155 and 190 pounds. A 130 pound individual working out vigorously on his stationary bike weight loss equipment will lose one pound in 5.6 hours, a 155 pound individual will lose one pound in 4.7 hours while a 190 pound individual will lose one pound in 3.9 hours.

Vigorous workouts are recommended for people suffering from chronic obesity or those who constantly gain weight immediately after exercises or meals. Although this plan tends to leave you feeling jetlagged halfway through or immediately after exercising, its aftermath effect will leave you feeling energized, fitter and leaner afterward and your heartbeat will be greatly improved.

Exercise bike weight loss:

As a final tip, depending on exercises alone will not make you lose weight if applied on its own, you also need to maintain a healthy diet to achieve weight reduction. Consuming unhealthy foods high in calories is harmful to our health and will not get us the fit and perfect shape we are hoping to have. Consulting medical experts and nutritionists is one of the best ways of eating right. A nutritionist will advise you on the kinds of diet to maintain and may even help you draw up a diet timetable that ensures you consume all the classes of food in their right proportions.

When drawing up a workout plan, ensure you that your timing, daily activities, weight and heights and other important elements are taken into account. Health is wealth and a stationary bike weight loss result in you staying fit all year round.


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