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Though obesity has always been considered harmful in medical science, it has become so acute these days that obesity is now considered a curse for this generation. Having a flat belly and abs are desired by most of the people. The problem is, the desires are constrained by time. We all are always busy with one thing or the other and so barely get the time to take care of our belly fat. So what can be the alternate solution to escaping the gym?

An experiment conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information has shown that the ab belt is a great solution to keeping your belly fat under control. But the question is, do these ab toning belts really work? Despite the skepticisms regarding whether they might work or not, ab belts have gained a lot of popularity lately, bringing these products to our attention. So, let’s break down the concept of these products and take a look at their pros and cons.

How Does an Ab Belt Really Work?

The working principle of these belts is based on the EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology. These kinds of stimulation allow your core muscles to contract so your muscles are active even when you aren’t moving.

Impulse Movement

Muscular activity is needed for you to be able to move. Our body’s control center – the brain – sends electrical impulses via the nervous system to the respective muscles. So, it’s natural for the body to trigger muscular activities using electrical impulses. However, there are many different methods of sending these impulses.

First of these is the neural modulation. In the neural modulation process, the nerve pathways serve as carriers for the electrical signals. Eventually, the impulses also reach the connected motor nerves deep into the muscles in your body. This way, the impulses are able to address more muscle groups, especially those that have very little impulse activities.

When using the more conventional methods, the neuron impulse has a particular influence on the cell membranes and thus has a positive effect on cellular metabolism. The cells of the body are better supplied with blood and consequently can absorb nutrients and oxygen in the best way possible. This helps them in their regeneration process.

You need to get your muscles active and EMS actually does this job perfectly for increasing your muscle movements. This is also used for patients who are being treated for muscle atrophy (issues caused by inactive muscles), even for those who are under a spinal injury or those who had a stroke.

For shaping, tightening and curving your abs, most flex belts have the FDA certification. There are certain things often come with these belts e.g. electrodes in the pads, extra pads for spare use, and/or a pack for battery.

You can program your journey through the usage period by setting the timer as per your requirements. Let’s say, you’ve placed your timing between 1 minute to 10 minutes. You are setting your intensity levels within 1 to 150. Make sure you take your breaks while using the belts to get your desired results.

How to Get the Results?

First set your fitness goal and decide what do you really want to attain? These ab toning belts work exceptionally well for those who already have some sort of shape or tone on their ab muscles. But what about those who aren’t in shape? Well, for them, getting the optimal results will require some patience.

But an ab belt is something that could take you to the verge of your patience. The most effective timing for getting the best results would be starting from 10 minutes, which can be extended up to an hour. Some research has already been conducted by many different athletes and researchers for a better understanding of the timing. Most of them came to a common conclusion – the optimal results were visible when one used the ab belt within the range of 20 to 40 minutes.

However, the concern is not about the timing but about the effectiveness of these belts. Though people have mixed opinions about their effectiveness, in reality, they do bring some positive changes to your abdominal activity. Ab belts made years ago might not have been that useful, but those that make use of the EMS technology today do seem promising. If you use an ab belt for a month on a regular basis, you might notice it is firming your ab muscles. And those with extra fat, they might be able to shrink nearly an inch of belly size if they are serious about weight loss and follow a diet plan as well.

In fact, we all have abs hidden inside our layers of belly fat. We just need to get rid of those extra layers to make them visible. Here comes the fact – if you think you will have rock hard abs just by having a belt around your waist without doing anything else, you’re wrong, my friend. You actually need to combine a few other measures with the belt for your desired results, as mentioned below:


Every exercise that you do is beneficial to your body. But if you want the best way to burn your fat, you’ve to combine sets of cardio exercises with a little ab belts usage. Do not stick to the question that do ab belts really work? All you need to do is make a little extra effort along with the belt sessions for getting the results.

The idea is to burn your fats and it is possible. You should be able to chip some time out of your busy schedule to make some time for your own body if you’re really serious about losing fat. But if you are worried that the time you’re spending behind your exercises isn’t enough, it’s best to combine your running and cycling sessions along with an ab belt.

Good Diet

Think about how depressing it would be when you’ll see all of your fat burning efforts are going in vain just because you didn’t control your food consumption. This is the worst case scenario that can happen in your effort to losing fat. People often tend to blame such gym equipment for not working well. But the underlying fact is that they themselves are responsible for not having a healthy diet.

The idea is not to eat a burger or any type of fast food after you have burned your calories with all your hard work. Controlling your diet has two major benefits: It’ll save your food money and you’ll become healthier. Controlling your diet does not mean that you stop eating altogether. When you eat, try to eat healthy. Take just the right amount of proteins and have the necessary carbs with fibers.

All you need to do is go green and avoid the red. Take a combination of green vegetables and white meat proteins on your meals, trying to avoid red meat as much as possible. Replace your snack time biscuits with fruits and vegetables. Replace all your drinks with H2O.

Once you set a good diet plan, look for tricks for losing weights naturally. For instance, if you drink a few glasses of water on an empty stomach you can lose weight. Moreover, there are certain herbs and probiotics which will eventually help you have better digestion.

You need to maintain the consistency too. No matter what happens, you should never throw in the towel. For obtaining the best results, you need to have the perfect mindset for it. At times, it is very difficult to attain that state of mind. Just maintain your focus, use an ab belt along with following the proper diet, and you will definitely see the results sooner than your expectations.


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