cool bike helmets: Accessories You Need For The Ultimate Biking Experience

When I first got the hang of riding a bicycle, I always wanted to do more than just ride. I also wanted to look cool and feel cool while exploring the roads. Seeing other cyclists having better gears and accessories instilled a sense of envy in me which bothered me to my core. I decided to wait for no further and went on to buy my first bike helmet. I ensured that the color of my helmet matched with the color of the bike! Despite my childish motives, I did end up buying something that would protect me and make sure I have a safer biking experience. And nowadays, different types of cool bike helmets can be found that add style to this excellent sport.

If you are a beginner in biking, you should have a clear idea of the various accessories available that will allow you to have a safer and more comfortable biking experience. If you are someone looking for an upgrade, this article will guide you in finding the most suitable accessories for you.

Bike Helmet Types

Ever wished you could have those cool bike helmets that skinny cyclists wear during cycling marathons? Do you wish to look just as good and as effortless as them? Think of the next time you will go for a bike ride. Imagine what would happen if you got a severe head injury and concussion due to an accident. A bike helmet is of utmost importance while riding a bike, especially in long distances or night time. It is the first accessory that you should think of when buying a bike. Here is a list of cool bike helmets for your precious road bike before you hit the road.

Road Helmets:

These helmets are made of expanded polystyrene foam covered by a plastic shell, creating an elongated shape. The helmet contains vents to allow air flow. These helmets are the most common type used.

Commuter Helmets:

These are also made of polystyrene foam covered in plastic, but the shape is more round than elongated. There are vents present on these helmets. They may also have winter ear flaps, mirrors and rear blinkers, thus are perfectly suitable for commuters.

Trail Helmets:

Such helmets have extended coverage on the back of the head and are easier to fit.

Enduro Helmets:

Enduro helmets are designed for enduro downhill racing. These helmets are lightweight with more vents and a chinbar. They resemble mountain bike helmets.

Youth, Child and Toddler Helmets:

Youth bicycle helmets are designed for individuals in the age range of ten to fifteen, while the child bike helmets are designed for the range of five to ten years and resemble a road helmet. Toddler bike helmet is specifically designed for individuals below the age of five. It looks round and smooth with extra foam coverage at the back of the head.

Women’s Road Helmets:

These cool bike helmets are specifically designed for women and even have an opening for long hair ponytails.

Chrono Helmets:

Professional cyclists usually wear this helmet as it has impact protection and no vents for smooth aerodynamic flow. It has a teardrop-like shape.

Mountain Bike Racing Helmets:

These are usually used by off-road riders or downhill racers. The EPS foam is covered by much thicker plastic or fiberglass or carbon fiber. It also comes with a chinbar for facial protection as well as vents.

Skater Helmets:

These are round but smooth helmets with hard shells, most often seen in skateboarders but now also seen on bike riders. Its shape is the best for protection against high impact. The inner foam could be made of EPS and the outer shell could be made of hard plastic. They have small round vents.

Other Accessories You Cannot Miss out On

Bike lights: Bike lights are definitely the next thing you should consider buying after a helmet as you will need it to see through the dark while riding.

Bike Bells: You will need to attach bike bells if you want to alert pedestrians and other vehicles out of your way.