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Not everyone is a big fan of hitting the gym with lots of folks around them grunting and making all kinds of noise. Sometimes it can be really distracting and socially binding because it’s easy to get tired of people every so often. If you are a reserved person like me who feels super comfy in their own space, nothing is better than your own personalized home garage gym when it comes to exercising on a regular basis.

Yes, you can set up your personal gym in your garage space without breaking the bank. A feature-rich home gym can help you do a wide variety of exercises. Here are 9 cool DIY garage gym ideas, which will help you target every major muscle group to gain lean muscle and also to lose weight. So, if you are on a mission to build a garage gym on a budget, you have definitely come to the right place. Read on…

Garage Gym Ideas: Selecting The Right Types of Gym Equipment

Choosing the right types of garage gym equipment is crucial for your personal gym setup. You have to adopt a minimalist approach to get the best of your hard-earned money and space. There are many multipurpose exercise equipment available in the fitness industry. Having these types of equipment can help increase the versatility of your gym. Another important thing is to consider selecting and prioritizing exercising tools which are flexible. In this way, you will have better control over your space management.

The quality and safety measures are two other significant key factors to consider. Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to buy cheap materials. We encourage you to buy a few materials which are versatile and have proper safety measures. Keeping all these features in mind, let’s explore the essential garage gym ideas to add in your garage gym setup.

1. Barbells and Dumbbells

Barbells and dumbbells are the most common exercise tools. You will spend a lot of time with them when exercising. Having good shaped and round-edged barbells can help enhance the quality of your gym time. On the other hand, a barbell with pointy edges and improper balance distribution can ruin your day.

You can find many popular barbell brands available on the market at a good price. My personal favorite is the Rogue Bar 2.0 manufactured by Rogue Fitness. This barbell will suit you, whether you do Powerlift or CrossFit.

2. All-in-One Power Tower

garage gym ideas: you definitely need such a power tower

A flexible all-in-one power tower would be a great addition to your garage gym setup. Its flexibility will enhance the versatility of your gym. Safety and flexibility are very crucial in selecting the perfect power tower for your gym, especially if you are planning to go heavy on it. I would recommend using Weider Power Tower WEBE99712 from Weider. This rack is perfect for strengthening your inner core with vertical knee rising, pushup and pull-up exercises. You can also add twister to shape your body according to your desire. A tool of such kind is perfect for your personalized gym setup. And the impressive thing is that you can have this all-in-one power tower at less than $150.

3. Weight Bench

The next basic exercise tool you want to add in your garage gym is a weight bench. The use of bench in regular workout process is beyond description. There are many sophisticated weight benches available on the market, providing many versatile exercise options. However, in my opinion, a simple flat fat bench will be more than enough for you. I would recommend simple wall mounted weight bench models like Rogue Fitness or Titan Weight Benches with Mountable bench hanger. This will provide you the option of space management in case you need it.

4. Pulley Station

After you have covered the basic exercise tools, it’s time to focus on more intense muscle building weight exercise tools. There is nothing like a pulley station in this regard. You can focus on building your upper back and lower back muscles with a pulley station.

A pulley station will provide you the safest option of doing weight exercises with many other benefits. If you know your way around the pulley station, you can also develop your biceps and triceps with it. There are many different models available on the market.

garage gym ideas: A pulley station can make your garage gym complete

I would recommend going for models that have both low and high pulley row system with some extra safety measures. I have purchased the Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage for my personal garage gym. This model has the perfect safety features for solo weight exercises with a flexible power cage. You can adjust your weight bench with it which will give you the maneuvering option. Its safety catch system is updated with the current fitness industry accessories. You can use both Olympic and standard weight plates with this model. Its adjustable leg holds down feature with two adjustable safety foam rollers certainly makes it one of the most user-friendly pulley stations available on the market. You can have this champ within $200, which is really a good bargain in comparison to other similar products.

5. Weights

You are going to need some weights in your customized gym. When it comes to weight plates you can choose either bumper plates or iron weight plates. Iron plates are more long-lasting than the bumper ones. However, you can also choose bumper plates if you are on a tight budget. Whichever you choose, make sure that the weight of your plates is within 5% of the stated weight of your plates.

6. Jumping Ropes, Elastic Resistance Bands

Jumping ropes are very cheap but an effective exercise option. You can do cardio exercising with the help of jumping ropes. Elastic resistance bands are another such effective tool which you must add to your gym. They provide numerous exercise options. You can do normal presses, flying presses, and many other basic workouts.

7. Treadmill or Exercise Bikes

If you are an outgoing person and have the opportunity to run outside in nature you can skip this item. But there will be times when you won’t feel like going outside for workout sessions. A treadmill or exercise bike will be your perfect companion to exert some sweats.

8. Safety Kits: Stall Mats, Clamps, Hooks

You must install some safety measures in your garage gym, which is of utmost importance. It is a good idea to cover the floor with stall mats for a better workout experience. You will also need some clamps to lock the weight plates on to the power bar and your pulley machines. Otherwise, there will be a good chance of unwanted accidents during your workout sessions.

9. Mirror & Music System

After you have installed all the necessary workout equipment in your gym, it’s time to install a full-size mirror on the wall and a complete music system. Workout without a music system is sluggish and boring to me. You won’t get the necessary vibe without the right type of music. Of course, you can use headphones, but trust me, it’s not the same with a foolproof music system. And the mirror will give you constant motivation, which is a must for a workout session.

Building a garage gym is a very customizable thing. These tools I mentioned here is a good starting point to build your own small garage gym. Depending on your budget and space, You can also add other tools like ab rollers, rowing machines, and any other type of workout equipment of your liking. Don’t forget to share your own unique garage gym ideas with us.


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