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7 DIY Gym Equipment | Build Your Own Gym at Home
You probably don’t associate the word “DIY” with gym equipment but you can apparently set up your own gym at home. But why would you go for DIY gym equipment? There are a couple of reasons behind this. First of all, many fitness lovers find the gym to be inadequate for their necessities. Secondly, you’re able to save a...
garage gym ideas:
Not everyone is a big fan of hitting the gym with lots of folks around them grunting and making all kinds of noise. Sometimes it can be really distracting and socially binding because it's easy to get tired of people every so often. If you are a reserved person like me who feels super comfy in their own space,...
How to Increase Stamina for Running
The better the stamina, the better the run! Undoubtedly, exercise becomes fun and effective whenever you are filled with stamina. Regular runners and athletes always agree to the fact that stamina makes your workout easier. However, people often get detached from any form of exercise because they cannot keep up for long due to many personal reasons such as...
rowing technique crossfit: Rowing Machine for Crossfit Training
CrossFit, often called the "sports of fitness,” has risen in popularity over the last decade. The reason why it gained so much popularity is due to its versatility in its effectiveness like strength, endurance, and explosiveness improvement. This is somewhat a half-hour workout program where you would have to do a high-intensity exercise. The CrossFit training is composed of an...
weight workouts for women: Full-Body Workout Plan for Women
A healthy diet and regular exercise is the key to maintaining optimum health. A proper balance between diet and exercise can help you a have a slim, toned and sexy body without compromising on your muscular strength. This statement is truer for women in our society. There is a common misconception among many women that weight exercise would make...



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